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Aasleep? She’s asleep!” 

It felt like Qin Shujian had just been hit on the head with a stick. She stared at Xia Wan’an for a long time, finally realizing what she had just said. 

She had been standing there, talking for quite a while, and this woman didn’t listen to a word? Moreover, she had fallen asleep? 

Before coming here, Qin Shujian had put a lot of effort into organizing her words. She had nearly used all her skills to try to outdo her competition. But now, this woman had fallen asleep, ignoring everything she had said… 

Qin Shujian felt as if she had put all her strength into a punch, only to hit a pile of cotton, unable to exert any force. Feeling inexplicably frustrated, she raised her hand and pointed at Xia Wan’an. “You—” 

Her indignant words weren’t even finished when Xia Wan’an lazily stretched and stood up, saying in a casual tone, “Do you like it here? Then it’s yours…” 

“… Besides, the air here isn’t great, and it’s not very comfortable to sleep. I’ll find another place…” 

With that, Xia Wan’an covered her mouth with one hand and yawned lazily. With her other hand holding up her dress, she looked around the room and chose a spot with fewer people. 

After Xia Wan’an had walked away for some distance, Qin Shujian finally realized the meaning behind her parting words. 

“The air here isn’t great…” Did she mean that her arrival had polluted the air here? 

She had been displeased when she saw her with Han Jingnian earlier. She had tried to get close to him but had been intercepted by his annoying assistant every time she attempted to approach. Then, she saw Xia Wan’an and came over to confront her. However, it turned out that she hadn’t achieved anything and had only made herself more frustrated. 

She couldn’t afford to provoke Han Jingnian, and she owed his assistant some face. But who was this woman to dare to speak to her like that? She had been adored by everyone since her debut… 

Qin Shujian glared at Xia Wan’an, who had taken a seat near the window, for a while before stomping her foot angrily and then went to find her sisters. 

Once Xia Wan’an had settled into her seat, she glanced at her phone to check the time. Realizing that the event would continue for a while, she rested her head on the table and closed her eyes. 

This time, she didn’t fall asleep. She felt as if someone was watching her, but every time she opened her eyes, she couldn’t identify anything wrong. It wasn’t until the sixth time she opened her eyes that she finally caught the person staring at her. 

It was a very young girl, appearing about two or three years younger than her. She wore a white short dress, with long black hair flowing down her back, giving her a clean and innocent appearance. 

When the girl realized she had been caught looking at Xia Wan’an, her expression turned panicked, as if she didn’t know what to do. 

Xia Wan’an had no intention of frightening the girl, so when she saw the girl’s reaction, she smiled softly at her, her lips curving gently. 

The girl, upon seeing Xia Wan’an’s smile, gradually calmed down. She stared at Xia Wan’an for a while, then returned a smile. 

First meetings between people often depend on the chemistry between them, and Xia Wan’an had a good impression of this girl. Despite not being one to initiate conversations with strangers, she asked her, “I’m Xia Wan’an, and you are?” 

The girl didn’t say anything, just smiled at Xia Wan’an. 

Since the girl didn’t seem inclined to speak, Xia Wan’an didn’t press the matter further. The girl gestured to the seat next to Xia Wan’an, indicating if she could sit there. Xia Wan’an nodded gently, and the girl, seemingly delighted, smiled brightly before taking the seat beside her. 

However, the girl remained silent, and Xia Wan’an didn’t speak either. The two of them just sat there quietly. 

Not long after, a series of footsteps approached from behind. Xia Wan’an, appearing completely unconcerned, didn’t even turn her head. But the girl beside her turned around and then lightly nudged Xia Wan’an with her finger. 

Xia Wan’an turned her head and saw a girl looking quite nervous. 

She was about to ask her what was wrong, but before the words could leave her mouth, a tall glass was unceremoniously placed in front of her, accompanied by an impolite voice, “Hello, may we get to know each other?” 

Hearing this, Xia Wan’an glanced at the newcomers. There were several of them, and the one leading the group looked vaguely familiar, possibly someone accompanying Qin Shujian. Xia Wan’an paid them no mind and scanned the surroundings, spotting Qin Shujian standing nearby with a pink champagne glass, watching the situation unfold with a gleeful expression. 

Did they think they could make her drink after failing to gain any advantage earlier? 


Did they think she was afraid of them? 

With these thoughts in mind, Xia Wan’an extended her hand toward the glass. Everyone assumed she was about to make a toast, and they exchanged excited glances. 

However, just as her hand touched the glass, she suddenly pushed it aside and stood up. “I apologize, but I must take my leave.” 

The group of aggressive girls stared, speechless. 

Even the girl beside her, who had been looking at her with wide eyes, blinked in surprise, clearly not expecting this. 


They thought that if they wanted her to drink, she would? 

Xia Wan’an took a glance at the girl who was gazing at her in a dazed manner and was afraid she might leave her behind. So, she patted her on the shoulder. “Let’s go.” 

The girl seemed delighted and immediately jumped up from her seat, following Xia Wan’an as they left. 

As they walked a few steps, a waiter carrying a pot of hot soup headed towards the self-service area. There were several people standing nearby, and it wasn’t clear who pushed the woman closest to the waiter. Consequently, the woman, wearing high heels, screamed and lunged toward the waiter. 

The pot of hot soup, quite heavy, slipped from the waiter’s hand, and she couldn’t regain her balance in time. As a result, the piping-hot soup spilled out, directly onto the girl sitting next to Xia Wan’an. 

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