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“Lin Li, Lin Li.” Daisy reached out and waved her hand in front of Nan Xing, “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m thinking about the cars, I wonder if those two cars are still there.”

“Lin Li, is your family already out of food?” Daisy asked in confusion. After all, it’s a farm.

“Yeah.” Nan Xing nodded, her voice sounding helpless, “After coming back, there was nothing left at home.”

“It must be those strange people!” Daisy gritted her teeth. They suddenly broke into her house. If it wasn’t for Dad and the uncles coming back in time…

“Are there still those strange people in town?”

“I heard they are all at the Spore Farm, they killed Miss Bell and her family!”

“Oh my god!” Nan Xing covered her mouth in horror. It seemed that a lot of players had gathered at the Spore Farm.

The Spore Farm was at the other end, while the Cracked Stone Farm was to the south. The Spore Farm was much larger in scale.

However, the Cracked Stone Farm was surrounded by forests and mountains, with more abundant natural resources.

“Lin Li, be careful and run if you encounter them.”

“Yes, yes.” Nan Xing nodded vigorously.

“Or…” Daisy glanced at the thin and weak Nan Xing, hesitating whether to invite her again.

At least Lin Li can help with farming, she’s not completely useless.

“Ding, ding -“

Two modified off-road vehicles slowly drove in through the factory gate. The young man with blonde hair in the car leaned out and waved enthusiastically at them.

“Daisy, Lin Li.”

“Juan!” Daisy excitedly ran up, “Oh my god, this car is so cool!”

“Right? Right? Come on, I’ll take you for a ride. Lin Li, do you want to come too?”

“Come on, Lin Li!”

Nan Xing smiled and shook her head. She just wanted to quickly bring her car back to the farm and start implementing defense measures against the zombie tide.

“Lin Li, these two cars are really good, even better than I imagined.” Bert and his friends, who were more experienced, immediately noticed the special features of the two cars.

They were military-grade, Lin Li couldn’t tell, but they knew that many weapons could be installed on these cars.

“Lin Li, do you know where these two cars came from?”

“It seems like they stole them, those strange people.” Nan Xing lowered her head and said softly, not daring to look them in the eye.

“Don’t be afraid, Lin Li. We won’t harm you. We even know your brother, Lin You, right?”

The population of Twilight Town was not large, only about five thousand people, so most of the townspeople knew each other.

Even if they didn’t know each other, they could always find a common connection, such as mutual friends or relatives.

When Nan Xing heard Lin You’s name, she timidly looked up.

The four men in their thirties or forties were all strong and were the leaders of this group.

“Can I go back now?”

“Of course, let me take you back.” One of the men said.

“Okay, thank you.”

“Daisy, stop playing and go see your friend off with Uncle Daniel.”

“Okay, Dad!” Daisy happily jumped off the car.

Nan Xing looked at them and thought they were quite considerate, although they were a bit unscrupulous.

However, when Nan Xing followed them to the factory gate and saw the two boxes of canned food on the tricycle, she couldn’t help but feel happy.

There were more cans than originally planned.

“The cars are great, but there’s too little canned food. But since you live alone, I don’t dare to give you too much. Come to us after you finish eating, okay?”

“Okay, okay, thank you, Uncle.” Nan Xing smiled sweetly and gratefully.

“Go back and take care of yourself.” Bert reminded.

“Okay, thank you, Uncle Bert.”

“Let’s go, Lin Li.” Daisy was already sitting in the driver’s seat of the car, while Daniel held a gun and rode Nan Xing’s tricycle.

“Okay, coming.” Nan Xing jogged over and sat in the passenger seat.

They retracted their unscrupulous words and were still considerate.

“Let’s go.” Daisy started the off-road vehicle. The distance between the farm and the processing plant was not far, so they decided to give Nan Xing a ride.

Otherwise, they couldn’t afford the fuel consumption.

On the way, Daisy kept talking non-stop, and Nan Xing kept responding until they reached the outer circle of the farm. Only then did Daisy stop talking.

“Lin Li.” When they were leaving, Daniel called Nan Xing.

“Yes, Uncle Daniel.”

“Be careful these days and don’t go out, okay?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just feel that the zombies are acting a bit strange.”

“Okay.” Nan Xing obediently agreed. She didn’t plan to remind them about the zombie tide. After all, she wasn’t a good person to begin with.

She could be in the same area as the murderers like Selena, tsk.

But she was a law-abiding citizen.

But they were quite sharp, they would each go their own way whether they lived or died.

If they died, she could inherit their belongings and get the Rael brothers to modify the car.

“See you next time, Lin Li.” Daisy waved to her.

“See you next time, Daisy.” Nan Xing smiled and waved goodbye.

After seeing off Daisy and Daniel, Nan Xing brought the two boxes of canned food into the house.

Bert had opened the cardboard boxes outside and Nan Xing checked them. They had replaced them with a greater variety of cans, but the amount was not reduced.

There were 6 cans of luncheon meat, braised pork, sauce-flavored beef, and curry beef each.

The other box contained peaches, oranges, lychees, and corn, also 6 cans each.

The meat cans were smaller in size, 340g each, while the fruits and corn were larger, 550g each, all in tin cans.

Her appetite was okay, so if she saved a bit, one can would last her for two meals. These cans would be enough for her to eat for half a month.

But she had to consume a lot every day, so half a can for one meal would definitely not be enough. She just had to survive the zombie tide.

Nan Xing put all the cans into her space and kept one can of sauce-flavored beef to eat with pancakes later.

She mixed the remaining flour with water and set it aside. Nan Xing lit a few bonfires in the farm.

She would work a bit later today. The box wall was temporarily useless against the zombie tide. She had to deal with the zombies.

Nan Xing thought of a possible but uncertain method to protect this house from zombie attacks.

That is…

Smash all the zombie corpses and mix them with some soil, then evenly spread them around the house, on the roof, and on the walls.

Perhaps they would spare this farm because of the smell of their own kind.

If this succeeded, she would have found a good opportunity to search the town.

The flickering firelight shone on Nan Xing’s face, dim and unclear.