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At the same time, several images of playing cards appeared in Song Qingxiao’s mind. 

This sudden prompt and change made Song Qingxiao’s back instantly tense, and her senses and vigilance reached their peak. She heard a terrified scream from the girl in the same group, confirming that she wasn’t the only one who received the prompt. 

“Don’t scream!” The middle-aged chubby man shouted angrily. In this place with unknown dangers, the eerie silence made the girl’s scream sound piercing and sent shivers down everyone’s spine. 

The middle-aged man, who had been somewhat disliked by the others and was assigned to the same group as Song Qingxiao and the girl, was already quite unhappy. This sudden change in the situation made his mood even more volatile. 

“I’m scared. I want to go home…” The girl’s tearful cry sounded particularly eerie in this environment, and the middle-aged man was clearly also frightened. Hearing her words, he cursed angrily, “Who the hell doesn’t want to go home? We don’t know what’s going on here, and we don’t know if there’s any danger. By yelling like this, do you want to die faster?” 

In this place, mentioning the word ‘death’ sent shivers down not only the girl’s spine but also the middle-aged man’s. 

Song Qingxiao couldn’t afford to pay attention to their conversation. Her attention was drawn to the playing cards in her mind. 

These side-by-side cards were all black with red patterns, arranged in rows of three, three rows in total. Just looking at the patterns gave a sense of oppression. 

Song Qingxiao gritted her teeth and ‘observed’ the patterns on these cards, pondering for a while but unable to decipher their meaning. However, she noticed that there were a total of nine cards. 

Nine people had entered the ‘God’s Trial Space,’ a number that corresponded to the number of cards. She wondered if there was any significance to this. 

The sense of unease intensified, and the middle-aged man was still cursing angrily beside her. She didn’t know what the quantity of these cards signified, but Song Qingxiao didn’t know how to leave this trial space either. Cold sweat poured from her palms, making them slippery and moist, and the bloodstains on her palm seemed stickier under the wash of sweat. 

It was easy for Song Qingxiao to recall the memory of being killed, especially in this unsettling environment, which only added to her unease. 

She instinctively reached to touch her neck where she had been stabbed earlier, and in the next moment, a notification sounded in her mind: “Object selected.” 

Startled by this sudden change, Song Qingxiao realized she was holding something in her hand. She instinctively tightened her grip, and her palm registered a stinging sensation. 

She licked her dry lips and lowered her gaze to see that she was holding a dagger about the length of her palm, with a blade as thin as a cicada’s wing. In the faint light of the mist, she turned her palm slightly, and the dagger’s surface reflected a silver sheen. 

The middle-aged man had not noticed her peculiar situation; he was still engrossed in berating the sobbing girl. Though Song Qingxiao didn’t understand where this dagger had come from, having a weapon for self-defense in this situation was a considerable advantage for her. 

While she wasn’t sure how effective a dagger would be in this mysterious space, she quietly tucked it into her sleeve, concealing it with the folds of her clothing. 

Just as Song Qingxiao was completing these actions, the thick fog around them began to dissipate at a visible pace, and the space gradually brightened. The figures of the middle-aged man and the girl became clear. 

“This place is really damn strange,” the middle-aged man said as he shook his head. Just when he was about to continue speaking, the girl suddenly screamed again. 

“Do you want to die?” 

The middle-aged man’s tightly wound emotions reached a breaking point, and he clenched his fist as if to strike the girl. However, at the moment he was about to deliver the blow, Song Qingxiao saw something inexplicable in his clenched fist: a mouse cursor connected by a line! 

“What the hell is going on here?” 

The black mouse cursor line continued to sway, and the chubby man’s face displayed sheer panic. He seemed to have touched the most terrifying monster in the world. His hand trembled, and he threw the mouse he had been holding in his palm away before clutching his head. 


The girl reached out her hand, holding a phone wrapped in a pink rabbit-shaped case in her palm. Her expression was one of terror. 

“This is my phone, but I distinctly remember putting it in my pocket before.” 

Her eyes, soaked in tears, were fixed on Song Qingxiao. She continued, “I don’t know how it ended up back in my hand.” 

Seeing the poor girl utterly terrified, Song Qingxiao took a deep breath one after another, barely managing to calm herself. 

“When you entered, did you happen to take it into your hand?” she asked. 

The girl had a bewildered look and tried to mimic the middle-aged chubby man’s action of throwing away her phone. When she heard Song Qingxiao’s question, she hurriedly shook her head. 

“No,” she replied. As she spoke, her teeth chattered, making a ‘ch-ch’ sound. In the dim light after the thick fog had dispersed, Song Qingxiao noticed abnormal twitching in the muscles of her cheeks, clearly a sign of extreme fear. 

“Earlier, when the doctor mentioned losing phone signals, I took mine out to check, and I’m certain I had put it in my clothing pocket.” 

Adding another sentence, she said, “But, before entering this space, I was using my phone.” Her words reminded Song Qingxiao of the dagger concealed in her sleeve. The chubby middle-aged man beside her seemed to recall something as well. 

“Yes, yes, when I entered here, I was holding a mouse,” he said. 

The conversation between the two of them confirmed that the objects they had chosen were likely things they had touched or held at the very moment they entered this space. 

Song Qingxiao’s pupils contracted, and she instinctively covered the dagger on her left arm with her right hand. If her guess was correct, the dagger she now held was very likely the weapon the unknown man had used to kill her! 

After understanding the source of these objects, the middle-aged man seemed somewhat relieved. 

“You got a phone, I got a mouse. Hey, what did you get?” he turned to look at Song Qingxiao and asked. Song Qingxiao lowered her eyelids and shook her head. 

“Nothing,” she replied, concealing the existence of the dagger.