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Xia Wan’an paused and turned back. 

Her gaze initially landed on Han Jingnian, but it was just a brief glance before settling on Assistant Zhang’s face.

Assistant Zhang was beaming, and he practically pounced on her as he said, “Madam, today is the weekend, and you probably don’t have any plans. Since there’s no issue on your part, how about accompanying Mr. Han to the event?” 

With his palms pressed together in a prayer-like gesture, he continued, “Madam, this is indeed an urgent situation. If you don’t help us, there really won’t be anyone else to turn to. Madam, as the saying goes, saving one life is better than building a seven-tiered pagoda. So, please, your great kindness and grace will be forever engraved in my heart. In the future, if you ask me to be a beast of burden, I won’t complain…” 

In this matter, wasn’t it up to him and her to decide? 

Xia Wan’an thought, but she cast another glance at Han Jingnian, who hadn’t spoken yet. Although he didn’t show any signs of needing her help, she felt nervous. 

With a sense of anxiety, she spoke up, “I have no objections, but… your boss…” 

“Madam, as long as you have no objections, I’m sure the boss won’t either!” Assistant Zhang blurted out before realizing he might have overstepped his boundaries. He quickly smiled and glanced back at Han Jingnian, who was seated at the desk. “Right, Mr. Han?” 

Han Jingnian didn’t rush to respond. 

Nervously, Xia Wan’an pinched her palm. 

Had she been too indecisive and hastily agreed to Assistant Zhang’s request? What if he rejected her? She… 

During her anxious thoughts, Han Jingnian lightly nodded his head and then, with a somewhat indifferent expression, returned to his computer screen.  

Seeing that Han Jingnian had granted permission and that he had successfully resolved the most challenging issue, Assistant Zhang breathed a sigh of relief. He then turned to Xia Wan’anand started to chatter non-stop, “Madam, let me take you downstairs for breakfast first. After that, I’ll arrange for you to have some beauty treatments. You’re so beautiful; with a little extra pampering, you’ll definitely be the brightest star tonight!” 

With that, Assistant Zhang gestured towards the door, signaling Xia Wan’an to follow him. 

“Just beauty treatments won’t be enough; we need to do some hairstyling and select a gown. I’ll have the gowns delivered to you later for you to choose from… By the way, Madam, what are your measurements, and what’s your shoe size?” 

Once the door was closed, the space fell completely silent. 

As Han Jingnian continued to stare at his computer screen, he glanced at the door, then lowered his head. For a while, it seemed like he was focused on his computer, but also as if his mind was wandering. After some time had passed, his elegant and slender hand landed on the keyboard, and he started typing. 


Under Assistant Zhang’s arrangements, Xia Wan’an had a busier weekend than her usual workdays. By the time she was ready and saw Han Jingnian again, it was already 6 o’clock in the evening, with just an hour and a half left until the evening event began. 

The meeting place remained the suite where Han Jingnian usually stayed. 

Assistant Zhang had a room key and led Xia Wan’an inside without knocking. He exclaimed, “Mr. Han, doesn’t the mistress look stunning?” 

Why did Assistant Zhang talk so much? 

Xia Wan’an muttered under her breath and glanced around the room. Han Jingnian was no longer at his desk; he was sitting on the sofa, engrossed in reading documents. He seemed to have taken special care of his appearance, wearing a well-fitted suit and a white shirt, which made him look incredibly elegant. 

When Han Jingnian heard Assistant Zhang’s commotion and turned towards the door, there was a momentary pause in his gaze when he locked eyes with Xia Wan’an. His eyes seemed to shimmer briefly. Xia Wan’an wasn’t sure if it was just her imagination. By the time she regained her composure to look at him again, he had already shifted his gaze away. He appeared to find Assistant Zhang’s question quite boring, giving him a sidelong glance before lowering his head to continue reading the documents. 

Assistant Zhang kept quiet and didn’t say anything more. He just mentioned that he would come to fetch them when the time was right and then left. 

Standing alone near the door, Xia Wan’an waited for a while. Seeing that Han Jingnian treated her like she was invisible, she walked into the room and took a seat as far away from him as possible. 

The room was quiet, and the sofa she sat on was comfortable. The atmosphere was conducive to falling asleep, so Xia Wan’an grabbed a soft cushion and closed her eyes. 

After Han Jingnian finished reading the documents, he raised his hand to massage his neck. Inadvertently, his gaze swept towards the girl on the small sofa not far away. 

Is she sleeping? 

It seemed that she fell asleep in the blink of an eye, just like last night in the car… 

But she does look exquisite, with fair skin, a cute upturned nose, small lips, arched eyebrows, and a shoulder-revealing gown that accentuated her beautiful collarbones. All of it added to her charm. 

Not sure if she felt uneasy sleeping on the sofa, she suddenly moved slightly. 

Han Jingnian abruptly snapped back to reality, retracting his gaze. As he was texting on his phone, he paused for a moment, reflecting on his unusual reaction just now. Was he… in a trance? Staring at her… in a tance? 


At 7:20 PM, Assistant Zhang returned. Xia Wan’an was awakened by his voice. 

At 7:25 PM, the three of them left the suite and took the elevator to the lobby on the second floor. 

The event venue, set up two days in advance, was as luxurious as a crystal palace. Everyone was dressed elegantly and gathered in small groups, engaged in lively conversations. 

This was Xia Wan’an’s first time accompanying Han Jingnian, or rather, the first time attending such an event as the main guest. Fortunately, her background was decent, and she had seen many such scenes from childhood to adulthood, so she could handle such occasions. 

In fact, she didn’t need to do or say much. Most of the time, she just needed to stay by Han Jingnian’s side with a smile. Occasionally, when women approached her, she would chat with them casually. 

When the official part of the event was over, and the guests gathered to socialize, Xia Wan’an knew that Han Jingnian didn’t need her much anymore. She found an excuse of being “tired” and walked away.