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Han Jingnian keenly noticed Zhang, his assistant’s gaze and glanced at him, asking in a casual tone, “What’s wrong?” 

“No, nothing,” Zhang shook his head vigorously, as if trying to shake off water droplets, and then proceeded with his usual flattery towards the boss, “I just feel that you look exceptionally handsome today!” 

Annoyed by Assistant Zhang’s remarks, Han Jingnian shot him another sidelong glance. 

Assistant Zhang, fully embracing his role as a bootlicker, continued, “Of course, Mr. Han, you look handsome every day!” 

Han Jingnian rolled his eyes in a manner that clearly said, “I can’t be bothered with you,” then bent down and got into the car. 

After Zhang politely closed the car door, he dared to sneak another look at the unopened bottle of Yakult that Han Jingnian was holding in his hand. 

Just like yesterday, as they drove to the office, Zhang continued to secretly observe Han Jingnian. 

He couldn’t help but feel that today’s BOSS was even more peculiar compared to yesterday. 

Especially when they were nearing the office, BOSS unexpectedly lowered his head and stared at the Yakult, looking like he was pondering a difficult mystery. 

Zhang felt a blazing fire of curiosity burning in his chest, but after losing his phone and having to work overtime for free yesterday due to gossip, he dared not easily indulge in gossip again. 

Upon arriving at the office, Zhang immediately started organizing Han Jingnian’s work schedule for the day. When he knocked on Han Jingnian’s office door while holding a stack of documents, he noticed that Han Jingnian had placed the bottle of Yakult right next to his computer, within easy reach. 

How could a bottle of Yakult steal the spotlight from BOSS like this? 

Zhang tried his best to ignore the Yakult and began reporting on the day’s tasks, holding the documents. 

“Mr. Han, at 10 AM this morning, you have a meeting with Mr. Zhang; at 11:30 AM, you have a lunch appointment with the chairman of YC Corporation at BJ Grand Hotel; at 2 PM, there’s a meeting; at 4 PM, you’re scheduled to meet with Mr. Song; and in the evening, there’s a dinner engagement…” 

After Zhang had finished reporting the entire day’s schedule, he looked up at Han Jingnian and realized that the man’s attention had shifted from him to the Yakult bottle. 

This Yakult actually stole the attention!

Zhang felt that the gossip fire was burning him all over and couldn’t wait to know the story behind Yakult. 

With these thoughts in mind, Zhang couldn’t help but blurt out, “Mr. Han, are you considering a collaboration with Yakult recently?” 

Han Jingnian, wearing a slightly puzzled expression, gave Assistant Zhang a glance. 

“Why do you say that?” he asked. 

“I noticed you’ve been staring at this bottle of Yakult, so I was wondering if you had any collaboration ideas,” Zhang replied. 

“No,” Han Jingnian replied in a flat tone. He then reached out to take the documents from Zhang. 

As he examined the documents for a few seconds, he suddenly looked up at Assistant Zhang and asked, “If someone throws something you gave them into the trash can, what does that represent?” 

“Why ask? It definitely means that person hates the giver to death!” Zhang replied confidently, but a second later, he felt a chill down his spine. 

He instinctively glanced at Han Jingnian and saw that the man was giving him a gloomy stare. 

Zhang shuddered with fear. Could it be that Han Jingnian’s question was related to him? 

Zhang suddenly understood the Yakult’s role in the morning’s events, and a realization hit him. 

Could it be that Mr. Han gave Mrs. Han a bottle of Yakult, and she threw it in the trash? 

In other words, the bottle of Yakult on the desk right now was… picked out of the trash? 

The trash can… Mr. Han… 

Zhang’s mind conjured up an amusing image of the germophobic Mr. Han fishing a Yakult bottle out of the trash, and he nearly burst out laughing. 

However, he managed to stifle his laughter in the nick of time, considering his impending doom. 

He couldn’t let Mr. Han know that he had figured out the truth, but he also needed to keep Mr. Han feeling at ease. 

Zhang suddenly felt that indulging in Mr. Han’s gossip was more mentally taxing than his job. 

After much thought, Zhang rephrased his words and spoke respectfully to Mr. Han, “However, what I just mentioned was one scenario. Another possibility is that two people aren’t very close, and one person gives something to the other as a prank. The recipient might think it’s insincere and toss it away…” 

The icy demeanor in Mr. Han’s eyes noticeably softened. He pondered for a moment, apparently finding Zhang’s explanation reasonable, and lowered his head to continue reading the documents. 

Zhang breathed a sigh of relief, thinking he had escaped trouble. 

However, before he could fully relax, Mr. Han suddenly seemed to remember something and spoke again, “I think… she might not find it insincere, but rather, she dislikes that person.” 

Did it even need mentioning? Of course, Mrs. Han dislikes you! You’ve been absent year after year, hardly acknowledging her existence. Anyone would throw the Yakult in the trash! 

Of course, Zhang wouldn’t dare to voice that thought. He could only diplomatically reply, “I’m not sure about that.” 

Mr. Han fell silent and turned his gaze back to the Yakult bottle on his desk. 

He stared at it thoughtfully for a while, then asked again, “If you were that person, how would you make her aware of your virtues?” 

“Um… If I were that person, I would try to let her know about my positive qualities. I’d use her friends to convey my good qualities and create opportunities to spend time with her!” 

Zhang thought that with this answer, he could put the matter to rest. However, he was taken aback when he saw Mr. Han taking out a pen and paper to write down his words. His eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. 

Oh my God! Was he seeing this correctly? Mr. Han, who had never shown such dedication to work, was now so devoted to… Mrs. Han? 

A while ago, Zhang had witnessed Mr. Han’s bad mood upon receiving Mrs. Han’s blind date information, and he had assumed that Mr. Han, who had been indifferent to his wife for two years, was headed for trouble. 

Now it seemed that Zhang had been completely wrong. It wasn’t a path to trouble; it was already a reality!