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Zhup, mates.

This is the translator Not A Pessimist. I’ll go straight to the point now. Do you want advanced chapters for Disguised as a White Flower NPC and High Energy Ahead? Well, you can now get those! The new feature of the website has officially opened. *Clap clap clap*

But how much is it though? 1 coin is $0.1 USD.

White flower NPC will be at 3 coins per chapter and High Energy Ahead will also be at 3 coins per chapter.

There will also be 1 advanced chapter per day and 3 free chapters per week, MWF.

Yes, I am basically copy-pasting No Touchy-touchy’s schedule. you know if you read her projects. haha.

Anyway, there is a big promo for the next two weeks where if you buy coins for now until November 10, 2023 you will get double your coins. So if you want to read advanced chapters at a discounted price, now’s the time.

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