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Once she was standing firmly, she realized that the car was not parked in the familiar parking lot. 

Where were they? 

Xia Wan’an looked at Assistant Zhang with a puzzled expression. 

Before she could speak, Assistant Zhang provided an answer. “Madam, we’re at the Four Seasons Hotel.” 

Four Seasons Hotel? Why were they here? 

Xia Wan’an was even more puzzled. 

“Tomorrow, there’s a company banquet here, and a client who just checked in needs to discuss something with Mr. Han. Because time is running short, we decided to come here temporarily…” 

No wonder when she woke up, she didn’t see him. He must have gone upstairs to work. 

After a moment of thought, Xia Wan’an tactfully said, “I’ll call a car to take me home, so as not to disturb you.” 

“Madam, if you want to go home, it’s not a problem. It’s just that Mr. Han didn’t mention you leaving on your own. Moreover, if you were to leave without informing Mr. Han, we don’t know how he would react. What if he blames me for letting you go?” 

Thinking this way, Zhang, the assistant, continued, “Madam, how about this? Let me take you upstairs to rest first. It’s not early now, and Mr. Han should be finishing up soon. When you want to go back, you can tell him yourself…” 

Xia Wan’an wasn’t a cold-hearted person by nature, and seeing Zhang, the assistant, looking so troubled, she reluctantly agreed, saying, “Okay.” 

“Secretary Sun has encountered an emergency and is currently hospitalized. So, Mr. Han, for tonight’s banquet, who will be your companion?” 

In usual circumstances, Han Jingnian’s side was either empty at most events or shadowed by his ever-present assistant. Only in unavoidable situations would he have his secretary, stand in. However, tonight happened to be one of those unavoidable situations, and Secretary Sun had let him down. 

Normally, being as wealthy and attractive as he was, Han Jingnian would have no shortage of female companions. With a simple gesture, countless women would willingly accompany him. However, his boss didn’t approve of such arrangements. Now, with Secretary Sun out of the picture, he couldn’t think of anyone to fill in on short notice. 

After asking the question, Assistant Zhang felt torn for a while. Then he thought of Miss Xia… No, Miss Xia was not suitable. She had disregarded the front desk’s attempts to stop her and had insisted on visiting Mr. Han’s office. When Mr. Han found out about the incident, he had a cold expression on his face and fired the entire front desk staff. 

So… Miss Lin? No, Miss Lin was too audacious. She had sneakily entered Mr. Han’s hotel room in the middle of the night, causing Mr. Han to become furious. The hotel staff had stood guard outside his door all night, and from then on, whenever Mr. Han stayed at a hotel, they would station someone outside his door. 

Miss Zhang, Miss Bai, Miss Wei… Assistant Zhang, considered various options and finally thought of Miss Qin. 

Qin Shujian was indeed a person who had become famous in the entertainment industry. Her intelligence was evidently higher than those of others. Although she hadn’t directly clashed with Mr. Han, she managed to win over Little Yang and orchestrated various meetings with Mr. Han while also stirring up rumors. This matter hasn’t ceased until now, so… 

Assistant Zhang was truly helpless. Finally, he looked at Han Jingnian with expectant eyes and said, “Mr. Han, do you have a preferred candidate?” 

As it turned out, they were worried about Mr. Han’s female companion for tonight’s banquet… 

In the past two years, she had met him at several events, and he always had different women around him. She wasn’t sure if he brought them, but… she had never occupied the place by his side… 

Xia Wan’an thought that he had never considered keeping her by his side, right? 

She secretly liked him and had never interfered in his life, but that didn’t mean she could genuinely remain indifferent while hearing from his own lips about the female companion he preferred. She admitted that she was deceiving herself, but leaving was still better than standing here and hearing which woman he admired coming out of his mouth. 

Thinking this, without waiting for Han Jingnian to respond to Zhang, Xia Wan’an preemptively spoke, “You’re busy, I won’t disturb you.” 

After a brief pause, Xia Wan’an added, “Goodbye.” Without waiting for Han Jingnian and Zhang to react, she turned and left. 

Her words seemed to awaken Assistant Zhang… 

He was foolish, always thinking about those external temptations. How could he forget about the true mistress! Besides, those temptresses had ‘criminal’ records, but the mistress was pure and untainted… 

Like seeing a savior, Assistant Zhang didn’t consult Han Jingnian and took the initiative to call out to Xia Wan’an, “Madam, please wait…” 

T/N ramble:
… I knew what  I was gonna get when I decided to translate this… but the way how she accepts being treated like how she’s being treated(I know she anticipated it but dang). For such a ‘young miss’ to throw away her self-respect because of love… Well, they say love makes you stupid, and this is a grand example of it. The only saving grace of her character(for me) is if she learns how to have dignity… I mean, there’s 500+ chapters in this novel, there has got to be a point, right?

This is No Touchy-touchy from few chapters ahead. The author didn’t disappoint me, and I did not get to dislike Min Xin. That’s good. Have faith, have faith.