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Nan Xing was startled by this possibility. If it was a zombie tide, she would have no means to fight back. 

“Congratulations to the player for discovering the disaster of the zombie tide in advance. The zombie tide will arrive in thirty-eight hours and twenty-one minutes. Please be prepared.” 

“It really is a zombie tide.” Nan Xing furrowed her brows. Thirty-eight hours later, which meant it would be at midnight on the 14th day of the game. 

The game organizers wouldn’t let all the players die. There must be a way to survive the zombie tide. 

Zombie tide, anyone who is familiar with this type of film and television works knows what it is. 

Based on the buildings she has encountered so far, there is not a single one that can withstand the invasion of zombies. 

Therefore, there is no need to change places. 

While thinking, Nan Xing went upstairs to search. 

As soon as she opened the door of the first dormitory, a corpse lay there, emitting a foul smell that made her nauseous. 

Nan Xing almost vomited. 

This corpse might also be a player. 

Although he was wearing miner’s clothes, judging from his appearance, he must have lived a good life, fair-skinned and plump. 

Out of courtesy, Nan Xing symbolically searched his body, but there was nothing left for her. 

She dragged the corpse to the door and started searching the room. 

The room was simple, with a bed, a table, a chair, and clothes hanging on a rope. 

Every room was the same, terribly poor. 

However, in the third room, Nan Xing found a nail gun and a box of nails between a bed board and a pillowcase. 

The nails were five inches long, and there were 30 in the box. 

Nan Xing tried the nail gun. Unlike the nail guns in her world, this nail gun had both attack and nailing functions. 

Standing two meters away, the nail gun could penetrate a five-centimeter thick bed board. 

Testing it on the corpse outside, it could easily pierce through his head, and the sound was very quiet. 

It had a very strong offensive capability. 

Now she had a compound bow and a nail gun, one for long-range and the other for medium-short range, both silent. 

She just needed a melee weapon. 

Nan Xing looked at the zombie corpses downstairs and loaded them all onto the cart. These corpses couldn’t be wasted; they would be useful to her. 

There were a total of thirty-one zombie corpses, all piled up on the tricycle. 

She had searched the entire quarry again, and the harvest was not bad, except for the lack of food. 

Driving the tricycle, Nan Xing returned to the farm. The zombie tide was forming, and the wild zombies should be gathering, so it was relatively safe now. She took this opportunity to go to the canned food processing plant. 

If she could find some canned meat, fruits, vegetables, and dry rations, she wouldn’t have to worry about food during the zombie tide. 

She had noticed that Selena and the others were careless when searching houses, and they often didn’t bother to search many things. 

Going to the canned food processing plant might bring some unexpected surprises. 

If not, Nan Xing would have to try his luck at a farmer’s market further away, or he would have to go to the city tomorrow. 

Back at the farm, she dumped all the zombie corpses on the ground and hurriedly headed towards the canned food processing plant. 

Before reaching the canned food processing plant, Nan Xing parked the cart on the road about one kilometer away from the factory. 

There were people at the processing plant. 

There were roadblocks on the road. 


A red dot aimed at Nan Xing’s head. She quickly raised her hands in surrender and slowly got out of the cart. 

“It’s me, Lin Li.” 

Before Nan Xing could speak, a woman came out from behind the bushes and mistook Nan Xing for someone else. 

“Who are you?” Nan Xing looked at the woman in confusion, not denying that she was Lin Li. 

Pretending to be Lin Li, she had some confidence. Apart from her appearance resembling Lin Li’s, Lin Li rarely went out. Even if she did, she always looked timid and avoided eye contact. 

Most importantly, her uncle and aunt didn’t like her and had embezzled a lot of money that her brother had sent, causing Lin Li to drop out of school early. 

Also, because of Lin Nuo, she was actually afraid of getting close to people and basically stayed in her little house on the farm. 

Nan Xing dared to say that almost no one knew what Lin Li looked like, they only had a rough idea. 

“I’m Daisy, don’t you remember?” Nan Xing recalled the contents of Lin Li’s diary and asked hesitantly and pleasantly surprised, “Daisy, didn’t you have red hair before?” 

Daisy was Lin Li’s classmate in middle school, a lively girl in the class. Lin Li admired her a lot. 

“Hahaha, it’s been so long since we last saw each other. I dyed it, do I look pretty?” Daisy shook her golden braid and raised her hand to signal the sniper to put down the gun. 

“Very pretty, very eye-catching.” Nan Xing smiled shyly and sincerely praised her. 

“Lin Li, why are you here?” Daisy hugged Nan Xing and walked towards the inside. 

“I wanted to come out and find something to eat. What about you?” 

“There are too many zombies in town, and there are too many people in our team, so we temporarily withdrew.” Daisy explained as she walked. 

“Lin Li, do you remember that chubby boy, your deskmate? He’s here.” 

“My deskmate? Xu Chenglin, I remember he was quite thin.” Nan Xing looked at Daisy strangely, and Daisy still had a bright smile on her face. 

“Oh, then I remembered it wrong. It’s Juan who is fat, like this.” Daisy made a funny gesture. 

“No, I remember it was Mike who was a little chubby, but Mike is a good person.” Nan Xing corrected her mistake seriously, furrowing her brows slightly, clearly showing some dissatisfaction with her. 

Her eyes were full of reproach. How could you say that about Mike? 

For Lin Li, her school days were the happiest time, and everyone was so friendly to her. 

Therefore, in her diary, she recorded many people who were kind to her. 

“Look at my memory, sorry, sorry. Hey, we’re here, Lin Li.” Daisy pointed ahead. The factory was bustling, with people busy everywhere. 

“So many people.” Nan Xing looked at the lively scene in front of her, shocked. 

“A total of forty-five people, less than a thousand people survived in the whole Twilight Town.” Daisy seemed to have changed, becoming much more composed. 


“Sorry.” Daisy patted Nan Xing’s head and her expression became much gentler. 

“Why suddenly apologize? Daisy, you haven’t done anything wrong to me.” 

Nan Xing looked into Daisy’s eyes, knowing that Daisy was apologizing for her previous probing. 

Daisy smiled, “Do you know that a strange group of people came to town?” 

“Strange people?” Nan Xing looked at her blankly and repeated her words. 

“Yes.” Disgust filled Daisy’s expression, as if she recalled some disgusting memories. 

“They always act superior, saying strange things, and casually break into our shelter without any regard for others.” 

“I seem to have encountered them too, Daisy.”