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He’s actually here?! Xia Wan’an stared at Han Jingnian in astonishment for a few seconds before retracting her gaze and looking out the window. 

The car was parked a bit away from the surrounding streetlights, making the interior relatively dimly lit. He was even wearing a black suit. If it weren’t for the glow of the computer screen, it would be quite difficult to notice that there was someone sitting in the back seat. However, this busy man who had a thousand things to do could have easily sent his assistant, so why did he personally make this trip? 

Since she got into the car, Han Jingnian hadn’t reacted much, as if she were invisible. But the invisible pressure emanating from him made Xia Wan’an distinctly feel that the air in the car had become somewhat thin. 

Anxiously, she shifted in the direction of the car door, increasing the distance between herself and him. 

It seemed that her movement had disturbed him because she felt his head tilt slightly toward her. 

His very subtle movement made Xia Wan’an instinctively look at him. 

They locked eyes for just a moment, and her gaze darted around nervously. 

He remained quiet, seemingly having no intention of speaking, but she was feeling a bit conflicted. Should she greet him? If she did, what should she say? And how should she address him? Calling him “husband” was definitely not an option, as Han Jingnian was too straightforward, and “Mr. Han” or “Mr. Han Jingnian” would make her seem overly formal. 

After pondering for a while, Xia Wan’an finally used a placeholder term to address him, saying, “Hey1… You were in the car?” 

The assistant, who had gone to buy water, heard this as he opened the door and nearly burst into laughter. 

Hey… Hey? How cute of Madam to call Mr. Han “Hey”… 

Han Jingnian didn’t respond. 

Xia Wan’an, feeling a little embarrassed, touched her nose and lowered her head to look at her phone. 

Seeing this scene from beginning to end, the assistant couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh inside. 

He didn’t like to gossip, but he liked to gossip about Mr. Han… He thought that after taking the initiative to invite Madam into the car, he might get to see some good drama, but little did he know… there was no drama, and he ended up having to clean up Mr. Han’s mess… 

With that in mind, the assistant spoke up to lighten the mood, “Madam, would you like some water?” 

“Thank you.” Xia Wan’an gave the assistant a grateful look and accepted the water. 

“Madam, did you get injured in the fight?” 


“Madam, why did you get into a fight?” 


Xia Wan’an chatted with the assistant for a few sentences, but then the assistant’s phone rang. 

The assistant said, “I’m sorry,” and put on his earphones to answer the call. 

Xia Wan’an, peeking through the rearview mirror, secretly glanced at Han Jingnian, who was still focused on the computer screen. Then she lowered her head to look at her phone, which had been vibrating incessantly in her hand. 

Song Youman had created a new WeChat group named “Heartless Pretty Boy,” with just the three of them: her, Han Zhijin, and Song Youman. 

Wild Vinegrass (Song Youman): “I’m home now. Are you both okay?” 

This Young Master is Damn Handsome (Han Zhijin): sent a photo of a wall and added, “Facing the wall. Reflecting…”
Wild Vinegrass: “”Hang in there, I believe in you!”” 

This Young Master is Damn Handsome: “Heh!” 

This Young Master is Damn Handsome: “Little aunt, are you okay?” 

Wild Vinegrass (Song Youman): “An An, are you okay?” 


Xia Wan’an had just thought of replying with “not very good” when Assistant Zhang, who had hung up the phone, turned around and called out to “Mr. Han.” He was about to start talking to Han Jingnian when she happened to see the screen of Xia Wan’an’s phone. He couldn’t help but burst into laughter and said, “Madam, your group chat names are quite interesting…” 

Xia Wan’an shuddered slightly, and her hand, which had been about to type, almost immediately locked her screen.  

Assistant Zhang was sharp-eyed, but would he be able to make out the group names?  

Xia Wan’an thought to herself. Then, Assistant Zhang chuckled and said, “Heartless pretty boy… Who’s that about?” 

Xia Wan’an’s hand trembled, and she almost smacked her phone into Assistant Zhang’s face.  

Was Assistant Zhang one of those people who couldn’t keep their mouth shut?  

Xia Wan’an quickly explained, “It’s just a guy, really shameless. He slept with a girl and then treated her badly. He’s old, ugly, bald, and even… girly. So, we call him a pretty boy…” 

“Well, this guy really isn’t worthy of being called a man, a typical scumbag!” Zhang had a very low opinion of the person Xia Wan’an was talking about. 

Xia Wan’an, feeling somewhat nervous, nodded, “Yes,” and didn’t say anything more.  

Assistant Zhang then remembered what he had originally wanted to discuss and called out, “Mr. Han,” before starting to talk about the call he had just received.  

Xia Wan’an, seeing them talking about work, remained silent.  

Because Assistant Zhang had seen the group name, she didn’t dare to look at her phone again.  

They discussed work-related matters, which Xia Wan’an wasn’t very interested in. She stared at Han Jingnian’s reflection in the rearview mirror for a while, then tilted her head, leaned against the car window, and fell asleep. 

When they were almost done talking about work, Han Jingnian responded to Assistant Zhang without thinking and happened to glance to the side. That’s when he noticed that it was unusually quiet beside him. If he hadn’t glanced over and seen her, he would have thought it was empty, just like usual. 

She was asleep, her long hair falling down and covering most of her face, leaving only her upturned nose visible. 

The skin on her nose was very fair, and even in this dark car, it looked radiant. 

“Mr. Han?” The assistant was focused on driving and didn’t notice what was happening in the back seat. He just saw Han Jingnian stop talking, so he reminded him. 

Han Jingnian came back to his senses, blinked his eyes lightly, then calmly turned his gaze back to the computer screen and continued with what he had been saying earlier. 

“Madam? Madam?” 

It was Assistant Zhang, the assistant, who woke Xia Wan’an up. 

She opened her eyes in a daze, asked, “Have we arrived?” and then bent down to get out of the car. 

  1. In Mandarin Chinese, “那个” (nèige) is often used as a filler or placeholder word in informal speech when someone is trying to recall a person’s name or is referring to a person without specifying their name directly. It’s somewhat similar to saying “um” or “you know” in English when pausing to think.

    However, when addressing someone using “那个” directly, it can come across as vague or non-specific, and it might not be considered polite or appropriate in formal situations. It’s more commonly used among friends or in casual conversations.

    For example, if you were trying to get someone’s attention or address them casually, you might say something like “那个,你听我说” (Nèige, nǐ tīng wǒ shuō), which could be roughly translated to “Hey, listen to me” or “Um, listen to me.”