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The man’s friends had also arrived. Seeing that there was an additional person on their side, Xia Wan’an was afraid Han Zhijin and Song Youman would be at a disadvantage. She hurried over to break up the fight. 

The so-called “break up the fight” meant only intervening on one side. Ai Jiang, who was always timid, kept switching between calling out for Han Zhijin, then Song Youman, then Xia Wan’an. 

Finally, she approached while trembling, holding a bottle of alcohol, and tried to mediate, even though she had no ability to do so. 

Half an hour later, at the police station. 

Xia Wan’an, Han Zhijin, Song Youman, and Ai Jiang sat in a row. 

A police officer in uniform with a serious expression stared at the four of them, recording their statements. 


Each of the four answered one by one: “Xia Wan’an,” “Han Zhijin,” “Song Youman,” “Ai Jiang.” 


“23,” “23,” “23,” “23.” 

“Why were you at the bar?” 

Xia Wan’an honestly replied, “To have fun.” Han Zhijin looked at the bruises on his mouth corner and responded with concern, “Hanging out with friends.” Song Youman treated it like a joke and said, “Do we need to explain?” Ai Jiang timidly said, “We were just having a gathering together…” 

“Did you see this slogan? Can you read? Read it for me.” 

The four remained silent. 

“Read it!” 

The four spoke in unison, “Don’t fight, fighting has serious consequences. Win and go to jail, lose and end up in the hospital.” 

“Why did you fight?” 


“Do you know that fighting is wrong?” 


After asking several questions in succession, the police officer turned to Ai Jiang. 

Because she hadn’t been involved physically, the police officer gave her a lecture and had her sign a document. She was allowed to leave. As for Xia Wan’an, Han Zhijin, and Song Youman, they needed someone to bail them out. 


Xia Wan’an and Song Youman simultaneously looked at Han Zhijin with a plea for help in their eyes. 

If they called their parents to bail them out, the consequences would indeed be unimaginable.

Receiving their gaze, Han Zhijin clenched his teeth, took out his phone, and made a call to his family estate. 

The person who answered was the housekeeper. 

“Aunt Zhang, come to the police station to pick me up. Come secretly, don’t let Grandmother Tai or my mother know… It’s not just me, Xia Wan’an and Song Youman are with me…” 

After hanging up the phone, the three patiently waited. 

About twenty minutes later, a police officer opened the door to the room they were in and shouted, “Han Zhijin, Xia Wan’an, Song Youman, someone is here to pick you up. Come here to sign your names and you can leave.” 

Following the police officer’s instructions, the three of them signed their names in an orderly fashion and then walked out of the police station’s lobby one after the other. 

The two men who had fought with them were also picked up and met them at the entrance, resulting in an awkward encounter. 

Using silent lip movements, Song Youman cursed at the two men. Han Zhijin raised his middle finger to them. However, as both sides engaged in this silent confrontation, a male voice not far away spoke up, “Madam, Young Master Zhijin, Miss Song.” 

Upon hearing this voice, all three of them were taken aback, and they forgot about their confrontation with the two men. They turned their attention to the source of the voice. 

They saw Han Jingnian’s assistant standing by a black car on the side of the road, smiling at them. 

Han Zhijin, who had originally faced the two fighters with a fierce posture, instantly deflated. 

Xia Wan’an’s eyes widened in astonishment, her lips slightly parted. 

Next to her, Song Youman, who was holding her hand, muttered to herself in despair, feeling like everything was going wrong, “This is such an unfortunate coincidence!” 

“Do you have any sense of word choice? By ‘unfortunate coincidence,’ are you referring to my situation with my uncle? Is it appropriate to say that in front of my uncle?” Han Zhijin looked at Han Jingnian’s assistant, smiling and squeezing out a sentence through his teeth. 

“Ugh, your uncle? Do you think your uncle is a treasure? Who cares about your uncle!” Song Youman, like Han Zhijin, had a smiling face and squeezed out words one by one through her teeth. 

Soon, the three of them reached the roadside. 

Although Han Jingnian’s assistant was just an assistant, when Han Zhijin spoke, his voice was as obedient as a model student with excellent character: “Assistant Zhang, why are you here? Wasn’t it supposed to be Aunt Zhang?” 

“Aunt Zhang had something come up suddenly and was called away by Grandmother Tai. I happened to be at the old residence, so I came on her behalf.” 

Han Jingnian’s assistant was always by his side, so if the assistant was at the old residence, did that mean Han Jingnian was there as well? 

Thinking this, Han Zhijin’s heart trembled violently. “Has my cousin already learned about us fighting?” 

The assistant nodded with a smile on his face. 

“This is bad…” Han Zhijin looked as if he was about to die. 

At the same time, Song Youman also spoke, but her voice was very soft, only audible to her and Xia Wan’an: “We’re done for. As someone with dignity, should I reject Han Jingnian, that heartless little pretty boy, and continue sitting in jail?” 

Xia Wan’an didn’t pick up on what Song Youman was saying, but her heart was exceptionally nervous. 

Although Han Jingnian was only three years older than Han Zhijin, there was a saying that the elder generation can crush someone. Coupled with Han Jingnian’s naturally imposing aura, Han Zhijin had never felt that his cousin was only three years older than him. 

Instead, he felt like his uncle was thirty years older. Thus, after he finished howling, he couldn’t help but ask sneakily, “Assistant Zhang, did my uncle say anything?” 

“He did,” Han Jingnian’s assistant replied with a smiling grin. “Mr. Han told me to ask you, did you win the fight?” 

“I won.” 

“Since you won, Young Master Zhijin, please go home and reflect for six hours.” 

“Six hours?” Han Zhijin furrowed his brow unhappily. 

“Yes, Young Master Zhijin. You should consider yourself lucky that you won. If you had lost, Mr. Han said you’d have to reflect for thirty-six hours. And the reason it’s thirty-six hours is because you’re a man, and you’d be taking on the punishment for Madam and Miss Song as well.” Pausing for a moment, Han Jingnian’s assistant added, “Mr. Han also said that if you’re not satisfied, he’ll tell the Old Madam and Madam…” 

“Enough, don’t say anything else. I’ll go home and reflect. Isn’t that enough?” Han Zhijin said, then hailed a passing taxi with his hand. 

The taxi stopped a second later. As Han Zhijin was about to get in, Song Youman dashed over and beat him to it, opening the door and jumping into the car, saying, “Take me, take me…” 

Seeing Han Zhijin and Song Youman both get into the taxi, Xia Wan’an waved to Han Jingnian’s assistant and said, “Goodbye.” She also attempted to get in the taxi, but as soon as she lifted her foot and took a couple of steps, the assistant’s voice sounded near her ear, “Young Master Zhijin, Miss Song, goodbye. Madam, please wait a moment.” 

Hearing this, Han Zhijin and Song Youman quickly closed the taxi door and instructed the taxi driver to go. 

Watching the taxi disappear in a cloud of exhaust, Xia Wan’an was left standing there. She turned her head and looked at Han Jingnian’s assistant, saying, “Um… Assistant Zhang, do you need anything else?” 

Han Jingnian’s assistant reached out and opened the car door. “Madam, please get in.” 

Did that mean… the assistant was offering her a ride back home? Xia Wan’an thought back to when the assistant mentioned that he had come on behalf of Aunt Zhang, thinking that it was only him, and she didn’t think much of it at the time. She said, “Thank you,” and then bent down and got into the car. 

After she settled in and the assistant closed the door, she noticed there was light inside the car. She blinked and turned her head to look beside her, only to see Han Jingnian sitting properly in the back seat, holding a laptop and reading something seriously. 

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