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“You’ve encountered them too?!” 

Daisy looked at Nan Xing in surprise, grabbing her shoulders and examining her up and down. Worriedly, she asked, “They didn’t do anything to you, right?!” 

Daisy was quite familiar with Lin Li’s personality. The whole class knew that she was introverted, quiet, submissive, and exceptionally weak. 

Even when she was forced to drop out of school and return home by her uncle and aunt, she didn’t dare to resist besides crying. 

Daisy was frustrated with her, but it was a family matter after all, and Lin Li had accepted it. There wasn’t much she could do. 

“No, there were many of them,” Nan Xing whispered, nervously tugging at her clothes. 

“Then where are they?!” Daisy’s voice suddenly became louder, attracting the attention of others. 

“They’re all dead,” Nan Xing’s voice was barely audible. 

“Daisy, what’s wrong?” someone asked. 

“Nothing,” Daisy shook her head, pulling Nan Xing towards the factory. As they walked, she asked, “They’re dead? How did they die?” 

“Somebody put poison in their food, and after eating it, their stomachs hurt, so they started fighting,” Nan Xing pursed her lips and whispered. 

“As soon as it was daylight, I ran away.” 

“You didn’t eat it?” Daisy keenly noticed this and asked. 

“I only ate a little bread and drank water, nothing happened.” 

Daisy nodded. It made sense. With Lin Li’s personality, she wasn’t a threat to anyone. 

“Where are their bodies?” 

“They’re at the sanatorium. There’s still one intact car there. There was another one, but I drove it home, and after I took it to the quarry, it ran out of gas.” 

Nan Xing leaned closely to Daisy, honestly sharing everything she knew. 

“Did you take the tricycle from the quarry?” 

“Yes,” Nan Xing nodded and pulled on Daisy’s clothes, then asked in a low voice, “Daisy, can I have the car back when I go home later?” 

“What about your uncle and aunt?” 

“They’re all dead.” 

“Turned into zombies?” 

“No wonder,” Daisy sympathetically glanced at Nan Xing. However, their deaths couldn’t be considered entirely bad. 

At least no one would bully her anymore, but as a weak girl like her, it would be difficult for her to survive on her own. 

“Lin Li, do you want to join us and stay here?” Daisy asked. 

“I want to wait for my brother at home. He said he would come back to pick me up,” Nan Xing lowered her head, her voice low. 

“You can wait for your brother here too. Just leave a letter at home.” 

Nan Xing stubbornly shook her head, insisting not to agree with Daisy. 

Seeing this, Daisy didn’t try to persuade her anymore. Their relationship wasn’t that good, and Lin Li was probably a burden. 

“Daisy.” A strong middle-aged man with a crew cut approached. 

“Dad!” Daisy happily waved her hand and proudly introduced Nan Xing, “Lin Li, this is my dad, you’ve met him before. He’s the leader of our team.” 

“Um,” Nan Xing shrank behind Daisy, cautiously looking at the middle-aged man in front of her. “Hello, Uncle Bert.” 

“Hello,” Bert casually nodded, looking at his daughter with a mix of reprimand and indulgence. “Daisy, did you run out to play again?” 

“No, I didn’t. Look, this is Lin Li, the niece of Lin Wen, the owner of the Cracked Stone Farm.” 

Bert smiled kindly at her and didn’t ask much. 

At this time, he knew very well why a little girl came out on her own. 

Unfortunately, he still wanted to trade some food with Lin Wen. 

“Dad, Lin Li came out to find food. Do we have any extra food to give her?” 

“What does she have to trade?” 

“Lin Li provided the whereabouts of two cars, intact ones.” 

“They’re sturdy, but they’re out of gas,” Nan Xing added in a low voice. 

“Really?” Bert was somewhat surprised. For some reason, before the apocalypse, over 90% of the vehicles in the town had been destroyed. 

Now, they were all crammed in the repair shop, making it difficult to find a fully functional car. 

“Of course it’s true. Lin Li never lies, right, Lin Li?” Daisy raised her head, looking somewhat proud. 

She had helped the team find two cars, and Lin Li only mentioned it because of her. 

“Two cars. If what you’re saying is true, I’ll give you…” Bert glanced at the slender and weak Nan Xing, feeling sorry for the child. Even though she was about the same age as Daisy, her thighs were thinner than Daisy’s arms. 

“I’ll give you a box of canned meat.” 

That’s a box with 24 cans. 

“Is that too much? I…” Nan Xing anxiously fiddled with her fingers, her eyes moist as she looked at Daisy and Bert, filled with conflict. 

“It’s okay. You don’t know what our cars look like. Come on, I’ll show you.” Daisy pulled Nan Xing and walked away. Nan Xing glanced back at Bert, who was talking to a few other men. 

The factory was large, surrounded by tall and sturdy concrete walls, with dormitories, machinery, a cafeteria, and other facilities. 

There was also enough open space for cultivating land. 

The situation here couldn’t be compared to the sanatorium, quarry, or farm. There were definitely a lot of zombies inside. 

It must have taken a lot of effort to clear them out. 

Nan Xing’s gaze drifted from the busy people. There were men, women, and children, all of them healthy and strong, not a single burden among them. 

No wonder the father and daughter didn’t think highly of her. 

“Look, those are our cars.” Daisy pointed to the two dilapidated school buses in front of them, covered in scratches and with broken windows. 

“Oh my god.” 

“I know, right! I have no idea how we managed to escape from the town alive.” Daisy muttered quietly, “It’s a good thing you’ve always lived in the suburbs.” 

“Are there a lot of zombies in the town?” 

“A lot, a lot. I don’t know where they came from, but everyone escaped from the town.” 

“What about the others?” Nan Xing curiously asked. 

“Some went to Old John’s shelter, some went to the Rael Brothers territory.” 

“And there’s also a gathering of many people at Moonlight Prison. Don’t go there, it’s dangerous, you know?” Daisy warned. 

“Okay,” Nan Xing quickly nodded. So, she could go to Old John’s shelter or the Rael Brothers. 

“There’s Rael brothers, oh my god, those two bandits.” 

“What’s wrong?” 

“Do you know how much they ask for to fix a car?” 

“They actually want ten boxes of canned meat!” Daisy complained to herself. 

Nan Xing’s eyes flickered. Ten boxes of canned meat, that’s really expensive. 

She was referring to Bert and the Rael brothers. 

But from the looks of it, she could trade with the Rael brothers, even though they charged a bit more. 

Speaking of which, Lin Na’s diary mentioned the Rael brothers. Didn’t it say that they beat up her brother?