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The grapevines were lush and covered the entire pergola, casting deep shades. Bunches of green grapes were hidden within. 

Qing Shu stood on the corridor and said to Gu Xian, “Mother, when we come back, let’s buy two birds to hang on the corridor!” It was too quiet; having two birds would liven things up. 

Gu Xian disagreed, finding them too noisy. 

Qing Shu thought the birds’ chirping was pleasant and not noisy at all, but since Gu Xian didn’t agree, she didn’t press the matter. 

Gu Xian looked at Qing Shu’s attire and furrowed her brows, saying, “Qing Shu, go change your clothes.” 

Today, Qing Shu was wearing a golden embroidered top and a moonlight skirt. She had a bun hairstyle wrapped with red coral beads. She also wore a red gold necklace around her neck and a sandalwood Buddhist bead bracelet that Master Wuchen had given her on her wrist. 

Because her wrists were small, she wound it twice. 

Qing Shu didn’t want to change. She said, “Why change clothes? I think this outfit looks pretty.” 

“It’s too eye-catching. Qing Shu, be obedient and change your clothes.” Every time she went back, she dressed very modestly. Today was no exception; she was wearing a slightly used outfit. 

Unfortunately, no matter how she tried to convince Qing Shu, she refused to change her clothes and didn’t want to take off the red gold necklace. 

Gu Xian couldn’t help but complain to Chen Mama, “This child hasn’t been obedient since she fell ill.” 

Chen Mama smiled and said, “I think Miss is fine like this.” Having her own opinions made her less susceptible to manipulation. Her master, on the other hand, was easily influenced by others, especially her husband; she would do whatever he said. 

This time, mother and daughter still took a boat back to Taohua Village. Although they had a carriage, the road was rough and bumpy, which would be hard on Gu Xian in her pregnant state. 

Sitting on the boat, Gu Xian couldn’t help but glance at the gold necklace around Qing Shu’s neck and said, “Qing Shu, could you please take off this necklace?” 

Qing Shu shook her head, “I think it looks nice.” 

Gu Xian was exasperated and said, “Why are you so stubborn? Are you afraid that I’ll harm you?” 

“Mother, Grandma gave me this necklace; I didn’t steal it. Why can’t I wear it?” 

Gu Xian said, “It’s such a valuable item. What if you lose it?” 

In reality, she wasn’t worried about it getting lost; she was concerned that Qing Shu’s attire was too conspicuous. She was afraid that her in-laws would criticize her for raising her daughter too extravagantly. 

Qing Shu said, “I don’t go out, and Jiaoxing will be with me. It won’t get lost.” 

No matter how Gu Xian tried to persuade her, Qing Shu wouldn’t change her mind or take off the necklace. 

Gu Xian couldn’t help but feel frustrated. She sat aside, not bothering with Qing Shu. 

Qing Shu didn’t pay her any mind either, sitting at the bedside and looking at the scenery. 

When they arrived at the front door of their house, mother and daughter saw Lin Chengzhi and Zhang shi, who were about to leave. 

“Third Uncle, Third Aunt.” 

Lin Chengzhi smiled and said, “We haven’t seen you for just over half a month, and Hongdou has become so beautiful.” Her appearance had changed quite a bit due to her dressing. 

Zhang shi, on the other hand, said with some concern, “She’s just too thin; we need to fatten her up.” 

Children could gain weight quickly, and losing it was just as fast. After a few ups and downs, Qing Shu had lost seven or eight pounds in the past half month. 

While she had become thinner, her face had turned somewhat pale, and she appeared rather unhealthy. 

Gu Xian wanted to apply some powder to Qing Shu to improve her complexion, but unfortunately, this suggestion was strongly opposed by Qing Shu. She was only four years old now; why should she wear makeup and rouge? As for having a bad complexion, she preferred it that way. Let Grandma Lin see how she had been tortured. 

When Zhang shi tried to approach and hug her, Qing Shu quickly avoided her. 

Zhang shi asked with some confusion, “Hongdou, what’s wrong?” 

Could it be that this child was still upset about what happened before? If so, her temper was too big. 

Blushing, Qing Shu said, “Aunt, I’m a big girl now, so I can’t be hugged anymore. Also, Uncle and Aunt, I have a real name now, it’s Qing Shu.” 

Gu Xian looked at Qing Shu in confusion. When she was at the Gu family, this girl was always held by her mother. 

Lin Chengzhi couldn’t help but smile. 

It was quite amusing to hear such a small child declare herself a big girl. 

Zhang Qiaoqiao gave her a wry smile and then said to Gu Xian, “Sister-in-law, let’s go back quickly. Mom and Dad are waiting for you!” 

As they entered the house, they saw Lin Chengzhong, the second son of the Lin family, and his wife Wei shi in the courtyard. 

“Second Uncle, Second Aunt.” 

Lin Chengzhong and Lin Chengzhi looked very similar, but Lin Chengzhong considered himself a scholar and always had a serious expression that made people hesitant to approach him. In contrast, Lin Chengzhi always had a smile on his face, making him much more approachable. 

Lin Chengzhong nodded and said, “Come inside, Mom and Dad are waiting!” 

The sunlight shone on the gold necklace, emitting a brilliant golden light. 

Wei shi stared at the necklace, hating that she couldn’t have it for herself. 

Lin Chengzhong was a bit annoyed and said, “Let’s go inside.” Such a tacky thing. He couldn’t understand why his parents had chosen such a superficial woman for him. 

Gu Xian had known that Wei shi was fond of money. She held Qing Shu’s hand and said, “Let’s go!” 

In the main hall, both Lin grandparents were present. When they saw Gu Xian and Qing Shu, they both frowned. 

Gu Xian led Qing Shu into the room and greeted them with a bow, “Father, Mother.” 

Qing Shu clung to Gu Xian, nervously gripping her sleeve, and said timidly, “Mother, I’m afraid…” 

Originally dissatisfied with Qing Shu’s appearance, now seeing her behave as if they were monsters, Old Master Lin face immediately darkened. “Afraid of what?” 

Qing Shu said, “I don’t want to drink the talisman water anymore; it hurts too much.” Her voice had a hint of crying in it. 

Old Master Lin’s face changed slightly, and he turned to Old Madam Lin, asking, “What talisman water?” 

Old Madam Lin whispered, “It’s nothing, the child’s father1. She’s just talking nonsense!” 

When she was younger, Old Madam Lin used to be very afraid of Old Master Lin. However, as their three sons grew up and got married, her fear of him had diminished considerably. 

Having suffered so much, there was no way Qing Shu would just let this go. She intentionally widened her eyes and said incredulously, “Grandmother, telling lies will make your nose grow long.” 

While a long nose was impossible, Old Madam Lin almost twisted hers in anger. 

Old Master Lin looked at Old Madam Lin and asked with an unfriendly tone, “What’s really going on? Speak.” 

Old Madam Lin hesitated for a moment before speaking, “When this child woke up, she was looking for a mirror everywhere and then laughed strangely in front of a bronze mirror. It was very eerie, and I suspected that an evil spirit had possessed her. So, I called on He Xianggu to perform a ritual to expel the spirit.” 

She was quite skilled at making up stories; she had never laughed strangely in front of a mirror. 

Old Master Lin, who considered himself an educated man, didn’t believe in ghosts and spirits at all. He said sternly, “I’ve told you before that all those ghosts and demons are just fabrications of human imagination. Why don’t you listen?” 

Old Madam Lin didn’t want to argue with him and simply said, “I was really scared at the time.” 

After saying this, she glanced at Lin Chengzhi. 

Lin Chengzhi, fearing that he would be blamed by the old Old Madam Gu for not supporting her, stepped forward and said, “Father, Mother was indeed very frightened at the time. When she asked me to invite He Xianggu, her voice was trembling!” 

In front of their juniors, it was not appropriate to reprimand her, which would save her face, and it would also be difficult to control the daughters-in-law in the future. Old Master Lin said coldly, “Let this not happen again.”

  1. When a wife refers to her husband as “孩子他爹” (hái zi tā dǐ) in Chinese, it’s a colloquial and affectionate way of saying “the kid’s dad” or “our child’s father” in English.
    I can’t think of a better english equivalent for this. If you have any suggestions, please comment down below.