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So, Willow Shade Garden is related to Eldest Princess’s son, Chen Luo!
And Chen Luo can climb walls with the Second Prince and the Third Prince, indicating his close relationship with the royal family.
Wang Xi clicked her tongue.
Thinking back to the person practicing swordsmanship, not only was he exceptionally handsome, but he also exuded an aura of disdain, fearless and undaunted. This was not the demeanor of an ordinary person.
Could he be Chen Luo?
Wang Xi furrowed her brows. This could complicate things.
She had been thinking about bringing him back to Shu Province when she returned home, making him her bodyguard.
If that person was Chen Luo, he wouldn’t accompany her. Even if he were handsome and skilled, he wouldn’t have any relationship with her!
Wang Xi felt a sense of regret and asked Chang Ke, “How skilled is Chen Luo in martial arts?”
It would be best if there were a portrait of him.
But Chang Ke surely wouldn’t have one.
However, if the person practicing swordsmanship is related to Chen Luo, it would at least narrow down her investigation.
Chang Ke seemed bright-eyed when she noticed Wang Xi’s keen interest in Princess Chang’s residence. She spoke with a hint of regret, “I don’t know! The Chen family has a military background. His eldest brother, Young Master Chen, is very skilled in martial arts. I’ve heard my cousins occasionally discuss it, saying that Young Master Chen’s martial arts skills are probably the best among the younger generation of prestigious families in the capital. But it’s hard to say. In the past, they used to assess martial arts skills for entry into the Dragon Guard, but it hasn’t been as strict in recent years. Take my third cousin, for example; his martial arts skills are just average. He even had to work hard with tutors from the Chen family when he entered the Dragon Guard. Young Master Chen, on the other hand, was personally appointed to the Dragon Guard; surely no one would dare to question his martial arts skills!
“But he never lost a fight when he was a child. Without martial arts skills, he probably wouldn’t have been able to achieve that!”
Is the person practicing swordsmanship Eldest Young Master Chen?
Wang Xi asked, “Is Deer Cry Pavilion Young Master Chen’s residence? Has he been living there since he was young? Does he still live there now?”
Or check the people around Chen Luo. With such skill and appearance, they certainly weren’t ordinary!
Hope flared up in Wang Xi’s heart once again.
Chang Ke nodded repeatedly and said, “Young Master Chen has lived there since he was a child. But he doesn’t get along with Eldest Princess. Since he joined the Dragon Guard, he arranged a residence near Yongfang in Dashi. He mostly stays there and occasionally comes back. He also visits Duke Zhen Guo’s residence. He probably hasn’t been to Deer Cry Pavilion in a long time. Otherwise, my second aunt wouldn’t have suggested that I move to Willow Shade Garden – Third Cousin and the two brothers from the Chen family are quite close.” After saying this, she lowered her eyelids, her expression showing a hint of sadness.
Wang Xi rubbed her chin.
It seemed Second Madam knew how to handle things well. Even though it was she who forced the Third Branch to make room, it was Third Madam who suggested Chang Ke move to Willow Shade Garden. No wonder Chang Ke felt upset.
Unexpectedly, Third Master was quite capable, being able to befriend the two brothers from Duke Zhen Guo’s residence.
These thoughts flashed through Wang Xi’s mind. She felt the urgent need to obtain a portrait of Chen Luo. Just by looking at the portrait, she would know.
If the person practicing swordsmanship was Chen Luo, she wouldn’t bother anymore. If it was someone else, she believed with the wealth and resources of the Wang family, they could dig into Eldest Princess’s residence.
Wang Xi suddenly felt more spirited and asked Chang Ke some other questions, “Where do the guards of Eldest Princess’s residence come from? How skilled are they?” She knew the chief officer of Eldest Princess’s residence was an old man in his fifties and definitely not the one practicing swordsmanship.
Chang Ke smiled, “Some of them are from Duke Zhen Guo’s residence, and some were bestowed by the Emperor’s personal guard. The guards from Duke Zhen Guo’s residence must be skilled; many of their attendants once fought side by side with Duke Zhen Guo’s father or Duke Zhen Guo himself. As for the Emperor’s bestowed guards, it’s hard to say. They mainly look imposing, making an entrance with grandeur…”
The two chatted and laughed.
Chang Ke revealed everything she knew. She noticed Wang Xi’s extraordinary concern for Eldest Princess’s residence. So she simply told her, “Eldest Princess’s birthday is on April 22nd. Every year around this time, she invites noblewomen from the capital to a banquet. We were in mourning previously, so we haven’t attended for two years.”
“Besides the mourning attire this year, both Second Sister and Third Sister have also come of age. Grandmother will definitely take us to attend Eldest Princess’s birthday banquet. You can have a good look,” Chang Ke said. Her tone slightly paused, and she continued, “Cousin Shi from the Shi family is also coming to stay with us, right? She used to be unable to secure a good marriage, but it seems she’s here this time probably to attend Eldest Princess’s birthday banquet!”
Wang Xi raised an eyebrow.
Chang Ke thought of Chang Ning’s malice towards her and felt it necessary to remind Wang Xi. After a moment’s thought, she continued, “I heard from the people around Third Sister that ever since the Emperor caught a cold last year, he hasn’t been in good health. The Empress intends to choose suitable princesses for several of the eligible princes. Cousin Shi’s family must have heard about this news. Mark my words; she’s likely to come to the capital before Eldest Princess’s birthday.”
The current Emperor had nine sons, and apart from the eldest prince, who was already married, the other princes hadn’t chosen their wives yet. Especially the Second Prince, born to the Empress, was twenty-three years old this year, well past the age of marriage.
Although he had two noble concubines of noble birth, he still hadn’t chosen his principal wife.
There were numerous criticisms in the court, so the Emperor and Empress naturally wanted to assess potential candidates for their sons during Eldest Princess’s birthday banquet.
“There is such a thing!” Wang Xi looked at Chang Ke in shock.
Chang Ke felt a bit smug and whispered, “Originally, Aunt wanted to have Second Sister and Princess Fuyang bond, and they used to visit Eldest Princess’s residence frequently. Through these visits, Third Sister also got to know Princess Fuyang. Second Sister and Princess Fuyang’s relationship is ordinary, but Third Sister gets along very well with her. If Third Sister knows about this, it’s probably because Princess Fuyang told her.”
The Emperor had nine princes, but there was only one princess, born to the Emperor’s most beloved concubine.
“Impressive! Impressive!” Wang Xi couldn’t help but praise the eldest daughter of the second branch.
“Do you think so too?” Chang Ke asked, her eyes shining brightly. “I think so too. The Aunt made the connections, but it’s Third Sister who benefits. When I told my mother, she scolded me for not focusing on my studies. She said I only care about these things and that I’ve only memorized up to Chapter 6 of the ‘Book of Women.'”
She looked a bit dispirited.
“No, no, no,” Wang Xi hurriedly said, “You’re also amazing! I’ve been here for so long and haven’t heard a word about this.”
“Really?” Chang Ke murmured in response, but her eyes lit up again.
“Why would I lie to you?” Wang Xi praised Chang Ke, but she couldn’t help but sigh inwardly. She was as her grandmother often said, a bit naive.
She hadn’t noticed Chang Ke’s insightful silence or Chang Yan’s cleverness. Truly, ‘where there are three people, there must be one who can be my teacher.’
When Wang Xi saw Chang Yan again, she couldn’t help but glance at her a few more times. Sensing Wang Xi’s gaze, Chang Yan just smiled gently and nodded at Wang Xi, appearing very graceful.
Compared to Chang Ning, who wore her emotions on her sleeve and could erupt at any moment, Wang Xi preferred to interact with Chang Yan. At least she wouldn’t cause a scene in front of everyone.
Wang Xi then shifted her gaze to Chang Ning.
Chang Ke’s matter was temporarily resolved, and Madam Dowager was in the mood to meet the younger generation.
The day after Chang Ke met Wang Xi, Madam Dowager began her routine inspections with the juniors.
Everyone happily gathered around Madam Dowager, chatting about daily life. However, Chang Ning grabbed Madam Dowager’s sleeve and acted coquettish, saying, “I want to move to the Jade Spring Hall too. Fourth Sister is your granddaughter, am I not? I also want to accompany Grandmother in the Jade Spring Hall. Please agree!”
Madam Dowager chuckled, clearly enjoying the affectionate gestures from her juniors. “The space here is limited, and having Fourth Miss is already cramped. Why do you want to join in the hustle and bustle?”
“I’m not just looking for excitement,” pouted Chang Ning. “My place is also quite small. When Third Brother gets married, it will be Fourth Brother’s turn. If Fourth Brother lives in a smaller place than Third Brother, I will have to make room for him eventually. Instead of moving later, I’d rather come and keep Grandmother company now! Please agree with me!”
She persisted without giving in.
Madam Dowager’s expression turned slightly sour.
While the Marquis was alive, he didn’t favor one concubine over another to this extent. However, after he brought them all into his residence one by one and had children with them, Madam Dowager had to manage everything.
She didn’t want to be labeled as a jealous woman, so she had to endure.
After enduring the Old Marquis for most of her life and finally outliving him, she had enjoyed her sons’ filial piety and a spacious living arrangement.
She had fewer unpleasant matters to deal with. However, her second granddaughter from the main family wanted to move in with her just to gain favor.
Couldn’t she straighten her back and breathe freely until her death?
Madam Dowager’s displeasure extended to Chang Ke as well.
Chang Ke was scared into silence.
She had anticipated this.
When Chang Ning was unhappy, she wouldn’t let others off easily.
It seemed that Chang Ke wouldn’t be staying in the Jade Spring Hall for long.
Naturally, Madam Dowager dismissed the matter here.
Chang Yan couldn’t be bothered to persuade Chang Ning. In her heart, she was contemplating what clothes and jewelry she should wear for Eldest Princess’s birthday celebration in a few days.
Shi Zhu wasn’t an easy person to deal with. When she arrived, there would undoubtedly be chaos in the mansion for a while.
The question was whether Wang Xi would stand up to her.
Wang Xi appeared calm and composed on the surface, but she was not someone who could endure humiliation silently.
As for who would win or lose, it probably depended on who Madam Dowager favored.
Chang Yan wanted to settle her marriage soon but didn’t want to attract the attention of the palace’s noblewomen.
Although the Second Prince held the legitimate status, he was not the Crown Prince. At twenty-three years old, he still hadn’t been named heir to the throne.
There would be opportunities in the court in the future. She didn’t want to intervene at this moment; if she made a wrong move, it might lead to the destruction of her family.
She was afraid that Chang Ning, her uncooperative teammate, would eagerly join the fray.
She needed to find a way to handle Chang Ning. If she could arrange for her to marry early, it would be even better.
Who in the capital would be a suitable match for her?
Chang Yan pondered all the way back to Orchid Garden, deep in thought.
Wang Xi waited for another two to three days, having already transcribed the Buddhist scriptures for Madam Dowager. She not only hadn’t received any news from Chen Luo but also the sword dancer hadn’t shown up.
Was this a hint from the bodhisattva that she had no fate with the sword dancer? Should she stop staying in the Marquis of Yongcheng’s residence?
Wang Xi felt somewhat disappointed and hesitated about whether to proactively request a move to Willow Shade Garden.
Once again, the Marquis of Yongcheng’s residence was in turmoil.