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The gains this time were quite abundant, at least she wouldn’t run out of food, but unfortunately, she was injured. 

She stuffed all the medical supplies except for mouthwash into the first aid kit and then placed it into her inventory. 

Her inventory was only one cubic meter in size, so she had to carefully decide what to carry. 

She had enough food to last her for almost half a month, but water was a problem. She only had 700ml of water left, and the farm’s well had been contaminated. 

She needed to find a water source and some herbs; she wasn’t sure if there were any herbs in the forest. She recognized a few simple hemostatic herbs like wild grapevine, comfrey, and edge-of-the-well grass. The latter two usually grew near houses, so she could look for them in the forest once she dealt with the zombies. 

“Forest, right!” 

Birch sap! 

Birch sap was drinkable, even though she hadn’t seen or tasted it herself. It wouldn’t hurt to try finding birch trees; the forest was vast, and it even had raspberries, so birch trees should be there too. 

Now she had food and weapons, all that remained were water and some essential medical supplies. 

Her injured foot was a hindrance. Nan Xing sighed in frustration. She packed her clothes, shoes, socks, and blankets into her hiking backpack, along with a significant amount of food and tools to create a disguise. The rest she stored in her inventory. 

With her immobile foot, she’d better deal with the zombies from a distance. 

Shotgun shells were scarce, and the noise was too loud. As for the bow and arrows, she didn’t have a bow unless she could make one. 

“Seems like it might be possible,” Nan Xing thought, considering the feasibility of crafting her own bow. 

She had flexible strings, like the elastic from mask ear loops, bra straps, and rubber bands. There were springs from the basement’s iron-frame bed, but she wasn’t sure if she could remove them. 

What could she use for a flexible bow body? Maybe a larger slingshot? 

Nan Xing thought it could work, setting it up on the master bedroom balcony, which would give her a perfect view of all the zombies. 

But she lacked the right tools. 

“This is so annoying,” Nan Xing sighed and lay down on the bed, her eyes falling on the nearby farm pitchfork. 

In a sense, this was like a slingshot with too many prongs! 

Nan Xing believed she had a bit of resourcefulness in her. 

Checking the time, it was 2:42 in the afternoon, so she still had some time. 

She quickly got up from the bed, grabbed the pitchfork and some rope, and went to the walk-in closet. 

Although there were many clothes, there were only five sets of underwear. Nan Xing removed the bra straps and panties’ elastic bands from both the male and female owners. 

The bra straps gave her an idea, and she also took the steel wires and sponge pads from inside them; you never know when they might come in handy. 

She tied the bra straps and underwear elastic bands together to make the bowstring and then limped to the hallway. 

Hanging the dartboard at the end of the corridor, Nan Xing attempted to use her new oversized slingshot. (Author’s Note: Not sure if it’s feasible, let’s assume it is.) 


The arrow was released, and Nan Xing pushed the wheelchair closer to the dartboard. She didn’t hit the target, but there was some potential for offense as the arrow embedded itself in the nearby wall. 

However, the arrow wasn’t sharp, and Nan Xing easily pulled it out with a gentle tug. 

To do a good job, one must first sharpen their tools. Nan Xing decided to sharpen her arrows first. 

She took out her multi-purpose chopping knife and carefully moistened it with a bit of water. Diligently, Nan Xing began to sharpen her arrows. 

As the day was coming to an end, Nan Xing retrieved her arrows and roasted some potatoes in the fire bucket. 

She had spent the entire afternoon sharpening arrows and practicing archery. Finally, she had some accuracy, hoping that tomorrow there wouldn’t be more than twelve zombies on the farm. 

By the firelight, Nan Xing decided to read the two diaries she had found today. 

First, she read the diary of the little girl who had been locked in the basement. Nan Xing felt it might contain valuable information. 

Skipping through pages of meaningless musings and daily recollections, Nan Xing found some key points: 

[Date X, Month X, Year XXXX Uncle and Auntie locked me in the basement. They said my brother turned the island into this mess, and I’m a bad person too. They locked me in the basement as a punishment.] 

[Date X, Month X, Year XXXX Lin Na secretly opened the basement door; she wanted to set me free so I could find my brother. But Uncle and Auntie found out and punished Lin Na. They locked me up again. I miss my brother so much.] 

[Date X, Month X, Year XXXX I’m so hungry. Uncle and Auntie haven’t brought me any food in a long time. Lin Na hasn’t come, and neither has Brother Lin Nuo.] 

After that, there were no more diary entries. It was easy to imagine how that little girl had met her end. 

Nan Xing then opened the other diary, which belonged to a girl named Lin Na. By comparing the two diaries, Nan Xing pieced together the sequence of events. Some ugly nation had leaked a virus, causing the zombie crisis. Lin You, the brother of a black-haired girl with an Eastern appearance named Lin Li, was a soldier. 

Because of his military status, he had entrusted his sister to Uncle and Auntie. When the virus outbreak occurred, the entire island nation fell into chaos. The frustrated couple blamed everything on the innocent Lin Li. 

“Beasts,” Nan Xing muttered as she snapped the diary shut. Even in the diaries of the two little girls, there was mention of a dog-like guy named Lin Nuo frequently sneaking into the basement late at night. 

But since everyone was already dead, there was no point in dwelling on it. 

Nan Xing focused on finding a crucial piece of information in the diaries: Lin Li’s brother had left behind a key or access card, hidden behind the photo in his pocket watch, along with a passphrase and password. 

The specific use wasn’t mentioned, only that if she encountered someone dressed like him, a military man, and recited the passphrase correctly, she should follow them. 

He probably didn’t expect his sister to die so soon. 

This gave Nan Xing an opportunity to impersonate Lin Li. They both had black hair and eyes, a round face, and almond-shaped eyes, making her easy to impersonate. The only issue was the age difference of five years; Lin Li was only eighteen, while Nan Xing was twenty-three. 

Well, Nan Xing put the diaries away in her inventory and turned her attention to the map. 

The island was quite large, with many towns. The Cracked Stone Farm was located on the outskirts of Twilight Town. Not far from the farm was a windward canned food processing plant, the Holy Light Sanatorium, the Eagle’s Nest Quarry, and more. 

Nan Xing forced herself to memorize the map of Twilight Town and the surrounding towns. She was determined to impersonate Lin Li. 

Even if she didn’t deceive her brother, it would work to use this to fool other players like her. 

A naive and innocent NPC girl with a mysterious military brother, she had already fabricated her own background story. 

Wearing the skin of an NPC, especially one with secrets, seemed much safer than being a player. At least, safer than her player identity. 

When daylight came, she would clean up the traces in the house. 

With the map in her memory, Nan Xing started looking through agricultural magazines and daily news. She hoped to find information about the island because the more she knew, the more convincing her fake identity would be.