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Underneath this message was a photo of a man. 

He appeared to be nearly forty years old… 

This wasn’t just slightly older; it was significantly older, okay ? 

Assistant Zhang couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his lips. Seeing Han Jingnian scrolling the screen with his fingertip, he continued stretching his neck to read further. 

“Professor Zhao, 27 years old, parents are retired cadres, he has a sister who passed away due to difficult childbirth, leaving a child to Professor Zhao and his parents to raise. Professor Zhao owns two fully paid houses in Beijing. His marriage conditions are just two: one, treat his late sister’s child well, and two, have little life experience, meaning it’s preferably your first time.” 

Underneath this message was still a photo of another man. 

He looked much younger than the previous one, wearing gold-rimmed glasses and having a scholarly appearance. 

However, his condition was not only about being a stepmother, but also that he wanted his partner to be a virgin. It’s such an old-fashioned requirement for this day and age! 

Assistant Zhang rolled his eyes and continued reading the conditions that Han Jingnian was switching through. 

“This one is a big shot, his family is wealthy, owns a large villa in Beijing, and he’s not very old, only 26 years old…” 

Under the photo in the message, the man’s forehead was already bald, and he didn’t look like he was 26; he seemed more like 62. 

Assistant Zhang almost burst into laughter, but just before he lost control, he suddenly thought of the key point… Wait a minute… Why do these look like matchmaking profiles? Mr. Han is a married man, why is he looking at matchmaking profiles? Even if he’s looking, it should be for women, right? 

Could it be that Mr. Han… is looking for a… boyfriend? 

Startled by this astonishing idea, Assistant Zhang suddenly widened his eyes. Then, immediately after, he saw a new message on the screen that Han Jingnian had scrolled to: “Miss, please check if any of these three are suitable for you. If you find one, let me know, and I’ll arrange for you to meet. If not, I’ll continue searching for you. Also, I don’t have the code for the 27th floor of our building; I can’t get up there. Please see if you can give me the code, so I can come find you…” 

Miss, our building, 27th floor… 

As these critical words flashed through Assistant Zhang’s mind, he instantly heaved a sigh of relief. 

So, this message was sent to the wife, huh? He got so scared; he thought it was from Mr. Han! If Mr. Han had some special preference, wouldn’t he be in big trouble with the Old Lady? 

Wait… that’s not the point. The point is that this message was sent to the wife. How did it end up on Mr. Han’s phone? Could it be that someone asked Mr. Han for the wife’s phone number, and Mr. Han gave his own? From this morning until now, Mr. Han has been in such a low mood… 

Assistant Zhang almost did a little happy dance on the spot. 

Holy moly! What a surprise! 

After two years of marriage, Mr. Han, who has been completely indifferent to his wife all this time… Is this a sign of him falling in love? 

“I should have brought some dumplings with me…” Assistant Zhang, who was still excited, muttered his regret. 

Han Jingnian quickly locked his phone screen and looked up at Assistant Zhang. 

Realizing that he had accidentally revealed his inner thoughts, Assistant Zhang immediately put on a smile and cautiously asked, “I mean, I haven’t had breakfast yet, and I want some dumplings. Mr. Han, would you like some?” 

Han Jingnian pressed his phone under the documents and replied coldly, “No need.” 

“Alright then, Mr. Han. I’ll give you a work report first…” 


Han Jingnian’s icy demeanor continued into the afternoon, and the atmosphere in the general office only slightly improved. 

Having not been very busy with work in the morning, he ended up working overtime until 9:30 in the evening. 

When he got into the car, Assistant Zhang, who had been staying at his place for the past few days, habitually asked, “Mr. Han, are we going home?” 

Han Jingnian didn’t say anything, but his brows furrowed. 

Unable to decipher his intentions, Assistant Zhang saw that he didn’t refuse, so he drove in the direction of their home. 

When they reached the entrance of the residential compound, Assistant Zhang was just about to turn into the underground parking lot when Han Jingnian, sitting in the back seat, suddenly spoke, “Go to the Four Seasons Hotel.” 


He didn’t come home tonight… 

He didn’t come home tonight again… 

He didn’t come home for three consecutive nights… 

After three days of Han Jingnian not returning home, Xia Wan’an gradually became accustomed to his absence. She lived alone in their over 300-square-meter house. 

She thought that during the previous period, he had come back every day because she had helped his niece. He might have returned to thank her and apply medicine to her wounds. 

Now that her injuries had healed, he no longer came back… 

Fortunately, she hadn’t thought too much about it at the time, so she wasn’t feeling too sad or lost now. 

Soon, a new month began. 

During this time, Han Jingnian never returned home, and Xia Wan’an didn’t encounter him anywhere outside. 

The first day of the new month was a Friday, the last working day of the week. When Xia Wan’an arrived at the office and logged in to the computer, she received a message from Ai Jiang. 

Ai Jiang: “Wan’an, didn’t I tell you last month that I was going to change jobs? Well, I’ve finally settled into my new job! I completed the formalities for joining today, and it’s my first day at work!” 

Xia Wan’an: “Really? Congratulations!” 

Ai Jiang: “Hehe… Wan’an, aren’t you curious about which company I’m working for?” 

Xia Wan’an: “You have to beg me, and then I’ll be curious.” 

Ai Jiang: “Huh? Put away your dry humor. I’ll tell you. Don’t be too shocked—I’m working at Han Corporation, and from now on, we’re colleagues!” 

Xia Wan’an sent a happy emoji: “Really? In which department are you working? Let’s have lunch together!” 

Ai Jiang: “It’s true! Really, when did I ever lie to you? I’m in the general manager’s office, but it’s pretty strict here. Despite having work experience, they’ve still put me on a three-month probation.” 

General Office… Xia Wan’an was momentarily stunned. Isn’t that Han Jingnian’s department? 

Ai Jiang: “Wan’an, do you know, I never expected to get the job. When they called me last week, I couldn’t believe it. I thought I was dreaming!”

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No superpowers, all members are villains, not a single good person.
The female lead is a bit sick, a bit spoiled, a big villain, pure evil.

As the ordinary corporate drone Nan Xing was working overtime, her computer was infected with a virus, and a survival game invitation appeared on the interface.
At the beginning, a one-cubic-meter space is given, and winning the game can earn 9,999,999,999 in prize money.
With a strong anti-scam awareness, she naturally didn’t believe it. But tempted by the huge prize money, she impulsively clicked to participate in the game.
Little did she know that the game was actually real, and she had truly entered the game.

The game world is a vast island filled with dangers.
From zombies, wild beasts, to natural disasters…
But more importantly, it’s other players just like her.

For survival resources, players scheme, fight, betray, and deceive each other everywhere.
Using information asymmetry, Nan Xing quickly disguised herself as a naive NPC, infiltrating among powerful competitors.
Working with the tiger to get the fur.
Learning their skills, knowledge, and strategies, then turning the tables on them.

Nan Xing carefully maintained her disguise, cautiously surviving (just kidding), and striving to become the ultimate victor.