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As time passed, Nan Xing’s eyes gradually became tired.

She couldn’t read anymore.

She put away the magazines and newspapers and shifted her gaze to the unidentified plant on the table.

The agricultural magazines and news had some introductions and cultivation methods. They were seeds provided by Mayor Adam. If she grew them, there would be a huge reward.

It seemed like a good thing.

Nan Xing wanted to take it with her, but it would be too conspicuous. She wasn’t sure if she could store it in her space, but she tried, and to her surprise, it actually worked!

“This space can store living things!” Nan Xing exclaimed in disbelief. She could already imagine how competitive things would become among players.

Her gaze then turned to the tomatoes on the windowsill. She took out a pen and drew a dividing line at the point where the tomatoes turned from green to red, making a mark, and then stored them in her space.

She needed to conduct an experiment.

It was truly unimaginable.

With boundless anticipation for the future, Nan Xing fell into a deep sleep.

The third day in the game —

Nan Xing woke up from her dreams and immediately checked the wound on her foot. The bandage was soiled, so she had to redo it. She couldn’t afford to be careless with wounds in this world.

Seeing the wound hadn’t worsened, Nan Xing was relieved.

She went to the window and pulled back the curtains.

After one night, the number of zombies on the farm had increased.

She counted, and there were as many as fifteen, exceeding the number of arrows she had.

However, half of the zombies were wandering at the farm’s edge. As long as she dealt with the zombies in front of the house, she could sneak along the edge of the boxes and use the stone method to deal with the others.

Without hesitation, Nan Xing went to the balcony with the fork, tied it to the edge of the balcony’s railing, and hung a sharp-tipped wooden stick at the top.

She didn’t want to waste arrows just yet. The knives and forks in the kitchen could serve as makeshift arrows. She wanted to test them first.

Pulling the string and aiming carefully, Nan Xing shot a wooden stick, but it missed.

No problem, she had two knives and forks and five wooden sticks she could use.

She continued to aim and fire. This time, she hit the zombie in the chest, making some progress.

She repeated the action with all the knives, forks, and wooden sticks, successfully taking down a wandering zombie.

Next, she could only use arrows. She took a deep breath, determined to hit her target. Whether she could solve the farm’s zombie problem and explore the forest today depended on this trip.

Steadying her mind, Nan Xing pulled the slingshot taut, closed her left eye, and aimed at the closest zombie’s head.


The sound of a blade cutting through the air echoed as she successfully hit a zombie at the edge of the boxes.

However, this successful shot attracted the attention of the nearby zombies, attracting all of them, including those behind.

For a moment, the zombie horde on the farm became excited, and their roars echoed through the farm. They rushed toward the edge of the boxes in a chaotic frenzy.

“Oh my god.”

But Nan Xing didn’t lose her composure. Even with the dense crowd of zombies, there was an advantage — at least her accuracy would increase.

One arrow after another, she shot steadily until all her arrows were used up. She managed to eliminate five zombies in the farm, but there were still ten left.

If she wanted to deal with all of them, she would have to take a risk.

Ten zombies remained, with two of them squeezing through the box wall and trying to break down the door. These two were easy to handle; she just needed to find something to crush them.

However, there were eight outside, and she couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t squeeze inside the box wall while she climbed it with her injured leg.

Using her space, she brought a bedside table, chair, and table from the room. Nan Xing eliminated the zombies near the door.

It was now 8:30 in the morning, and Nan Xing felt a bit disappointed. She had hoped to go to the forest and collect some dewdrops.

“Do these zombies… eat corpses?” Nan Xing mumbled to herself. She felt like a bad person.

If they did, she could use the corpses in the basement to lure them. She hadn’t thrown away the bandages and adhesive bandages she took off two days ago.

Would the smell of blood be more enticing? Limping back to her room, Nan Xing found the dried-out bandages and adhesive bandages in the trash can.

She reluctantly opened the last bottle of water and poured a bit onto the fabric. The bloodstains spread, and the smell of rust filled the air.

Carrying the now odorous fabric to the balcony, it indeed piqued the interest of the zombies.


Her menstrual cycle was in danger, so she needed to find a safe place or a gullible ally to survive these five days.

Since it worked, there was no need to take unnecessary risks.

Nan Xing changed direction, carrying the blood-soaked fabric to the room opposite hers and left it there, waiting.

Two minutes later, the remaining eight zombies obediently gathered around.

Limping downstairs, Nan Xing couldn’t move the things upstairs, and her space couldn’t accommodate them either.

She opened the door, took the familiar big stone, closed the door, and smashed the stone all in one go.

Of course, that one stone wasn’t enough to deal with all the zombies. She made multiple trips to bring back other heavy objects and finally eliminated all the zombies.

“10:01.” She would go to the forest after lunch to complete the act and erase all traces of Lin Li.

In reality, there was only one corpse and everything in the basement, which she had already searched thoroughly. Apart from the diaries, there was nothing else.

At the back door, she took some time to move the heavy objects. The blood had long been licked clean by the zombies, and she didn’t need to do anything about it.

All the zombies at the back door were destitute. Among the eight corpses, she only found a flashlight, which had been crushed by the stone.

What a pity.

Nan Xing shook her head and limped to the front door. The zombies at the front door were also destitute, but since they were shot with arrows, Nan Xing found an intact crossbow, two glow sticks, and a pair of gloves.

“What’s this?” When she stood up, Nan Xing saw a corpse lying in the field.

It was the one the zombies had been feeding on yesterday morning.

After looking around and not seeing any zombies, Nan Xing limped over.

Surprisingly, it was a corpse wearing a black combat uniform. Could this be Lin Li’s brother?

The guy had many wounds, and his face was severely disfigured from the bites. Nan Xing couldn’t tell where he died or if he was bitten by zombies.

She circled around to prevent zombification, and Nan Xing removed his helmet and gave him a good stone hit.

His skin was an abnormal shade of red all over his body, which might explain why he didn’t turn into a zombie or get completely devoured by them.

Next to the corpse was a rifle. She hadn’t heard any gunshots the night before, so it was likely out of ammo.

She thoroughly searched his body. Inside his jacket, she found a USB drive with unknown content, a high-tech metal box, a letter, and a metal card similar to the access card Lin Li had kept.

The guy’s clothes were already in tatters from being bitten by zombies and couldn’t be salvaged.