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In the following days, Han Jingnian began to stay at home as if he had completely transformed his behavior. He spoke very little, and Xia Wan’an was too afraid to initiate conversations with him, so even when they met, they rarely exchanged words. 

He had social engagements every day and didn’t return home early, but each time, as if he had timed it perfectly, he managed to return just before she was about to take a shower and go to bed. Then, he would silently help her apply the ointment, either retreating to his study to work or going to bed right after taking a shower, just like he did on the first day. 

Just as Xia Wan’an had thought, Han Jingnian was truly just returning to stay. 

One Friday morning, Han Jingnian had an early meeting, and he woke up very early. When he left, Xia Wan’an was still blissfully asleep in her dreams. 

He took the elevator to the underground parking lot, and on the way, someone else entered the elevator with him. 

It was a middle-aged woman, accompanied by a boy in a high school uniform. 

Presumably, she was taking her child to school… 

Han Jingnian didn’t pay too much attention, but the middle-aged woman stared at him for a while and then suddenly spoke, “Sir, you live on the 27th floor, right?” 

Han Jingnian was somewhat surprised at how she knew which floor he lived on. However, being a man of few words, he didn’t respond to the middle-aged woman’s comment. 

The middle-aged woman was not embarrassed by his indifference; instead, she quickly continued, “Yes, yes, I didn’t remember wrongly. You’re on the 27th floor… I haven’t seen you in two years, but you’re quite eye-catching, and I remember you…” 

After a pause, the middle-aged woman spoke again, “Sir, you came here so early. Are you here to collect rent?” 

Collect rent? 

Han Jingnian furrowed his brow. 

“Oh, I see. You’re busy with work, so you only have time to come and collect rent this early, right? But isn’t the rent usually paid through bank transfers now? Or does the girl on the 27th floor have to pay in cash?” 

The girl on the 27th floor paying in cash? Was she referring to his legal wife? 

Han Jingnian’s brow furrowed even more deeply. 

“But all of this is not important. I have something more important to say… Sir, the last time I met that girl who rents your apartment in the elevator, I had a chat with her. I thought she was your wife or girlfriend, but later I found out that she’s just your tenant. I think she’s quite nice, and her job should be decent. So, I thought about introducing her to a boyfriend. She didn’t refuse, and now I’ve found several good young men for her, including returnees, professors, and even a big company CEO…” 

Listening to this, Han Jingnian finally understood the situation. 

The lady was indeed talking about his legal wife… and his legal wife was telling others that she was his tenant. Furthermore, she had accepted introductions to potential boyfriends… 

The middle-aged woman, oblivious to Han Jingnian’s changing expression, continued to talk incessantly, “But the awkward thing now is that I left the elevator in a hurry that day and forgot to ask for her contact information. I can’t get in touch with her anymore. Fortunately, I ran into you today. It’s fate, sir. You see, she rented your apartment, so there must be her contact information in your possession. Can you please give me her phone number…” 

Phone number… 

There wasn’t much change in Han Jingnian’s facial expression, but his brows furrowed deeply. 

The middle-aged woman didn’t notice his change in expression and, seeing that he wasn’t responding, assumed he didn’t want to help. She continued, “Sir, this concerns that young girl’s future. Even though she might not have any relationship with you, she’s still your tenant. You wouldn’t want to see her wasting her prime years, right?” 

Now, Han Jingnian’s expression not only turned cold, but his face also became even more unpleasant. 

“Sir, we’re about to reach the underground parking lot. I need to drop my child off at school. Could you…” 

Before the middle-aged woman could finish her sentence, the elevator doors opened, and Han Jingnian walked out. 

“Sir…” The middle-aged woman, not willing to give up, called after him, but he showed no sign of stopping. She stared at his retreating back and muttered to herself, “This sir is really heartless, not even giving out a phone number…” 

Just as she finished speaking, Han Jingnian, who had left, turned back and recited a string of numbers to her. 

The middle-aged woman was momentarily stunned, realizing what he had said. She quickly took out her phone and noted down the numbers. 

By the time she looked up, intending to say thank you, Han Jingnian had already walked away. 


Through the windshield, Assistant Zhang immediately spotted Han Jingnian approaching with a dark expression. 

What could have provoked him so early in the morning? 

Feeling a sense of foreboding, Assistant Zhang instinctively turned off the song “Burn My Calories”1 playing in the car and rushed to open the rear car door as obediently as possible. 

On the way to the office, Han Jingnian’s phone rang three times, followed by several text message notifications. 

Observing Han Jingnian covertly, Assistant Zhang noticed that his expression became increasingly frightening with each incoming message. 

When they finally arrived at the underground parking lot of the company building, Han Jingnian’s entire presence seemed to chill the entire building. 

Since the time for the morning meeting was approaching, Assistant Zhang followed Han Jingnian, the walking ice sculpture, directly to the conference room. 

The conference room, which had been somewhat lively outside, fell into complete silence upon Han Jingnian’s entrance. 

Facing everyone’s curious glances, Assistant Zhang wore an expression that said, “Don’t ask me, I’m just as curious as you are.” 

Perhaps because everyone was afraid of accidentally provoking him, during the meeting, every word spoken was exceptionally cautious. 

However, Assistant Zhang noticed that Han Jingnian, who never lost focus during meetings, was completely absent throughout the entire session. 

Even when the meeting ended, it was still Han Jingnian who reminded everyone with a casual “Meeting adjourned” before leaving the conference room. 

Back at the General Office, Assistant Zhang organized Han Jingnian’s schedule for the day. Afterward, he knocked on the door of his office. 

He knocked several times, but there was no response. So, taking matters into his own hands, Assistant Zhang pushed the door open and entered. 

As he approached, he realized that Han Jingnian, sitting at his desk, wasn’t engrossed in reading documents but was actually reading text messages on his phone. 

Thanks to his 5.2 vision, Assistant Zhang could clearly make out the contents of the messages. 

“This gentleman is surnamed Yang. Dr. Yang is a returnee with two doctoral degrees from the United States. He just returned to China this year and owns a house and a car in Beijing. His monthly salary is over 50,000 RMB. Apart from being a bit older, he has no other

  1. It’s a popular song in China, and the lyrics are about working hard and giving it your all to achieve your goals, even if it means burning calories through intense effort.