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Yuan shi lunged at Hua Mama. 

Hua Mama, anticipating Yuan Shanniang’s tantrum, quickly moved aside. Yuan shi attempted to stop but it was too late. 

Her head hit the door frame, and stars danced before her eyes. 

Xuan shi hurriedly went forward to support Yuan shi, anxiously asking, “Mother, are you alright?” 

Clutching her head, Yuan shi forced herself to say, “I know Elder sister-in-law doesn’t like Shanniang, but you can’t slander her like this.” 

Hua Mama took out two dolls from her sleeve and threw them at the feet of the mother and daughter, “These filthy things were found under that witch’s bed.” 

Xuan shi stepped back in fright. 

Yuan shi’s head was pounding, but she insisted, “It’s impossible; someone must be framing and plotting against us.” 

She then shouted loudly, “Yes, Old Madam wants to leave the family property to Gu Xian, so she used such despicable means to force my son out.” 

The aunt and niece were indeed cut from the same cloth. 

Hua Mama retorted, “Does my Old Madam need to curse herself and plot with her niece to slander Yuan Shanniang? Yuan Mudan, you and Yuan Shanniang are truly wicked and shameless.” 

“You despicable…” 

Hua Mama wasn’t afraid of Yuan shi, “If you dare to utter evil words again, don’t blame me for being impolite.” 

Seeing the servants beside Hua Mama holding thick sticks, Yuan shi hesitated. 

Xuan shi cautiously asked, “Mother, what should we do now?” It seemed that there was no turning back from this situation. 

Yuan shi felt dizzy, but she still said, “Go to Xiushui Street.” 

Hua Mama cast a disgusted glance at Yuan shi and then bent down to pick up the two dolls. 

The house on Xiushui Street was spacious enough for one family. 

Gu Heping was in the process of moving his belongings when he saw Yuan shi and Xuan shi from a distance, “Mother, Sister-in-law…” 

Approaching them, he noticed the swelling on Yuan shi’s forehead and hurriedly asked, “Mother, what happened to you?” 

Gu Heping was adopted into the main branch, so according to the rules, he should address Yuan shi as Third Aunt. However, Yuan shi often lamented that she hadn’t been coerced into adopting him, causing her much pain over the years.  

Gu Heping was soft-hearted and started calling her mother after spending time with her privately. Once it happened, it continued, even in public. 

Brushing away Gu Heping’s outstretched hand, Yuan shi asked, “I heard that you voluntarily moved out. Is that true?” 

Gu Heping’s eyes dimmed instantly, “Mother wanted me to divorce Shanniang, but I refused. So, she asked me to move out.” 

Yuan shi felt the world spinning. 

Xuan shi asked, “Mother, Aunt said that Shanniang cursed her and even made voodoo dolls to curse her. That’s why she asked Heping to divorce his wife. Is this true?” 

She had interacted with Yuan Shanniang a lot and knew her well. If Yuan Shanniang resented Old Lady, she might indeed have made voodoo dolls to curse her. Xuan shi didn’t find it strange at all. However, the matter was significant, and they had to be cautious. 

Gu Heping denied, “Sister-in-law, this is all slander. I asked Shanniang, and she said she never made any voodoo dolls.” 

Xuan shi realized that her little uncle was naive. After all, what murderer would confess voluntarily? 

Before, when her mother-in-law had successfully courted Gu Heping, she had been quite happy. After all, the main branch was so wealthy that even a tiny share would suffice for them. Now, she was starting to worry. 

Yuan shi grabbed Gu Heping’s arm and said, “Let’s go. Apologize to Tang shi and move back.” 

Gu Heping refused, “Mother, if she doesn’t value me as her son, I won’t insist on returning.” 

Yuan shi yelled, “Are you stupid? If you dont’ come back now, everything from the main branch will have nothing to do with you.” Going to apologize now might still give them a chance to salvage the situation. 

Gu Heping refused, and being driven out, begging to return would only hurt his pride. 

Seeing his determination, Yuan shi fainted. 

“Quick, go get Doctor He.” 

However, Xuan shi suggested, “Let’s take Mother to the herbal pharmacy!” She was worried that Doctor He might not come. 

Gu Heping didn’t agree. Xuan shi couldn’t argue with him and had to comply with his decision. They moved Yuan shi into the house to wait. 

Old Madam’s reputation in Taifeng County had always been good, while Gu Heping and Yuan Shanniang had a less favorable reputation. When they moved out, people assumed they had done something intolerable to the Old Lady. 

At this time, the servants from the Gu family spread the news about what Yuan Shanniang had done. 

Good news doesn’t travel far, but bad news spreads across a thousand miles. In no time, this incident was known to half of Taifeng County, and people deeply sympathized with Gu Heping. He must be foolish to abandon a fortune for a poisonous woman. 

Doctor He was busy inside the pharmacy and unaware of the situation outside. However, someone informed him. Consequently, he flatly refused to go. 

After waiting for a long time, a servant came back and said, “Master, Doctor He can’t come to consult. He said if you need treatment, you should go to the pharmacy.” 

Gu Heping was frustrated, “He used to come home for consultations. Why can’t he leave now?” 

Xuan shi glanced at Gu Heping. He truly was naive. He still didn’t understand what it meant to leave the Gu family and what he would face. 

Helpless, Gu Heping sent someone to invite another doctor. 

After checking Yuan shi’s pulse, the new doctor said to them, “Madam fainted due to anger. When elders get angry, we, as younger generations, have to yield to them.” 

Xuan shi hurriedly asked, “What about the wound on her forehead?” 

The doctor replied, “Later, come with me to the pharmacy and get a bottle of medicine for dissolving bruises. Apply it for three days, and it’ll be fine.” 

After speaking, the doctor took out a brown-green bottle. As soon as the bottle was opened, the room was filled with an indescribable smell. 

Xuan shi held back her nausea. 

When Yuan shi woke up, she said to Gu Heping, “Go call Yuan Shanniang.” 

Actually, Yuan Shanniang had known that Yuan shi had arrived, but she didn’t want to be scolded, so she delayed coming over. 

Gu Heping was a filial son, so he immediately sent someone to call Yuan Shanniang. 

“Smack!” A slap landed on Yuan Shanniang’s face, leaving five red handprints on her fair and tender skin. 

After the slap, Yuan shi continued to scold, “You calamity! Do you know that your actions could kill Heping?” 

Filled with hatred, Yuan Shanniang dared not show it. There was no way, Gu Heping was a filial son. “Aunty, I know it’s my fault that I’ve implicated my cousin, but I couldn’t help it.” 

Gu Heping tried to mediate, “Mother, she has never liked Shanniang and wanted me to divorce her for a long time. This incident just gave her an excuse.” 

Yuan shi angrily said, “She told you to divorce her, and you should have followed her wishes. Once you inherit the family property, you can do whatever you want. Now, everything is ruined.” 

Yuan Shanniang said, “Aunt, the main branch only has one master. Even if we moved out, the family property still belongs to him.” 

“You fool! If Heping is separated, Tang shi can adopt another child. There are so many grandchildren in the second branch. The old witch surely wants to adopt one from them.” All her plans for more than ten years had gone down the drain. 

She really thought Yuan Shanniang was stupid. If her son followed the old witch’s orders, once Yuan Shanniang was divorced, the old witch would arrange another daughter-in-law for her son. Then she, Yuan Shanniang, would become a lowly concubine. Forget about luxury and wealth; she might not even have the peace she had now. 

Before Yuan Shanniang could speak, a servant came in, saying he needed silver to buy the medicine. 

Gu Heping said to Yuan Shanniang, “Go get ten taels of silver for Ah Zhong to buy the medicine.” 

Yuan Shanniang agreed and handed only five taels of silver to the servant. However, two sets of medicine would require ten taels. They only had two thousand two hundred taels of silver now. Every bit they spent meant less for them; they had to be frugal.