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Old Madam Gu looked at Gu Xian with disappointment and said, “If Qing Shu didn’t tell you, wouldn’t you have sent someone to investigate?” 

Before Gu Xian could respond, Old Madam Gu continued, “I know you think that as a daughter-in-law, you shouldn’t question your mother-in-law. If you do, it’s considered disrespectful, and Lin Chengyu would blame you as well. So, you want to downplay the seriousness of the matter, concoct lies to prevent me from seeking justice from the Lin family, all to avoid tarnishing your reputation and affecting Lin Chengyu’s future. But Gu Xian, you were born from my womb after ten months. If even you don’t stand up for her, who can she rely on?” 

Old Madam Gu had been holding back her words about many things, but now she couldn’t restrain herself any longer. “All Little Yuan Shi did was gossip a little, and you’re already afraid that rumors will damage your reputation and impact Lin Chengyu’s future, so you refuse the things I wanted to send you from home. Now, you’re even afraid of offending that old witch and making Lin Chengyu unhappy. You’ve even abandoned your daughter. Gu Xian, for the sake of Lin Chengyu, you’re willing to give up your mother and daughter.” 

Gu Xian turned pale and stammered, “Mother, I didn’t.” 

Old habits die hard. Gu Xian knew her daughter’s temperament inside out. Old Madam Gu stood up and said, “Whether you did or not, you know best. I’m taking Hongdou back to our house for a few days. Think it over carefully.” 

Gu Xian didn’t want Qing Shu to go to the Gu family’s residence. She pleaded, “Mother, Hongdou hasn’t fully recovered. It’s not advisable to move her.” 

But this excuse was flimsy at best. 

Ignoring Gu Xian’s plea, Old Madam Gu turned to Qing Shu and asked, “Hongdou, do you want to go with Grandma?” 

With eyes teary, Qing Shu looked at Gu Xian and shook her head, saying, “Grandmother, I want to stay at home with Mother.” Although her mother hadn’t stood up for her at the Lin family’s home, she knew Gu Xian truly cared for her, and that was enough for Qing Shu. 

Old Madam Gu was both relieved and saddened. “You see, Hongdou knows how to stand up for you even at such a young age. But what about you? How have you treated me all these years, Gu Xian? You’re worse than a child.” 

With tears in her eyes, Old Madam Gu continued, “If you had half the filial piety that Hongdou has, I would die without regrets.” 

Gu Xian hung her head in shame. 

Patting Qing Shu’s head, Old Madam Gu said, “After you’ve recovered, come stay with Grandma for a few days.” 

This time, Qing Shu readily agreed, “Okay.” 

Seeing that Old Madam Gu was about to leave, Gu Xian hurriedly said, “Mother, it’s almost noon. Please stay for lunch!” 

Old Madam Gu replied sarcastically, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll stay for lunch and then be gossiped about by Little Yuan Shi?” 

It was a dig at Gu Xian’s concerns for appearances, even at the expense of her own mother’s feelings. Usually, Old Madam Gu refrained from saying such things, but today, Qing Shu’s actions had struck a chord that made her voice her discontent. 

Gu Xian blushed with embarrassment. 

After Old Madam Gu left, Gu Xian held Qing Shu’s hand and asked, “Hongdou, are you resentful that I didn’t stand up for you?” 

Qing Shu remained silent. She was disappointed, but she couldn’t really feel resentment toward her mother. After all, she was her own mother. However, she was afraid that if she expressed her lack of resentment, Gu Xian would continue to endure unfair treatment in the future. After experiencing what she had in her previous life, Qing Shu wasn’t going to be a pushover anymore. If anyone from the Lin family dared to bully her, she would make sure to get back at them even harder. 

With both her mother and daughter harboring resentment toward her, Gu Xian felt heavy-hearted. As a result, she couldn’t even eat lunch. 

Qing Shu didn’t offer comfort to Gu Xian and simply finished a bowl of rice before returning to her room. 

Chen Mama advised, “Madam, even if it’s not for yourself, for the sake of the child in your belly, you should eat a little.” 

Gu Xian mechanically ate half a bowl of rice and then sat in a daze on a wicker chair beneath a grapevine. 

Chen Mama considered suggesting that Qing Shu accompany Gu Xian to keep her company and prevent her from dwelling on negative thoughts. 

But Qing Shu didn’t want to go outside. She said, “Chen Mama, I want to practice writing. I need to write ten big characters today, but I’ve only written half a character so far!” 

Seeing this, Chen Mama said, “Miss, don’t blame Madam too much. She had no choice but to let it go.” 

As a daughter-in-law, if Madam questioned the old lady of the Lin family, she would undoubtedly face criticism. Even the master knew that and would blame Madam for it. 

Qing Shu fell silent for a moment and then said, “Chen Mama, it’s just that I feel sorry for Grandmother. She’s been through so much.” 

Chen Mama passed this sentiment to Gu Xian word for word. 

“Chen Mama, could it be that I’m really wrong?” 

Chen Mama didn’t directly answer the question but said, “Madam, try to put yourself in Miss’s shoes. If in the future Miss treated you the same way, would you feel sad and hurt?” 

Gu Xian hung her head in shame. 

That night, Gu Xian tossed and turned in bed, unable to sleep until midnight. 

The next morning, after waking up, Gu Xian said to Chen Mama, “Mama, ask Uncle Miao to prepare a carriage. I’ll take Hongdou back home for a visit.” 

Chen Mama was pleasantly surprised. “Alright.” It was truly heartening to see Madam come to her senses. 

Sitting in the carriage and listening to the vendors’ calls outside, Qing Shu lifted the curtain and looked outside. 

The street was bustling with crowds of people, lively and busy. Qing Shu observed the various stalls lining the street, selling delicacies like “Donkey Rolls,” “Pea Jelly,” and “Glutinous Rice Cakes,” as well as toys like masks, clay figurines, and kites. 

Although Qing Shu had lived for over twenty years in her previous life, she rarely went out shopping. Moreover, her previous residence was rather secluded, making her particularly fond of lively scenes. 

Seeing how Qing Shu was captivated by the sight, Gu Xian smiled and said to the coachman, “Uncle Miao, go buy a Nine-Ring Puzzle for the young lady to play with.” 

Uncle Miao not only bought the Nine-Ring Puzzle but also brought back two strings of candied haws. Candied haws were Qing Shu’s favorite, and she never missed them when she went out. Everyone in the house was aware of her preference. 

Gu Xian handed a string of candied haws to Qing Shu, saying, “Eat one string now, and save the other for the afternoon.” 

Qing Shu ate one and then handed the rest to Gu Xian, saying, “Mother, you should have some too.” 

Gu Xian took a bite and smiled, “It’s really sweet.” 

Leaning against Gu Xian, Qing Shu thought for a moment and asked, “Mother, I heard Aunt Xia say that Grandmother’s family is the wealthiest in Taifeng County. Is that true?” 

Gu Xian chuckled, “Do you know what ‘wealthiest’ means?” 

Qing Shu pretended to be defiant and said, “I asked Sister Xia about it. She said ‘wealthiest’ means the family with the most money. Mother, does Grandmother’s family have a lot of money?” 

Gu Xian wanted to spout nonsense, but seeing Qing Shu’s eager curiosity, she held her words back. “That’s all in the past. After your maternal grandfather passed away, the family lost their money-making businesses. Things aren’t the same as before.” 

A thin camel is still bigger than a horse, and Gu Xian was Old Madam Gu’s only daughter. Lin Chengyu must have married her mother due to this reason. If he married Gu Xian, he wouldn’t need to worry about money anymore. Lin Chengyu was indeed quite cunning.