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In the past, every time Gu Xian returned, Old Madam Lin would give her a piece of her mind. However, today, she didn’t have the mood for that. 

Gu Xian sat down with Qing Shu and said, “Qing Shu, you said too much just now.” 

Qing Shu, still visibly shaken, held her chest and said, “Mother, I’m afraid Grandma will make me drink talisman water again.” 

Gu Xian understood that the previous incident had left Qing Shu traumatized, but she still had to say what needed to be said, “She’s your grandmother, your biological grandmother, she won’t harm you.” 

Through the events of the past few days, Qing Shu had already figured out that Gu Xian cared for her deeply. However, whenever they encountered a problem, Gu Xian would want her to compromise and endure the injustice. 

Gu Xian touched Qing Shu’s head and said, “Mother knows you’ve been wronged, but she’s your grandmother. Qing Shu, we’re only staying here for three or four days. Just endure it for these few days.” 

Qing Shu agreed readily, “Okay.” 

As long as they didn’t provoke her, she wouldn’t cause trouble. If anyone did provoke her, they would regret it. After all, she had her grandmother backing her up and wasn’t afraid. 

Gu Xian had the maidservant bring out the clothes she had made for Old Master Lin and Old Madam Lin, preparing to send them to the main hall. 

Seeing Qing Shu standing up, Gu Xian quickly said, “Qing Shu, rest well. Mother will be back soon.” She was afraid that bringing Qing Shu along would lead to another confrontation with Old Madam Lin. 

Qing Shu responded with an “Okay.” 

She didn’t want to see the two people she hated the most from her previous life, Old Madam Lin and Lin Chengyu. So, if she could avoid them, she would. 

When Old Madam Lin saw Gu Xian, her face turned ugly, “Why didn’t you bring Hongdou with you?” 

Gu Xian smiled and said, “Qing Shu was tired after sitting on the boat for so long, so I let her rest.” 

Old Madam Lin said with a stern face, “This child is being raised too pampered and spoiled. Who will dare to marry her in the future?” 

Pausing for a moment, Old Madam Lin continued, “And also, when you go back, take off her jewelry. Wearing such expensive accessories, aren’t you afraid of thieves?” 

Gu Xian sighed, “Mother, I told her, but she wouldn’t listen. Mother, you don’t know, ever since she recovered from her serious illness, her temperament and preferences have changed. She refuses to wear her old clothes.” 

“Then give her a couple of beatings. She’ll know better and behave.” 

Gu Xian refused this suggestion without hesitation, “Mother, that’s not possible. What if we hurt her permanently if we beat her too hard? Last time, when I slapped her, she became distant from me. I can’t do that again.” 

“This won’t work, that won’t work, and just letting her be is also not an option? This girl should be properly disciplined.” 

Gu Xian said, “Mother, rest assured, I will discipline Qing Shu properly.” Now she regretted sending Qing Shu back. The child’s illness might have been triggered by Old Madam Lin’s scare. 

Old Madam Lin was furious, “Rest assured? How can I rest assured? She’s stubborn and willful, disrespectful to her elders. If this spreads, people will think that all the girls in the Lin family are like this.” 

“Men are responsible for the external matters, and women are responsible for the internal matters. When it comes to educating children, it’s the mother’s responsibility. Qing Shu hasn’t been disobedient, and she hasn’t been stubborn and willful either.” 

Speaking of it, Gu Xian also had grievances against Old Madam Lin. Her Qing Shu used to be very obedient and filial, but ever since she returned to Taohua Village and fell ill, she changed completely. Not only did she not listen to her, but there was also a growing distance between them. 

Old Madam Lin was extremely angry, “With her current behavior, isn’t she stubborn and willful? Moreover, which daughter-in-law dares to talk back to her mother-in-law like you do? Who marries into a family and dares to argue with her mother-in-law?” In traditional families, daughters-in-law were expected to be respectful to their mothers-in-law. But Gu Xian was different; she didn’t regard Old Madam Lin highly at all. She wasn’t just a daughter-in-law; she was more like an ancestor. 

Wei shi and Zhang shi, the two daughters-in-law, never dared to defy her. Whatever she said, both of them obediently complied. 

Gu Xian suddenly dared not say anything. 

Old Madam Lin said, “After this Dragon Boat Festival, don’t come back to the county anymore.” 

Gu Xian didn’t want to stay in Taohua Village. It was inconvenient for shopping, and she didn’t know anyone here, “Mother, I’m not having a peaceful pregnancy. The county doctor has good medical skills, and if there’s anything, we can call a doctor in time.” 

Old Madam Lin already knew that Gu Xian would say that, “Then leave Hongdou behind.” 

Gu Xian shook her head, “My mother has already found a tutor for Qing Shu. Once she finds one, Qing Shu has to study with the tutor.” 

“A girl from a good family, what does she need to study for?” Once a girl was married off, her education was no longer the concern of her natal family. It didn’t matter how well she studied; it was just a waste of money. 

Gu Xian patiently explained, “Mother, in the future, when my husband becomes a Jinshi and holds an official position, if Qing Shu hasn’t studied, his colleagues will laugh at her.” Education was a must; she couldn’t allow Qing Shu to remain ignorant. 

Lin Chengyu was Old Madam Lin’s biggest source of pride, and his reputation was also a concern for Old Madam Lin, “Let me think about it.” 

Rutong heard that Qing Shu had returned and came with Rudie to find her. However, when she reached the door, she was stopped by Jiaoxing. 

Jiaoxing said, “The young Old Madam Gu is practicing calligraphy and can’t be disturbed. Young ladies, please come back later to play with my young Old Madam Gu!” 

Rutong was stunned, “Qing Shu is actually practicing calligraphy?” 

Jiaoxing thought Rutong’s reaction was strange, but she didn’t ask any further. As a maid, she couldn’t be too curious; otherwise, she might end up in trouble. 

Since she couldn’t enter, Rutong could only take Roudie and go find her mother. 

When Gu Xian returned to her room, she saw that Qing Shu hadn’t even looked up. This child was really immersed in her calligraphy practice. 

Chen Mama asked her softly, “Madam, did Old Madam give you a hard time again?” 

Gu Xian shook her head, “No. I’m pregnant, and she won’t make things difficult for me because of that.” 

Dealing with such a mother-in-law, Gu Xian felt really exhausted. But when she thought about Lin Chengyu, she felt that enduring these hardships was worth it. 

Chen Mama comforted her, “It’s only for three or four days, just endure it.” 

She actually disliked Old Madam Lin a lot. She was narrow-minded, short-sighted, and especially mean. However, she was the grandmother of her own mistress, and her identity gave her a natural advantage. 

Gu Xian sighed, “She said she wanted Qing Shu to stay in Taohua Village, but I didn’t agree.” 

It was fortunate that they didn’t live together; otherwise, she didn’t know how they could get through their days. 

Chen Mama was worried, “If Old Madam insists on keeping the young Old Madam Gu, what should we do?” 

Qing Shu paused her writing, and a drop of ink fell onto the white paper, ruining the character she was working on.  

Gu Xian said firmly, “I won’t let Qing Shu stay in Taohua Village.” Allowing Qing Shu to stay in the village would be akin to turning her into a country girl. 

Chen Mama felt relieved when she heard this. She had been afraid that Gu Xian would agree, so she breathed a sigh of relief. 

Qing Shu thought to herself, luckily she didn’t agree. Otherwise, their estrangement would have grown even deeper.