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Old Madam Lin grabbed the thick willow branch from Qi pozi’s hand and began to whip Qing Shu with it. 


The willow branch striking her skin was painful.  

In the past, Qing Shu would have gritted her teeth and endured without shedding a tear. The more she cried, the harder Old Madam Lin would hit. But now, Qing Shu couldn’t help but cry out, “Mother, mother…” 

Gu Xian stood in front of Qing Shu and said, “Mother, Qing Shu was wrong in this matter, and I will talk to her about it.” 

Old Madam Lin had accumulated a lot of anger over the years and wouldn’t let this opportunity pass. “You step aside. I need to teach her a lesson today. If I don’t discipline her properly, she’ll be a failure.” 

Gu Xian was also upset. When a child made a mistake, you should talk to them, not resort to violence. “Mother, we are a family of scholars, not uncivilized villagers.” 

Old Madam Lin was almost so angry that she could have fainted. This was like calling her an uncivilized peasant. 

Gu Xian pulled Qing Shu and said, “Qing Shu, quickly tell your grandmother that you know you were wrong.” 

It was just an apology; she wouldn’t lose any flesh. Qing Shu quickly said, “Grandmother, I was wrong.” 

Old Madam Lin could see through Qing Shu’s insincerity, but since Gu Xian was protecting her, she couldn’t do much about it for now. She warned, “If you ever behave this arrogantly again, your mother’s protection won’t save you.” 

Huh, she behaved arrogantly, yet she dared to speak so self-righteously. 

That settled things for now, but Rutong was unwilling to let it go. She blurted out, “Grandmother, she’s not Hongdou. Hongdou isn’t like this.” 

Old Madam Lin was suddenly shocked and looked at Qing Shu with a sharp gaze. “Who are you really?” 

Frowning, Gu Xian said, “Mother, Rutong is talking nonsense. Are you going to believe her?” 

Wei shi added, “Sister-in-law, the previous Hongdou was obedient and well-behaved, but now she’s stubborn and arrogant. She doesn’t seem like the same person.” Saying this had no problems; who would believe it? 

Seeing that Old Madam Lin’s expression wasn’t right, Gu Xian quickly explained, “Mother, Master Wuchen said that Qing Shu has undergone an awakening, so her temperament and behavior are different from before.” 

Master Wuchen had a great reputation in Taifeng County and was highly regarded by many. Old Madam Lin had deep respect for Buddhist monks and wouldn’t question his words. Unfortunately, in recent years, she had visited Ganlu Temple a few times but had never had the chance to meet him. 

Old Madam Lin asked with suspicion, “Did Master Wuchen meet her?” 

Gu Xian nodded, “Not only did he meet her, but he also said that Qing Shu has a karmic connection with Buddhism and gave her a Buddha head bracelet to wear.” 

When had Master Wuchen ever said that she had a karmic connection with Buddhism?  

When she came back to her senses, Qing Shu felt touched. Her mother’s personality was indeed hard to fathom, but she would always protect her. For this alone, Qing Shu let go of the previous grievances. 

Old Madam Lin had seen the Buddha head bracelet on Qing Shu’s wrist yesterday, but she thought it was a gift from Old Madam Gu and didn’t realize it was from Master Wuchen. She asked, “Let me see the bracelet.” 

Reluctantly, Qing Shu took it off her wrist and handed it to Old Madam Lin. 

Gu Xian explained, “Mother, the scriptures on this Buddha bead were personally inscribed by Master Wuchen. Moreover, the monks at Ganlu Temple said that Master Wuchen had consecrated this Buddha bead in front of the Buddha for three years and had been wearing it for over thirty years.” 

A Buddha bead that had been worn by a high monk for years surely had spirituality. If Qing Shu had done anything wrong, she wouldn’t be able to wear this spiritually significant Buddha bead. 

Hearing this, Old Madam Lin carefully examined the Buddha bead. Upon closer inspection, it was indeed extraordinary. 

She handed the bracelet back to Qing Shu and said, “Since it was a gift from Master Wuchen, it is your blessing. Wear it every day from now on.” 

With Master Wuchen’s endorsement, Old Madam Lin no longer doubted Qing Shu. 

Qing Shu obediently replied, “Yes.” 

Rutong followed Wei shi back to her room and said, “Mother, that Buddha head bracelet couldn’t have been given by Master Wuchen. They’re lying.” 

Wei shi poked her head forcefully and scolded, “How did I give birth to such a foolish child?” This matter could easily be verified by asking at Ganlu Temple. Gu Xian wasn’t stupid; why would she tell such a lie? 

“Mother, are we just going to let it go like this?” 

Wei shi said in annoyance, “Forget it, what else do you want? It’s because you were showing off. If you had kept it to yourself, nothing would have happened.” 

Rutong felt both wronged and angry. “How was I supposed to know she would become so petty and want to take back something she gave away?” She would rather smash them than wear them for her. It’s really hateful. 

It wasn’t about becoming petty; it was about becoming crafty and domineering. Thinking that Qingshu was not even afraid of the old lady anymore, Wei shi said, “Don’t provoke her in the future, so you won’t suffer.” 

Reluctantly, Rutong nodded. 

Wei shi said, “Don’t go to your aunt for the next few days. When we go to the county next time, you can ask your aunt to teach you how to read.” After the recent commotion, Gu Xian was unlikely to be willing to teach Rutong. 

Only now did Rutong remember this matter and became somewhat panicked. “Mother, what if Aunt refuses to teach me in the future?” 

She had blurted out those words earlier because she was so angry, without considering the consequences. 

“It won’t happen. Your aunt has thin skin. As long as you kneel down and beg her, she will definitely not refuse.” Wei shi understood Gu Xian’s personality well. On the other hand, that girl had become shrewd and couldn’t be fooled easily now. 

Rutong felt somewhat reassured. 

Qing Shu followed Gu Xian back to their room and once again said, “I didn’t give her the pearl bracelet.” 

Gu Xian nodded and said, “I know, but your grandmother won’t believe it.” 

“Mother, as long as you believe me, it’s enough.” Qing Shu didn’t care whether Old Madam Lin believed her or not. 

Gu Xian smiled and said, “Silly child, who would your mother believe if not you?” Even though her daughter’s temperament had changed, her true nature remained the same. 

With that matter settled, Qing Shu, who had been studying, suddenly smelled a strong aroma of rice dumplings. 


Qing Shu put down her brush and said to Gu Xian, who was sewing children’s clothes, “Mother, I want to eat rice dumplings.” She had only eaten a bowl of rice porridge and a boiled egg in the morning, and now she was hungry. 

Chen Mama and a few others, including Xiamiao, were called to help with work, so if you want to eat rice dumplings, you’ll have to get them yourself. 

When Qing Shu walked into the yard, she heard Lin Lezhu standing at the door, speaking angrily, “We have no food here, hurry up and leave.” 

Qing Shu found this strange. She knew that Old Master Lin considered their family a scholarly and virtuous one, always instructing the Lin family to accumulate merit and do good deeds. Qing Shu knew that he wanted to build a good reputation for the family. Therefore, if a beggar came to their door, the Lin family would usually give them some food. 

Seeing the person still standing there motionless, Lin Lezhu impatiently said, “If you don’t leave soon, don’t blame me for not being polite.” 

Qing Shu was puzzled, but she wasn’t a curious person. She went straight to the kitchen without paying much attention to the matter. 

As she entered the kitchen, she saw Rutong rushing over and entering the kitchen ahead of her. 

“Mother, it’s not good! That ominous star is standing at our door. When Big Brother tried to drive him away, he refused to leave. Mother, you must go and chase him away!” Rutong exclaimed. 

Zhang Qiaoqiao exclaimed, “How did he end up at our doorstep? It’s such an inauspicious event on such an important holiday.” 

Wei shi took off her apron and said, “I’ll go and chase him away.” She just had to be careful not to disturb the old Old Madam Gu, or she would surely be scolded. 

Zhang Qiaoqiao quickly said, “Second Sister-in-law, you go ahead! I’m here!” 

Qing Shu, feeling curious, wondered who this mysterious person was that everyone treated