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During breakfast, Song Qingxiao overheard from Zhu Xiaoke that the key to the locked gun was in Liu Yixun’s hands. Since then, she had been paying attention to the location of Liu Yixun’s duty room. 

Taking advantage of the opportunity when Nurse Zhang was preparing medication for the patients and the other nurses were busy, the ward was not peaceful. The patients on the third floor were making a lot of noise. Song Qingxiao stood at the nurse station, which was directly facing the door of Liu Yixun’s duty room. 

The door was half closed, and the curtains on the glass wall were already pulled up. From her position, she couldn’t see clearly if there was anyone inside the room. 

“Great Heavenly Father…” someone sang loudly, their voice rising and falling. Song Qingxiao glanced over and saw that several people had gathered at the entrance of Ward 19. 

Song Qingxiao hesitated for a moment, then quietly moved a step closer to the doctor’s duty room while no one noticed her. 

The closer she got to the door, the more tense she became. She tried pushing the slightly ajar door, and it creaked open. The office was not big, and the lights were off inside. Both sides of the curtains were pulled down. 

There was a desk in the office, and behind the chair was a hanging curtain door. Liu Yixun was not in the office. The mouse on the desk was lit up, but the monitor was black, indicating that he had been away for some time. 

She stood at the door for a moment, looking around. Ward 19 was too noisy, and the patient’s singing had caused dissatisfaction among others. Several nurses had already gone over to resolve the dispute. In this situation, there was no movement in the office. It seemed that Liu Yixun was not in the office. 

Nurse Zhang was still preparing medication for the next patient, and no one noticed her. 

She didn’t know where Liu Yixun had gone. She gently pushed the door further open, and once the door closed, the light and noise from the hallway were blocked out, leaving the room dark and quiet. 

Song Qingxiao stood still for a moment, allowing her eyes to adjust to the dim light before slowly walking towards the desk. 

In the dim environment, the computer tower in the office emitted a faint sound. She carefully avoided touching the chair to avoid making any noise that could attract attention from outside. 

On the left side of the desk was the computer tower, and on the right side was a small cabinet with a sliding door and a drawer on top, which was locked. 

She grabbed the handle of the cabinet door and was about to pull it open when a faint male voice suddenly sounded behind her: 

“What are you doing?” 

Song Qingxiao was startled. She instinctively reached for her waist, where her dagger was hidden, and turned her head. 

She braced herself against the desk, accidentally pushing the keyboard in the process. The keyboard hit the mouse, and the red light flashed. The previously dark computer screen suddenly lit up. 

In the moment of light, she saw the curtain being pulled up, revealing Liu Yixun lying straight on an examination bed. He held onto the curtain and looked at her with a strange expression. 

She could never forget that face, even though she knew she was in a trial scene and that the Liu Yixun in front of her was not the Number Four who had died at her hands in the previous trial. But seeing that face in this environment still sent shivers down Song Qingxiao’s spine. 

His face appeared pale against the blue light from the screen, his eyes pitch black like two bottomless whirlpools. 

Song Qingxiao suppressed her feelings and slowly lowered her hand from the dagger, respectfully saying, “There’s a commotion in Ward 19. Xiaoyu, please go and take a look.” 

Liu Yixun had been in the office all along, so he should have been aware of her actions when she entered. However, he didn’t say anything until now. 

Song Qingxiao casually found an excuse. She was still thinking about what to do if Liu Yixun didn’t believe her. While contemplating, Liu Yixun’s gaze fell on her face. He calmly observed her for a long time, until Song Qingxiao thought he was about to confront her. Then, Liu Yixun slowly sat up. 

As he stood up, his white doctor’s coat opened, revealing his regular clothes underneath. Underneath the doctor’s uniform, he wore a white shirt with a key tied around his chest with a red string, visible through the thin fabric. 

Song Qingxiao didn’t know if this key was the key to the gun. She lowered her eyelids and took two steps back, calmly walked to the door, and opened it. When she turned around, Liu Yixun was bending down to put on his shoes. His movement caused the key in his pocket to fall out and make a crisp sound as it hit the ground. He calmly picked it up and put it back in his pocket. 

Ward 19 did indeed erupt into a fight. The patient in Bed 1 had provoked the others with his loud singing, causing dissatisfaction among the other patients. The situation was much more serious than Song Qingxiao had imagined. 

The nurses intervened, but the patient in Bed 1 was still being held back by two people wearing blue-striped patient gowns, with his face pressed against the glass window. His face was almost deformed from the pressure. 

Song Qingxiao made eye contact with him through the glass. He was being pulled by his hair but continued to sing with his mouth open. 

“Stop singing, stop singing!” 

The patient in Bed 2 was furious and grabbed the hair of the patient in Bed 1, knocking his face against the glass. With a loud thud, the singing patient seemed to feel no pain. 

In his rage, the patient continued to struggle, making it difficult for the nurses to pull him away. After being repeatedly hit while being held by his hair, the woman’s head soon had a wound, and blood splattered on the glass, sliding down along the transparent surface. 


Seeing this scene, the other patients who gathered around screamed in horror, as if they were stimulated. Some people began tearing their own clothes and scratching their faces with their nails, causing their faces to become bloody. 

The situation became chaotic, and the glass window was hit, making a heavy thud sound. The blood became more and more, and the singing patient’s breath became weak. 

Several nurses took out restraints, but the sight of them further agitated the patients, causing them to struggle even more. In the chaos, someone accidentally knocked over the medication cart, scattering the drugs on the floor with a loud clang. The ward became a mess. 

In the panic, Liu Yixun pressed the call button. Song Qingxiao saw Zhang Xiaoyu being suppressed by a female patient, who was gripping her neck and sitting on top of her, with a ferocious expression. Seeing this, Song Qingxiao quickly approached to pull the patient away. However, the patient refused to let go of Zhang Xiaoyu, even when Song Qingxiao tried to separate them. It was only when Liu Yixun came over and grabbed the patient’s collar, shouting loudly, “If anyone disobeys, they will be subjected to electric shock therapy.” 

After this shout, the patient froze for a moment, and Liu Yixun successfully pulled the woman away. Zhang Xiaoyu, who was on the ground, finally caught her breath. 

She had tears in her eyes, and her neck was covered in bruises from the patient’s fingers. Her eyes were bloodshot, and she was coughing while covering her chest, trembling all over. 

Dr. Ou led Red Whip Woman Number Four and several nurses to come and calm the situation. 

The patient who was singing in Bed 1 was taken away for treatment, and the others involved in the fight were sent to the isolation room for forced confinement. 

This small conflict almost caused a disaster. Although no one actually died, the terrifying bloodstains were left on the glass window of Ward 19. The patient from Bed 1 was taken away, and the patients from Beds 2 and 3 were detained due to fighting. Ward 19 was suddenly empty. Two nurses used towels to wipe the dried blood off the glass, while Song Qingxiao tended to Zhang Xiaoyu’s neck wound. 

Zhang Xiaoyu was still trembling. Obviously, she had been frightened by the near-death experience earlier. 

Song Qingxiao was not good at comforting people. She silently treated the wound on Zhang Xiaoyu’s neck, which was covered in injuries. The nurse’s uniform was also torn, and her hair was disheveled. Her hat had been kicked somewhere during the fight. 

Both of them remained silent. After a while, Song Qingxiao finally asked, “Are you okay?” 

Zhang Xiaoyu remained silent for a long time. Just when Song Qingxiao thought she wouldn’t answer, Zhang Xiaoyu softly said, “I’m fine.” 

Her voice trembled, and it was unclear whether she was speaking to Song Qingxiao or trying to reassure herself, saying, “They are patients, not doing it on purpose.”