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At the entrance of the Gu family’s main gate, two majestic lions, one male and one female, were placed. In front of the three red-painted main doors stood two middle-aged men dressed in blue robes. 

Upon seeing Gu Xian, one of the men approached her, while the other entered the house. 

Stepping over the main gate, they encountered a large stone with an adorable stone turtle perched on top. 

Looking at this uncarved stone turtle with curiosity, Qing Shu asked, “Mother, where did Grandmother find this turtle? Such stones are very rare, and most people would only place them in their gardens, not in the front yard.” 

Gu Xian’s expression dimmed slightly, and she replied softly, “Your grandfather found this.” 

Turtles symbolized longevity, and Grandfather Gu had hoped for a long and healthy life, which is why he placed it in the front yard. Unfortunately, he passed away before reaching fifty. 

Qing Shu realized that she had forgotten about this and admitted, “I forgot.” 

While walking, Qing Shu took in the surroundings: white walls, green tiles, and the house’s elegant and compact design. Although it lacked the grandeur of the Zhongyong Marquis’s residence, the intricate carvings and decorations made it appear quite opulent. 

The servants working along the path respectfully greeted Gu Xian upon her arrival. 

Observing the trees on both sides, Qing Shu looked up and asked, “Mother, why are the trees here so short? They’re even shorter than the jujube tree in the neighbor’s yard!” 

Next door, their neighbor had a tall and mature jujube tree, which was said to be over ten years old. 

Gu Xian smiled and explained, “These trees were planted just last spring. Give them a few more years, and they will grow tall as well.” 

Outside the main hall, a maidservant with an oval face and dressed in a rosy-red gown approached them and led them inside. 

As they entered the main hall, they encountered a long table made of sourwood with an antique incense burner placed in the center. Paintings of golden boys and jade maidens bearing peaches hung on the walls. On either side of the long table were two grand chairs, and a row of smaller chairs below. 

Upon entering the room, Qing Shu was overwhelmed by the opulence. The mother-of-pearl inlaid folding screens, jewel-encrusted table clocks, and various antiques and porcelain displayed on the shelves, while not as exquisite as those in the Zhongyong Marquis’s residence, still held considerable value. 

Seeing Qing Shu staring at a jade ruyi on the table, Old Madam Gu picked it up and handed it to her. 

Gu Xian hastily said, “Mother, Hongdou is still too young to play with this. What if she accidentally drops it?” She never allowed Qing Shu to handle fragile items like this. 

Old Madam Gu waved her hand dismissively, saying, “If it breaks, it breaks. I have several more!” 

Qing Shu gained a clearer understanding of Old Madam Gu’s extravagance. 

Gu Xian sighed. This was the reason she didn’t want Qing Shu to come to the Gu residence. If this continued, her child would surely be spoiled. 

Old Madam Gu hugged Qing Shu and asked with a smile, “My dear, have you had breakfast?” 

Qing Shu nodded and replied, “Yes, Grandmother. I have a new name now, Qing Shu. You should call me Qing Shu from now on.” 

Old Madam Gu looked surprised and said, “Oh, my dear has a new name?” 

Qing Shu nodded enthusiastically, asking, “Do you like the name, Grandmother?” 

At this moment, Qing Shu appeared just like a four-year-old child, innocent, charming, and adorable. 

“It’s a lovely name. My dear, any name you have is beautiful,” Old Madam Gu replied affectionately, her eyes squinting into narrow slits. 

Hua Mama, too, was all smiles. Old Madam Gu hadn’t laughed so heartily in a long time. 

Gu Xian couldn’t help but chuckle. She wondered when her daughter’s sweet tongue had developed so well. 

However, the joyous atmosphere didn’t last long. 

Xing Er opened the curtain and entered, bowing before speaking, “Madam, Master and Madam are here to pay their respects.” 

Old Madam Gu’s face immediately darkened. “Let them in,” she said. 

Gu Xian had just returned for a visit, and she didn’t want to leave with a belly full of anger caused by Little Yuan’s troublesome behavior. 

“Mother, it’s for the best to let them in,” Gu Xian advised. “Heping has brought his siblings to pay their respects to you. It wouldn’t look good if you turned them away. Besides, we will need to support them in their old age eventually.” 

Old Madam Gu fell silent for a moment and then said, “Fine, let them in!” 

Qing Shu looked at the two approaching figures with surprise. 

Today, Gu Heping wore a dark blue Hangzhou silk robe with a round collar and a belt adorned with a cloud pattern. His waist was decorated with a jade pendant, and his appearance was ordinary, but his demeanor seemed gentle. 

In contrast to Gu Heping’s plain appearance, Yuan Shanniang was very beautiful. Her facial features were striking, and despite having two children, her figure remained curvy. 

Qing Shu was surprised to see them. She had seen them on the street when she was ten years old. At the time, they were dressed in coarse clothing, and Yuan Shanniang had two long scars on her face that made her look terrifying. Gu Heping had been stooped and lifeless. 

Qing Shu quickly stood up and greeted them, saying, “Uncle, Auntie, hello.” 

After exchanging greetings with Old Madam Gu, Gu Heping hesitated for a moment and called out, “Hongdou…” 

Yuan Shanniang exclaimed, “Oh my, Hongdou, how did you become like this?” 

Gu Heping added, “Mother, Auntie is also concerned about Hongdou.” 

Old Madam Gu sneered. If she were truly concerned, would she not know that Hongdou has been ill and has lost so much weight these past few days?