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In the distance, Liu Yixun and Dr. Ou also looked disheveled. They had both been involved in the process of separating patients earlier and had suffered some pulling and tearing to varying degrees. They were talking, apparently handing over their work.  

During their conversation, Liu Yixun pointed to the duty room and said something that caught Song Qingxiao’s attention. He took out the bunch of keys tied with a red string from his pocket and handed them to Dr. Ou, who then put them into his doctor’s uniform pocket. 

Seeing this scene, Song Qingxiao instinctively looked up at the Red Whip Woman Number Four standing in the distance. She was talking to an injured nurse with her head lowered, but it was unclear if she noticed Song Qingxiao’s gaze. 

As if sensing Song Qingxiao’s gaze, Woman Number Four turned her head and looked over. Leaning against the wall, she had a slight smirk on her face and a disdainful look in her eyes. Her hands were crossed in front of her, and she extended her middle finger lightly towards Song Qingxiao’s direction. 

Song Qingxiao’s gaze slightly darkened, but she naturally wouldn’t fall for the Woman Number Four’s provocation at this moment. She lowered her head, avoiding the Woman Number Fourth’s gaze, and prepared to talk to Zhang Xiaoyu. However, she seemed to hear a mocking sound from Woman Number Four, “tch,” as she passed by. 

After Zhang Xiaoyu explained her condition to Dr. Ou on duty, it was clear that she couldn’t continue working in her current state. She was ready to go back and rest for a while. 

Before leaving the ward area, she briefed Song Qingxiao on the work diary, “The first floor is the activity area, including the cafeteria and sports facilities. The second floor is where the male patients live.” As she spoke, she took out a large bunch of keys and handed them to Song Qingxiao. “The third floor is for female patients, and the fourth floor is the high-security psychiatric ward.” 

There were more than a dozen keys, each carefully labeled with different uses. 

She seemed to have emerged from the shadow of her previous injury, appearing calm and even smiling. She tidied up her disheveled hair, but unfortunately, she couldn’t find her fallen nurse cap and left the ward area somewhat disappointed. 

After Zhang Xiaoyu went back to rest, Song Qingxiao felt tense. 

The presence of theWoman Number Four made her feel choked up. Everyone around her was busy mechanically, and the prompts in her mind remained unchanged. She still had 950 points, and she had originally wanted to find an opportunity to go to the fourth floor but had not succeeded. 

After the shift change in the afternoon, when Song Qingxiao returned to the dormitory, Zhang Xiaoyu was still lying on the bed, motionless, possibly asleep. 

As time passed bit by bit, before the night came, there were no unusual movements in the hospital. However, Song Qingxiao vaguely felt a hidden undercurrent in the air. 

The numbers in her field of vision were counting down: 87:55:36. There were still more than three days left in the remaining mission time, and every trial participant was in a strange calm. 

There were not many nurses on duty tonight, and Zhang Xiaoyu had rested for a day and felt much better, so she naturally had to work. 

Due to the shortage of manpower, all the nurses had to split up and act separately. 

Song Qingxiao was assigned to the second floor to distribute medication to patients in rooms six to ten. 

These medications included a certain sedative component, and after the patients took them, they would quickly fall into a deep sleep.  

She stared at everyone as they finished taking their medicine, until she entered Ward 9 and saw Number Five lying on the bed. 

In less than two days since entering this mental hospital, Number Five had already become listless. When he saw Song Qingxiao pushing the medicine in, his eyes widened and his mouth hung open, with a look of wanting to escape but not daring to. 

The patient in the same room obediently took a small jar of medicine and swallowed it. When it was Number Five’s turn, his face turned pale and he trembled all over. 

“Don’t kill me…” 

He pleaded in a low voice. When Song Qingxiao handed him the medicine, he resisted and dared not reach out: 

“I’m not a threat to any of you…” He had a mournful face. “Don’t kill me, I just want to stay alive.” 

Number Five seemed to have been frightened out of his wits, speaking incoherently. Song Qingxiao was still pondering the information he revealed in his words. Finally, the prompts that hadn’t moved in her mind for a long time showed a change. 

Protect the public, failed to erase. 

Task completed: 900 points. 

With 50 points deducted, it proved that someone had died in the hospital the moment before! 

Song Qingxiao frowned. Although she tried her best to hide it, Number Five still keenly caught the astonishment that flashed in her eyes. “Don’t kill me. After leaving this place, I will give you money, a lot of money.” 

At this moment, who would want to talk about money with him? After the people here couldn’t be saved, once the points were deducted, their lives might be in danger! 

She didn’t have time to chat with Number Five at this moment. She just wanted to know who had done it and who had died! 

There were still nurses in the other wards, and Dr. Hu, who was on duty, hadn’t left yet. This wasn’t a good time to kill Number Five. Although he was weak, he was still a man and would make noise during a fight. 

She was on night duty tonight, and there was still plenty of time. Thinking of this, Song Qingxiao picked up a jar of medicine and handed it to Number: 

“Of course, you should take the medicine first.” 

Her face didn’t show any joy or anger, but she didn’t immediately take action. This obviously relieved Number Five. He obediently took the medicine, swallowing it in front of Song Qingxiao. 

After he took the medicine, Song Qingxiao immediately pushed the cart out of the ward and locked the door. 

After leaving the cart, she pressed the elevator button to go up to the third floor. Zhang Xiaoyu and others on the third floor were busy feeding and giving medicine to patients. The light in Dr. Ou’s duty room was still on. Through the raised curtains, she could see Dr. Ou sitting at his desk, looking down at something. 

There were no screams or exclamations coming from the medical staff’s office and dormitory. If someone had died, it shouldn’t be so calm. Song Qingxiao immediately pressed the elevator button to go to the fourth floor. 

It was strange to say that she had taken the elevator up before, so logically, the elevator should have stopped on the third floor. But now the elevator showed that it had already gone up. 

She didn’t go to check the positions of the others on the third floor. In just a short while, at this time of night, there shouldn’t be anyone moving around. The nurses were busy, and the patients had taken their medicine and were ready to sleep. Who would suddenly go up to the fourth floor? 

While Song Qingxiao was thinking about it, the prompt in her mind changed again: Protect the public, failed to erase. 

Task completed: 850 points. 

In just a few minutes, another person had died! 

This situation was obviously not right. She didn’t have time to wait for the elevator anymore and hurriedly ran to the nearby emergency exit. There was a staircase that could go up, but not many people usually used it. The lighting was dim, and the walls were already mottled. Her figure was stretched long by the light, almost covering the entire corridor. 

Looking down from the top of the stairs, she could see the bottom of the first floor, like a bottomless abyss. 

The fourth floor belonged to the first-level intensive care unit, where patients who were brought here were kept in isolation. The two patients from Ward 19 who had injured two patients in Bed 1 were also detained here. 

In addition, the man who had tried to strangle Song Qingxiao, Number Six, and the man who had shot Dr. Zhou were also detained here. 

The patients who entered here had great attacking power and needed constant supervision. Song Qingxiao had heard Zhang Xiaoyu introduce it during the day. The fourth floor was full of surveillance cameras. 

When she came up through the emergency exit and pushed open the security door, she instinctively looked up. The corridor was extremely quiet. The pale lights gave the fourth floor a creepy feeling. Every few meters, there was a camera, all of which had been silently smashed. 

The door to the monitoring room was wide open, and a person dressed as a nurse was lying on the table, not knowing if they were dead or alive. All the images on the monitoring interface showed static. Someone had already come in before this. 

Song Qingxiao’s heart sank. She didn’t have time to check the nurse. The trial participants had already started attacking. 

She lightly closed the door and locked it with a bang to prevent someone from sneaking in and killing the nurse while she was away.