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Boom! Boom! Thunder rumbled, and lightning flashed outside. The sky quickly darkened, and it started to rain lightly. 

Qing Shu put down her book and looked out the window at the gloomy sky, feeling a bit worried. She said, “It looks like it’s going to rain. I wonder if Grandmother brought an umbrella.” 

Jiaoxing smiled and reassured her, “Miss, don’t worry. Madam won’t get wet in the carriage. Even if she didn’t bring an umbrella, there are some at the shop.” 

The rain didn’t last long, and within half an hour, it had stopped. 

Jiaoxing saw that Qing Shu had written ten large characters and smiled, saying, “Miss, the courtyard has already been tidied up. Would you like to take a look?” 

Qing Shu shook her head and replied, “Let’s go later!” She was planning to write another ten large characters. 

Although Master Wuchen had mentioned that she had been enlightened, Qing Shu was well aware of her own limitations. Her talent was average, and her current progress was fast due to her adult way of thinking and the simplicity of the subjects she was learning. As she delved into more complex and profound topics, her speed of learning would naturally slow down. 

Jiaoxing smiled and said, “Miss, Zhong Mama mentioned that, considering your young age, you shouldn’t write too much. Otherwise, your fingers might deform.” For young ladies, deformed fingers would be quite unsightly, and it could become a subject of ridicule during social events. 

Qing Shu had no choice but to put down her brush and said, “Alright, let’s go and visit the Wisteria Courtyard!” She had renamed the courtyard as the Wisteria Courtyard. 

The Wisteria Courtyard had already been arranged, and some incense had been burned inside. Qing Shu could move in at any time. 

Jiaoxing suggested, “Miss, if there’s anything you don’t like, we can have it changed now.” 

Qing Shu shook her head and replied, “No need, it’s fine as it is. The room is too fragrant; tell them not to burn incense anymore.” The scent was too overpowering, and it made her uncomfortable. 

After a brief look around, Qing Shu came out. Due to the recent rain, there were still dewdrops on the wisteria flowers in the courtyard. 

These wisteria flowers could be fried with flour and eggs or blanched and served cold, making them very delicious. However, such culinary practices were not common in Taifeng County, so Qing Shu couldn’t mention it. Therefore, she could only sigh in regret as she looked at the wisteria flowers filling the courtyard. 

Jiaoxing smiled and suggested, “Miss, let’s go for a walk in the garden!”  

Grandma Gu was concerned that Qing Shu might overexert her eyes and hands, so she had secretly instructed Jiaoxing to take her outside for walks. 

Qing Shu nodded in agreement. 

The Gu family’s garden was filled with various types of flowers, plants, and trees, but they were all common varieties. 

Qing Shu saw some blooming daisies and went over to pick a few to place in her room. 

After picking a handful of daisies, Qing Shu was about to leave the garden. As she reached the entrance, Jiaoxing quietly reminded her, “Miss, Young Master is coming.” 

Qing Shu was taken aback when she saw Gu Fugui. Although the maids had described him as chubby, she hadn’t expected him to be as round as a ball. Compared to Gu Fugui, even she, who was considered hefty in her past life, seemed thin. 

When they approached, Qing Shu greeted him with, “Cousin.” 

Influenced by Yuan Shanniang, Gu Fugui also had a strong dislike for Qing Shu. Seeing the daisies in Qing Shu’s hand, Gu Fugui expressed his disdain, saying, “You, little thief, not only stole my family’s gold and silver jewelry, but now you’re stealing our flowers too.” 

Qing Shu retorted in annoyance, “Who are you calling a little thief?” 

If this nickname spread, others might think she had actually stolen something. Carrying the reputation of a thief would not only hinder her studies but also make people avoid her. 

Jiaoxing saw that Qing Shu was getting visibly upset and hurriedly interjected, “Young Master, how can you call Miss a thief? These things were all purchased by Madam for Miss.” 

Gu Fugui, used to his domineering ways, couldn’t tolerate being criticized by Jiaoxing. He threatened her, “Yinpan, give her a beating until she can’t speak anymore.” 

The maidservant hesitated. 

Gu Fugui became furious, “If you dare not listen to me, I’ll have my mother sell you when we get back.” 

Being sold off wouldn’t lead to a good outcome. Yinpan, the maidservant, reluctantly stepped forward and said, “I apologize, Miss Jiaoxing. I have no choice.” 

Although Jiaoxing was two years younger than Yinpan, she was used to doing farm work and had a lot of strength, so Yinpan quickly found herself at a disadvantage. 

Gu Fugui felt embarrassed and said, “Yinhong, go and help. If you two can’t beat her down, I’ll sell both of you.” 

With two against one, Jiaoxing quickly found herself at a disadvantage as well. 

Gu Fugui looked smug as he stared at Qing Shu and said, “You little thief, be sensible and go back. Otherwise, next time you won’t be facing…” 

Qing Shu had been thinking of ways to provoke Yuan Shanniang all along, and now that Gu Fugui had presented himself, she couldn’t miss this excellent opportunity. 

Qing Shu tackled Gu Fugui to the ground and slapped him. While hitting him, she scolded, “You’re the real thief here, your whole family is a bunch of thieves.” 

Gu Fugui was somewhat dazed when he was knocked down, mainly because no one dared to provoke him at home, and being hit was a first for him. 

His face stung from the blows, and he cried out in pain, “Help, murder!” 

Yinpan and Yinhong, seeing Gu Fugui being beaten without being able to retaliate, quickly released Jiaoxing and rushed to help him. 

Qing Shu was only four years old and small, with little strength. If it weren’t for her clever tactics, she wouldn’t have been able to overpower Gu Fugui. 

Of course, it was also because Gu Fugui was too cowardly. Otherwise, with his size, Qing Shu wouldn’t have gained the upper hand. 

Holding his bruised and swollen face, Gu Fugui shouted, “Yinpan, Yinhong, apprehend this little thief for me!” 

Despite their audacity, Yinpan and Yinhong still didn’t dare to touch Qing Shu. They dared to hit Jiaoxing because they were all maids, and at most, they would face some scolding and a deduction in their monthly allowance. However, the young miss was Grandma Gu’s precious granddaughter, and they wouldn’t dare to lay a hand on her. 

Seeing the two maidservants standing still, Gu Fugui grew desperate and said angrily, “If you don’t obey me again, I’ll have you both sold to a brothel.” 

Even with such a threat, Yinpan and Yinhong remained motionless. If they dared to harm the young miss, they would be beaten to death by Grandma Gu even before they were sold to a brothel. 

Qing Shu was speechless. Gu Fugui could even utter words like selling to a brothel, showing just how corrupted his upbringing had been. Fortunately, her grandmother didn’t like Gu Fugui, or she would surely be worried. 

Unable to command the two maidservants, Gu Fugui pointed at Qing Shu and said, “Just you wait!” 

Qing Shu watched Gu Fugui’s retreating figure and chuckled. He might be chubby, but he could run surprisingly fast. 

Jiaoxing was somewhat anxious and said, “Miss, Young Master is probably going to find Madam. Miss, we should quickly go and find Old Madam.” 

Qing Shu shook her head and replied, “I haven’t finished writing my big characters yet! Let’s go back and write. Besides, I’m hoping that Yuan Shanniang will come and settle accounts with me. I’m afraid she won’t.”