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The hot soup had spilled directly onto their bodies, potentially causing severe burns on their skin. Xia Wan’an barely hesitated and immediately grabbed the girl, moving to the side. Due to the urgency of the situation and the force she used, combined with her high heels, she lost her balance and fell to the ground, her back hitting the edge of a table. The pain caused her to shudder violently. 

The sudden turn of events drew the attention of those around them, and people began to gather. 

The banquet hall wasn’t very large, so it quickly became the center of attention. More and more people gathered around, and even Han Jingnian and Assistant Zhang came over. 

Seeing Xia Wan’an sitting on the ground, clearly in pain, along with the girl beside her crying and the apologetic waitress, as well as the group of girls who unintentionally escalated the situation, Han Jingnian’s brow furrowed slightly. 

Noticing his reaction, Assistant Zhang immediately stepped forward, “Ma…” 

He had only spoken one word when he realized they were in a public space and quickly corrected himself, “Miss Xia, are you okay?” 

Xia Wan’an wasn’t doing well, but she didn’t inform Assistant Zhang about it. Instead, she shook her head slightly with a pale face and said, “I’m fine.” 

Assistant Zhang then turned her attention to the crying girl beside Xia Wan’an. “And you, Young miss1, why are you crying so hard? Did you get hurt somewhere?” 

At the mention of “Young miss,” Xia Wan’an was slightly surprised and looked at the girl. So, she was Han Jingnian’s niece, whom she had never met before. Xia Wan’an knew very little about Han Jingnian’s niece; she didn’t even know her name. She only knew that Han Jingnian’s aunt had eloped with a poor student years ago, defying her family’s wishes. Later, the poor student abandoned Han Jingnian’s aunt, along with the child in her womb. Han Jingnian’s aunt had no choice but to return home. Due to the family’s shame, Han Jingnian’s aunt and the child rarely appeared in public. 

Xia Wan’an had heard Han Zhijin mention this girl once. She was mute, not by birth but due to a high fever she suffered as a child. She had nearly died, but when she woke up, she had lost her ability to speak. 

Facing Assistant Zhang’s inquiry, Han Jingnian’s niece remained silent, continuing to cry. 

Because of the crowd gathering around, Zhang found an excuse to take Xia Wan’an and Han Jingnian’s niece to an upstairs suite. 

On the way out, Zhang, the assistant, noticed that Han Jingnian’s cousin was still crying incessantly. Fearing that she might have suffered an injury or burn, he called Han Jingnian’s family doctor. 

Soon, the doctor arrived and conducted an examination of Han Jingnian’s nephew. After confirming that she was not seriously injured, the doctor reassured Assistant Zhang and prepared to leave. 

As the doctor was packing up, Han Jingnian’s nephew suddenly grabbed his coat and looked at him with a pitiful expression. She pointed at Xia Wan’an and began gesturing with her hands. 

The doctor didn’t quite understand what Han Jingnian’s niece was trying to convey. After watching her gesture for a while, he turned to look at Assistant Zhang . 

Assistant Zhang vaguely understood her intention and followed her finger, asking, “Miss, are you referring to Mrs. Xia?” 

Han Jingnian’s niece immediately nodded vigorously, pointing to Xia Wan’an and then gesturing towards the doctor standing beside them. 

With this clarification, Zhang completely understood what Han Jingnian’s niece wanted. She was suggesting that the doctor examine Xia Wan’an as well. Zhang turned to the doctor and said, “Since you’re here, Doctor Xie, please examine Mrs. Xia as well.” 

Upon hearing this, Xia Wan’an was taken aback. She hadn’t expected that she might be examined by a doctor. If that happened, it could expose the lie she had told some time ago about her injuries. Without thinking, she vigorously shook her head and said, “I’m fine, really. There’s no need for an examination.” 

But Han Jingnian’s niece vehemently disagreed, shaking her head vigorously and gripping the doctor’s coat more firmly. 

As Xia Wan’an refused and Han Jingnian’s niece persisted, the room fell into a deadlock. Both the family doctor and Zhang, the assistant, were unsure of what to do. 

Just as the tension was escalating in the room, the door was pushed open, and Han Jingnian entered. 

Han Jingnian’s niece seemed to have found a glimmer of hope and rushed to him. She pointed at the doctor and then at Xia Wan’an, occasionally gesturing to her own back, demonstrating various hand movements. 

However, Han Jingnian had no idea what his niece was saying. He furrowed his brow and looked at Assistant Zhang for an explanation. 

Understanding the situation, Assistant Zhang, who knew the details, quickly spoke up, “I noticed that Miss here has been crying heavily, and we were concerned that she might be injured. So, we asked Dr. Xie to examine her. After Miss’s examination, she adamantly refused to let Dr. Xie leave and insisted on having him examine Mrs. Xia as well. However, Mrs. Xia claims she’s fine and doesn’t want the examination. So, they’re at a bit of a standstill.” 

After hearing this explanation from Zhang, Han Jingnian turned his gaze to Xia Wan’an. 

Xia Wan’an met his gaze but felt a bit flustered. “I really am fine…” 

However, Han Jingnian’s niece continued to shake her head vigorously and make gestures, appearing convinced that something was wrong with Xia Wan’an. 

Assistant Zhang chimed in, “Mr. Han, you see…” 

Before Zhang could finish her sentence, Han Jingnian shifted his attention to Dr. Xie’s face. Without saying a word, he nodded at the doctor, indicating that he should proceed with the examination. 

Xia Wan’an took several steps back, insisting, “I really don’t need an examination. I’m fine…” 

Her resistance only seemed to irritate Han Jingnian, and a hint of displeasure crossed his features. 

Standing nearby, Zhang sensed Han Jingnian’s annoyance and quickly suggested, “Perhaps Mrs. Xia is just feeling embarrassed… After all, she’s a woman, and Dr. Xie is a man. The examination involves exposing her back, so maybe… maybe we should consider having a female doctor instead?” 

Women can be quite troublesome! 

Ignoring Zhang’s suggestion, Han Jingnian spoke decisively, “You all go out!” 

“Ah?” Zhang didn’t understand. 

Han Jingnian seemed to find his assistant’s confusion slightly foolish and gave her a sidelong glance. “You all go out, and I’ll handle the examination!” 

  1. The phrase “小小姐” (xiǎo xiǎo jiě) in translates to “young lady” or “miss” in English. It is a way to refer to a young woman or girl politely or respectfully.