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Old Madam Gu slumped wearily on the couch. Even after raising a cat or a dog for over a decade, there would be some affection. Yet her own son, whom she had raised, was worse than even a cat or a dog. 

The more she thought about it, the worse Old Madam Gu felt. 

Hua Mama sensed something was wrong and called a little maid over, whispering something to her. 

Qing Shu couldn’t concentrate on her book and calligraphy because of her worry. But she thought that she would find out during lunch, so she didn’t send anyone to inquire. 

Jiao Xing hurriedly entered the room and said to Qing Shu, “Miss, Hua Mama said Old Madam isn’t feeling well. Please go over quickly.” 

Jiao Xing was the daughter of a tenant farmer in the Gu family’s village below the mountain. Although her family wasn’t wealthy, they could afford to eat and wear warm clothes. However, their situation became difficult after her father broke his leg. 

When they were at their wits’ end, they happened to encounter Eldest Madam Gu visiting their village. Jiao Xing had offered herself and used the money from selling herself to pay for her father’s leg treatment. 

Old Madam felt pity for her filial piety. Not only did she keep Jiao Xing in her own courtyard, but she also invited a prominent doctor from the county town to treat her father’s leg. Now her father could walk again, and their family situation had improved. Therefore, Jiao Xing was especially grateful to Old Madam and prayed for her longevity. 

Qing Shu put down her brush and went out. 

Returning to the main courtyard and seeing the quiet atmosphere, Qing Shu couldn’t help but feel anxious. 

Upon entering the room and seeing Old Madam’s pale face, Qing Shu hurriedly asked, “Grandmother, what happened? Did someone from the Yuan family offend you?” 

Old Madam Gu smiled wryly and pulled Qing Shu into her arms. “No, the Yuan family has been sent away. Don’t worry, Grandmother is just a bit tired. Resting for a while will be enough.” 

Qing Shu didn’t say anything more and just massaged grandmother’s shoulders. 

With her small arms and legs, Qing Shu didn’t have much strength, and her massages were only slightly better than scratching an itch. However, it seemed that the Old Lady was quite pleased, and her expression gradually softened. 

After a while, Old Madam started making faint snoring sounds. 

Hua Mama breathed a sigh of relief. In the past few days, Old Madam had been in a bad mood. That’s why she had encouraged Old Madam to invite her cousin over yesterday. With her cousin by her side, Old Madam’s mood would improve. 

Hua Mama covered Old Madam with a thin blanket, and Qing Shu signaled to Hua Mama. 

The two of them walked to the outer room, and Qing Shu asked with a cold expression, “Hua Mama, tell me what happened today.” She knew it wouldn’t be good news. 

Hua Mama no longer treated Qing Shu like a child and recounted the whole incident in detail. 

Qing Shu was shocked. 

Seeing her expression, Hua Mama sighed and said, “Master didn’t divorce his wife, and Old Madam couldn’t force him to write a divorce letter. So, we could only resort to this last measure.” Given the circumstances, it was the best solution. 

If Gu Heping had any affection for his mother, he wouldn’t have allowed Yuan Shanniang to insult and curse her. So, it was a good thing to drive this ungrateful wretch out. 

However, there might be consequences. Qing Shu said, “Mama, I’m afraid the Yuan family will spread rumors, saying that Grandmother drove Uncle away to leave the family property to my mother.” 

The women sent to the Lion Temple were mostly losers in family disputes. Qing Shu was one of the exceptions.  

When they gathered together, they sometimes spoke about past events out of boredom. Qing Shu had heard enough to know that some women in the inner courtyard, in order to achieve their goals, resorted to poisoning, spreading rumors, defaming, and even killing.  

They were willing to do anything.  1

Hua Mama wasn’t worried. She said, “It doesn’t matter. Even if they spread these rumors, Old Madam won’t take them to heart.” 

Qing Shu smiled bitterly and said, “I’m not worried that Grandmother will be upset. I’m afraid Mother will believe it. By then, she will definitely take me back and not let me stay in the Gu family.” 

Hua Mama was taken aback but then looked relieved. “It was my negligence. Thanks to Miss for reminding me.” 

Qing Shu thought for a moment and said, “Mama, just inform Grandmother about this matter. No need to specifically mention me.” 

Ever since Doctor Zi He warned that her excessive worries might cause headaches, Grandmother had been worried about her and didn’t allow her to think too much. 

“Just this once,” Hua Mama replied. 

Qing Shu smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s just this time.” Yuan Shanniang had been driven away, and Grandmother was safe. There was nothing more to worry about. 

After Grandmother woke up, Hua Mama informed her about the situation. “Old Madam, you know Madam’s temperament. If the Yuan family spreads rumors, she will most likely believe them.” 

The Old Lady, who had been in a bad mood recently and was not as energetic due to her old age, hadn’t expected this turn of events. 

After a moment of silence, Old Madam said, “In that case, inform the officials in the government office. If someone inquires, tell them the truth about this matter.” She despised spreading rumors, but she couldn’t let others tarnish her reputation either. 

Hua Mama nodded. 

As they were about to start their meal, a servant came in and reported, “Old Madam, Third Madam is requesting an audience.” 

“Refuse her,” the idea to let Gu Heping and Yuan Shanniang make a marriage agreement had come from Yuan shi herself. She found out the truth and broke ties with Yuan shi, forbidding her from stepping into their house. 

The servant hurriedly withdrew. 

After leaving the Gu family, Third Young Master immediately went to Qianhe Street and never returned home. This caused Yuan shi to find out about Gu Heping’s departure only fifteen minutes ago. 

She thought she was firmly in control, waiting for her younger son to inherit the main family’s property. Now that Gu Heping had been separated from the family, it was a bolt from the blue for Yuan shi. 

Hua Mama walked to the main gate and said to Yuan shi and her daughter-in-law, Xuan shi, who were waiting there, “Third Madam, Old Madam is not in the mood to see guests today. Please leave.” 

Yuan shi’s face immediately darkened. 

Xuan shi interjected, “Mama, please inform Aunt again. Such a significant matter requires us to understand the cause and effect.” 

Hua Mama disdainfully said, “If you want to understand the cause and effect, go to Xiushui Street. You’ll know everything there.” 

Xuan shi felt that something was off. They only knew that Gu Heping had been driven out but didn’t know the reason behind it. 

Yuan shi immediately burst into tears. “Tang shi, my family’s Heping has been your son for over ten years. How can you be so heartless and drive him away like this?” 

Her crying attracted a crowd of onlookers. 

Hua Mama wasn’t polite at all and retorted, “Third Madam, you’re wrong. It’s not our Grandmother who drove Master out; he chose to leave on his own.” 

Yuan shi didn’t believe her at all and shouted, “You dog slave, you’re talking nonsense! My son is an only child. If he wasn’t forced, how could he have voluntarily moved out?” 

Hua Mama’s voice was even louder than hers, filled with anger. “Your dear niece resented that Old Madam didn’t let her manage the household. She not only instigated Master to fight for the family property but also made voodoo dolls to curse our Old Madam, using needles daily, wanting to curse her to death. When Old Madam found out, she demanded Master divorce his wife. Master is a loyal man and would rather move out than divorce his wife.” 

Her words caused a commotion among the onlookers. 

  1. A woman’s form of aggression is reputation destruction, so I wouldn’t doubt if this was the case.

    I’ve read too many novels to know that yhup this is a foreshadowing. Nip it to the bud!