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The death of the woman who was in the same group as the burly Number Seven didn’t surprise Song Qingxiao. After all, it was only a matter of time before he killed the woman in the red dress once he discovered the rules, in his quest to find the exit and survive. 

He was strong, so it wouldn’t have been difficult for him to kill her.  

Ironically, the woman in the red dress had joyfully chosen to be in the same group as Number Seven in this unfamiliar space, believing that his tall and sturdy physique would provide her with a sense of security. She hadn’t anticipated that this protector could also become her executioner. 

The death of the teenage boy, Number Five, was something Song Qingxiao had anticipated. He was young and had given Song Qingxiao the impression of being somewhat naive during their time in the space. Falling into the hands of someone like Zhou Jing, who was experienced in both social and survival skills, and was also cunning, was not a rare occurrence. 

However, what surprised Song Qingxiao was the death of Zhou Jing, and the fact that the second professional woman from the same group as the doctor was still alive. 

Crouched inside the large tank, Song Qingxiao hugged her knees tightly, attempting to remain calmer and clear her mind of clues. She was physically the weakest among the remaining survivors, and therefore, the most vulnerable. 

The slightest mistake could cost her her life. 

Previously, she had been busy moving bodies, cleaning up the scene, and keeping an eye out for potential attackers, so she hadn’t noticed the order of deaths between Zhou Jing and the teenage boy. The cause of Zhou Jing’s death could only be speculated by her. 

There were two possible reasons for Zhou Jing’s death. One was that the two people in the group had simultaneously discovered changes in the hints on their cards, deduced a method to leave the space, suspected each other of harboring murderous intent, and during the process of trying to kill each other, their intentions had been revealed, resulting in both of them dying in the struggle. 

However, this possibility was not very likely. Although the game provided everyone with “props” to hold onto when entering the space, few were as lucky as Song Qingxiao to have grabbed a weapon like a dagger.  

Without weapons in hand, engaging in hand-to-hand combat to the death was not easy for both parties. 

The other possibility was that after Zhou Jing or the teenager had emerged victorious, in a weakened state, they were ambushed by people from other groups! 

At the thought of this, Song Qingxiao shuddered involuntarily, causing the water in the tank to sway slightly. Whether it was due to the overly quiet environment or her own nervousness, she heard the gentle swaying of the water and the slight sound as it brushed against the tank’s wall. 

This was not good! She immediately became vigilant, hugging her legs even tighter. Suppressing the natural trembling of her body wasn’t easy, and she struggled to control herself, even her breathing was careful. 

If the survivors from Zhou Jing’s group had died due to an ambush by others, it meant that the areas within this space were interconnected, and others finding her was only a matter of time. 

The person who had killed the survivors from Zhou Jing’s group might be the doctor and the second woman, or it could also be the burly Number Seven. 

Song Qingxiao held her breath, her brows furrowing tightly. 

In her initial speculation, Song Qingxiao thought that the doctor was a smart, cautious, and highly observant person. After realizing that this game might progress through mutual killing, the professional woman (Number Two) should have been very dangerous. 

However, at this point, out of the nine people who had entered the space, five had died. Among the four teams, three had encountered trouble, and one team had lost all of its members. Yet, the woman in the red dress was still alive, which was quite eerie. 

Could it be that after understanding the game’s intent, the doctor was still upholding a sense of morality and noble conduct? 

No, that couldn’t be! 

After this thought briefly crossed Song Qingxiao’s mind, she quickly dismissed it. 

Before this, she didn’t really know the doctor, and her understanding of him was based on their brief interaction in the previous space. 

However, from their short time together, when Zhou Jing had initially tried to assert his dominance among the group and establish absolute authority, others were not entirely pleased. The doctor didn’t rashly counter him but started by addressing minor issues like the loss of control over phones and watches. He quietly took control of the situation. 

When everyone was in chaos and helpless, losing their sense of leadership, he secured his position and made everyone follow his arrangements. 

In this regard, the doctor’s actions were far more astute than Zhou Jing’s. 

Everyone understood that in such a strange space, having the power of speech and a dominant position offered more advantages. 

The doctor’s behavior proved that he was not an intelligent person without desires. However, the fact that such a resourceful, ambitious, and strategic person had not made a move against the professional woman was intriguing. 

Either Number Two, the professional woman, had realized the doctor’s danger and escaped in advance, hiding somewhere like Song Qingxiao did. 

However, every place in this environment was fraught with danger, especially for a woman who had become prey while others turned into hunters. Being alone was undoubtedly very perilous. 

While Song Qingxiao was still contemplating this, the cards in her consciousness changed once again. 

The card in the bottom-left corner was flipped over, revealing a smiling face of Number Seven, the burly man! 

This challenging, hard-to-deal-with, and dangerous character had actually died! 

Song Qingxiao bit her lower lip tightly. There were now only four survivors in the space, including her. She had hidden, and Number Seven must have died at the hands of the other two. 

Considering their height and physical fitness, they both exceeded the doctor and the professional woman. If the former fought against Number Seven one-on-one, it wouldn’t have been easy to kill him. However, if the two of them joined forces, there was a good chance of success. 

It seemed that her initial speculation was correct. For some reason, the doctor had not killed the woman in the red dress. Instead, they must have reached some sort of agreement and formed a close alliance, leading to the elimination of Number Seven. 

With Number Seven dead, the remaining survivors were just her and the doctor. 

If the doctor wanted to leave the space, he would eventually find her. 

Her location wasn’t entirely secret. When the first girl was still alive, she had screamed several times. Although she hadn’t received a response from others, it had still left potential clues. 

As Song Qingxiao was thinking about this, she became incredibly tense. She inadvertently punctured her clothes with the dagger hidden in her sleeve, causing a sharp pain that brought some clarity to her mind. However, it also accelerated her heartbeat. 

After a while, due to extreme nervousness, Song Qingxiao faintly heard the sound of something rustling in the bushes outside the tank. The slight rustling caused her to become highly alert. Sweat poured from her forehead, back, and neck. Her toes curled involuntarily, and she bit her lower lip tightly in an attempt to stay calm. In her ears, she could hear her own rapid and shallow breathing, creating a small echo inside the tank, along with the chaotic thumping of her heart. 

She clutched her phone in one hand and tightly held the mouse cord in the other. The ice-cold water in the tank brought shivers down her spine. At this moment, the sound of approaching footsteps grew louder and louder. It was definitely not her imagination. The voice of Number Two, the professional woman, echoed: 

“Number Nine?” 

This voice, at this moment, sounded like a call from a demon in hell.