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The doctor’s words took Zhou Jing completely by surprise, and when everyone saw the watch on the doctor’s wrist, panic spread among them. 

The woman in the red dress muttered to herself, “Could it be, could it be that what we heard earlier wasn’t an illusion?” 

Her voice trembled, and the teenager with the backpack next to her turned to look at her. 

“Did you hear the prompt ‘Entering God’s Trial?'” The teenager’s eyes were filled with fear. This inexplicable phenomenon, beyond scientific explanation, left everyone in shock. 

The doctor frowned and looked at the watch’s erratic hands. “It seems like everyone heard ‘God’s Trial.'” 

His tone was very certain, and except for the woman in the red dress and the backpack-wearing teenager, the others exchanged glances but didn’t voice any objections. It was evident that the doctor’s words were indeed true, and everyone had heard a mysterious prompt before entering this space. 

Song Qingxiao hugged her knees, and a sense of foreboding washed over her. 

Tonight’s events had left her mentally strained to the extreme, and deep down, she had an inkling that what was about to happen might shatter her future. 

“Who was the first to enter this ‘God’s Trial Space’ tonight?” 

The doctor asked, and after raising questions about the loss of cellphone signals and the wristwatch malfunction due to a magnetic field disturbance, he quickly became the focal point for most people, easily taking control of the conversation that Zhou Jing had been struggling to dominate. 

As he asked his question, nobody challenged him, not even the previously defiant burly man, who now scratched his head and looked around. 

The girl sitting to the left of Song Qingxiao timidly raised her hand. “I think… it was me.” 

Her voice was soft, and she appeared to be about fifteen or sixteen years old, with straight black hair and a youthful face that looked like she was about to cry. 

“When I entered, there was no one here,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “And then she came in.” 

The girl pointed to the plump woman in professional attire, who reluctantly admitted, “Yes, after I entered, it was Zhou Jing.” 

The doctor nodded. “Then it was me.” Following that, it was the backpack-wearing teenager, the middle-aged chubby man, the burly man, the woman in the red dress, and finally, Song Qingxiao. 

“Did anything seem different here before you entered?” The doctor’s question directed everyone’s attention to the girl. She was visibly upset, her nose turning red, and her eyelids trembling. 

“No, it was the same as now, just empty.” 

The surroundings were enveloped in thick fog, and she had called out for a long time after entering, fearing that she was alone. She eventually found the center and sat down, and others entered one by one afterward. 

From what Song Qingxiao gathered from the conversation, everyone had been summoned by some mysterious force to enter the “God’s Trial Space.” As for what would happen next or how to leave, they were all clueless. 

But she speculated that since this place was called the “God’s Trial Space,” taking it literally, they might undergo some tests in the near future. 

Her eyelid kept twitching, and she was in the most disadvantageous situation as the last to arrive. Faced with an unfamiliar environment and an unknown situation ahead, those who arrived earlier would likely have some secrets. 

What was even worse was that she had arrived during a dangerous period, and she hadn’t brought anything with her. 

It was unclear when they would be able to leave this place, and with no food or water, it was a significant problem. 

“I want to go home.” The girl who had entered first burst into tears, and the emotions of everyone tightened like a taut string. Her tears triggered a change in many people’s expressions, and the doctor, seeing this, raised his voice. 

“We don’t know the situation right now, and sitting here won’t solve anything.” He put his hands in his pockets. “I suggest that we split into groups of two or three and explore this place as soon as possible to find a way out.” 

However, this place was entirely unfamiliar, shrouded in thick fog, and their arrival had been peculiar. For safety reasons, the doctor recommended that two to three people form a group and explore in different directions, trying to figure out what lay beyond the mist and hopefully find a way to leave this mysterious place. 

Zhou Jing didn’t take kindly to this suggestion. It seemed that the doctor had stolen his previous ‘authority’ with just a few words, leaving him harboring some resentment. He frowned and objected, “Wandering around? We can’t be sure if it’s safe here. Since we all entered based on the prompt sound, why don’t we wait and see if that mysterious voice will reappear?” 

Zhou Jing’s words gained support from some of the group. The middle-aged chubby man’s gaze shifted between the doctor and Zhou Jing, seemingly trying to find someone to trust. 

The group was divided into two factions: one, represented by the burly man, was inclined to follow the doctor’s instructions, while the other, led by the woman in the red dress, preferred to wait in place for further instructions. 

The woman in the red dress ran her fingers through her hair, her eyes flashing. “In that case, those of you who want to explore can go ahead, while we’ll wait here for news…” 

As soon as she spoke, the plump woman laughed contemptuously. Before she could say anything, the doctor spoke up. 

“Let me remind you all, there’s no signal here, we’re cut off from the outside world, and most importantly,” he paused for a moment and pointed to Song Qingxiao, addressing a concern she had previously voiced, “there’s no food, no water source. Since she entered until now,” the doctor gestured toward Song Qingxiao, “no new people have arrived. I personally believe that this ‘God’s Trial’ is meant for us few. We have no idea when the next instruction will come. You’re responsible for your own fate while stuck here.” 

His words served as a wake-up call for everyone, and even Zhou Jing, though still resentful, didn’t dare to speak up again. 

Although everyone was apprehensive about this space, there didn’t seem to be any better options at the moment, so they reluctantly followed the doctor’s arrangement. 

There were a total of five men among them. In this unfamiliar environment, the burly man’s strength clearly became his advantage, and during team formation, many showed a preference to be in his group. Next was the logical and perceptive doctor, followed by Zhou Jing, who worked in the city center. 

As for the middle-aged chubby man and the backpack-wearing teenager, they were left out of the choices due to their appearances and ages. 

After some deliberation, the doctor and the plump woman ended up in the same group, the burly man with the woman in the red dress, Zhou Jing with the backpack-wearing teenager, and the middle-aged man was paired with the girl who had entered first, along with Song Qingxiao, forming an involuntary team. 

Looking at the strength of the teams, it was clear that the group Song Qingxiao was in was the weakest. The middle-aged man glanced at Song Qingxiao, then at the timid girl, expressing some dissatisfaction. However, after his protests were in vain, he reluctantly accepted the arrangement. 

The four groups headed in four different directions. Taking a step into the unknown in such a place was undoubtedly challenging. After hesitating for a while, the doctor led the plump woman in the direction of the thick fog. 

Song Qingxiao also felt uneasy and followed the middle-aged man and the girl in another direction. As they entered the thick fog, the long-lost mysterious thought reappeared in Song Qingxiao’s mind: 

“Welcome to God’s Trial!”