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Originally, there were three cards arranged in three rows, with two of them in the upper-left corner flipped over. 

The moment the photos of the middle-aged man and the young girl appeared on the cards, Song Qingxiao’s entire body seemed to freeze. 

On the first card, the middle-aged man was wearing a black suit jacket, and he had a slight smile. Below the card were the three characters “Zhao Rongqiang” which, if Song Qingxiao’s estimation was correct, should be his name. 

These cards had only appeared after the group had entered the space and walked into the thick fog. They had remained undisturbed until the deaths of Number One and Number Six. Did this mean that flipping these cards required the death of their respective cardholders? 

If Song Qingxiao’s deduction was correct, what would happen after these cards were flipped again? She recalled the scenes of her search for an exit alongside Number One and Number Six within this space. Was it possible that their initial attempts to find a way out in this place were misguided? Could the real clues to leaving this space be hidden within these cards? 

These thoughts flooded Song Qingxiao’s mind, and she had a vague feeling that she was heading in the right direction. 

Upon careful consideration, the prompt they received when entering this space was, “Are you willing to enter God’s trial?”  

Inside the space, there were a total of nine people, and the cards were arranged in three rows of three, with two cards flipped over in the upper left corner.  

After summarizing the information she currently knew, Song Qingxiao began to grasp the edges of the task. 

The trial seemed to involve participants turning against each other. The reason the number of people entering the trial was an odd number rather than even likely indicated that ultimately, only one person could survive and leave this space. 

As Song Qingxiao realized this, she couldn’t help but shudder. While discovering the method to exit this space was a positive development, the current situation was not in her favor. 

All nine participants received the same prompt upon entering the space. Apart from Number One and Number Six, who had died, the remaining six people should have also noticed this anomaly by now. 

The only advantage she had was knowing that the flipping of the cards was a result of Number One and Number Six’s deaths. However, with time, the others were likely to figure it out as well. 

Once the others caught on, this advantage would become a disadvantage for Song Qingxiao. 

After all, she belonged to the same group as Number One and Number Six, everyone would assume both of whom had died at her hands.  

Naturally, the remaining six participants would become more wary of her. 

In this task, only the person who survived until the end would have the conditions to leave. Compared to men, women were at a much greater risk. 

For Song Qingxiao to survive, she would need to eliminate the other six participants. 

Putting aside whether she had the strength and stamina to kill everyone, especially with everyone on their guard against her, among the remaining men, let’s not mention Number Three, Zhou Jing, for now.  

Number Four, the experienced doctor with a cautious personality, should overcome psychological barriers faster than an ordinary person once the game officially begins, thanks to his professional experience and familiarity with life and death. He is a tough character to handle. 

At the same time, Number Seven is a burly man, physically strong and robust, the most physically imposing among everyone, and not easy to deal with. 

However, regardless of how unfavorable the situation is for her, Song Qingxiao is not willing to sit idly by. She has barely survived a life-threatening situation and is not inclined to silently die in this game. 

She tightly holds the dagger in her hand. Fortunately, she still has this ace up her sleeve. During her struggle with the middle-aged man, she managed to surprise him and bring him down. 

This dagger is likely to provide her with a lifeline in the upcoming trials. 

What Song Qingxiao didn’t expect is that the very thing that almost took her life has now become her hope for survival, as if fate played a huge joke on her. 

After calming down, Song Qingxiao carefully hides the dagger once again.  

There seems to be a lingering, thick taste of blood in her mouth, and she retches a few times. She catches a glimpse of the grim appearance of Number Six, the middle-aged man, after his death. 

He looks entirely different from the photo on the card, and the comparison gives Song Qingxiao an even more eerie feeling. 

After both members of the team have died, the surrounding environment becomes increasingly eerie and frightening. But the immediate concern is that Song Qingxiao doesn’t have the time to worry about these things. 

The girl’s body is right there; she died at the hands of the middle-aged man, with a mouse cord still wrapped around her neck, and her clothes torn. 

Her condition is manageable, but dealing with the middle-aged man’s body is a bit more challenging. 

He has a noticeable knife wound on his neck, and if his body is left unattended and discovered by others who arrive later, Song Qingxiao’s secret will be exposed, greatly increasing her danger. 

She must hide the middle-aged man’s body! But where can she hide it?  

The area is surrounded by grass, and there is an abandoned factory building in the distance, but there is nothing suitable for hiding. 

Song Qingxiao carefully recalls the scenes she has seen along the way and remembers the dozen or so large tanks inside the factory building. 

Each tank is about half a person’s height, and they all have heavy lids on top. 

When they passed by earlier, they didn’t dare to lift the tank lids, uncertain if there was anything dangerous hidden inside. 

Now that she thinks about it, those tanks are the perfect place to hide a body!  

The factory building isn’t far from here, and she has a cautious personality. She has roughly memorized the route and directions along the way. Finding her way back won’t be difficult. All she needs to do is hide Number Six’s body before the others arrive, clean up the scene, and then go into hiding. This would increase her chances of survival. 

With these thoughts in mind, Song Qingxiao propped herself up on her hands and stood up. Her body was still a bit shaky. When she was killing, the nervousness had masked certain sensations, but now that she had calmed down a bit, she felt a rush of panic, dizziness, and blurred vision. 

This was not the time for her to feel unwell. She bit her tongue hard, shook her head, confirmed her location, and then walked towards the location of the factory building she remembered. 

While she counted the time silently in her mind, she also kept an eye on the few cards in her mind. About fifteen minutes later, she finally confirmed the location of the factory building. Just before she retraced her steps, the cards in her mind underwent another change. 

The third card in the top-left corner flipped over, and Number Eight, the woman in the red dress, smiled at the camera! 

She was in the same group as Number Seven, and with the card flipping over, it indicated that Number Seven had already made a move against her. 

It was like a signal; once everyone started taking action, more people would die. After the closest teammates were successively killed, the survivors in the group would turn into hunters, searching for prey outside. Time was running out for Song Qingxiao. 

Returning to the scene, she first felt around the girl’s bag and retrieved some change and a cellphone. Money had no use in this place, so she stashed the cellphone on herself.  

She also took the mouse cord from the girl’s neck and held it in her hand. At this point, having an extra item could make a difference. 

After completing all of this, she mustered the courage to deal with Number Six, the middle-aged man’s body.  

A person’s body becomes especially heavy after death, especially as the middle-aged man’s body gradually cooled. His fat body pressed heavily against Song Qingxiao’s back, nearly forcing her to the ground. 

The bloodstains from the man’s neck wound trickled down like silk threads, flowing onto Song Qingxiao’s shoulder and arm, seeping into her clothes, feeling slippery and itchy. 

The corpse’s hand dangled at Song Qingxiao’s side, swaying back and forth. Knowing that she had killed this man herself added to her psychological burden. 

The journey had not been easy, and by the time she reached the factory building, Song Qingxiao had almost exhausted all her strength. She tossed the middle-aged man’s body aside, pushed open the lid of a large tank with great effort, holding her breath at first, afraid that something might crawl out from inside. But once the lid was open, she quickly let out a sigh of relief. 

Inside the tank, there was only murky liquid, resembling dirty water in the dim light.  

It took Song Qingxiao considerable effort to push the stout middle-aged man’s body into the tank.  

With a “plop,” the water splashed, and Song Qingxiao closed the lid, preparing to clean up the traces she had left along the way. 

For some places with bloodstains, she could only rub them off forcefully. In places where she couldn’t remove the stains, she covered them with dirt. Some of the evidence couldn’t be completely hidden, so she had to cover similar spots elsewhere to temporarily confuse others. 

Although sharp-eyed people would still see that this was the area where she had been most active, Song Qingxiao had no other choice. 

She couldn’t run away, and if she did, in her exhausted state, she would likely be an easy target. Confronting someone head-on, especially with her stamina depleted, even with a dagger, her chances of survival were not high. 

She decided to lie in wait.  

In this area, there were a dozen large tanks, each sealed with heavy lids. She had checked the water in these tanks earlier, and it seemed to be dirty water. If someone wanted to find her in these tanks, it would take them some time, unless they were incredibly lucky. 

After hiding the body, Song Qingxiao made sure that none of her clothes or hair were visible. Then, she started paying attention to the hints in her mind. 

While she was doing all of this, most of the cards in her mind had already been flipped over! 

Number One, the girl; Number Six, the middle-aged man; Number Eight, the woman in the red dress; Number Five, the boy; and even Number Three, Zhou Jing’s card, had all been turned over.