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In less than half an hour, Song Youman arrived at the hospital. 

Before the door to the hospital room could be opened, Xia Wan’an heard Song Youman’s voice shouting “An’an” loudly. 

The door was forcefully pushed open and then shut forcefully. Song Youman seemed to have the agility of a martial arts master; in the blink of an eye, she was by Xia Wan’an’s side. 

“An’an, where exactly are you injured?” 

“An’an, you were perfectly fine. How did you suddenly get hurt?” 


Lying on the bed with limited movement, Xia Wan’an finally managed to look at Song Youman when she reached out to touch her forehead. She was almost shocked by Song Youman’s current appearance. “You came all the way like this, Song Youman?” 

Song Youman’s face was covered with a face mask, her head was wrapped in hair curlers, and she was wearing a barber shop’s uniform.

“You should know that when I received your call, I was scared to death, right? Thankfully, your injury isn’t too severe.” While Song Youman spoke, she checked Xia Wan’an’s back. “To say it’s not severe is also quite severe. It’s such a large area and it’s all bruised… How could you manage to injure yourself like this.” 

Xia Wan’an didn’t say anything, but her heart suddenly warmed. She then recalled her husband’s attitude when she had called him earlier, the man who should have been the closest person to her in this world, showing such indifference. Her eyes became a bit watery, and she almost shed tears. 

Song Youman noticed that something was wrong with Xia Wan’an and leaned her face closer to hers. After observing her for a while, she didn’t need to think much before asking, “Did you call him?” 

In this world, there was only one person who could make Xia Wan’an feel upset. 

Xia Wan’an responded with a soft “Mhm.” 

“You called him, and he didn’t come to the hospital to see you?!” Song Youman instantly grew furious. “I, I, I have a quick temper, but I really want to beat him up! What kind of heartless person is he?! I take back what I said earlier.” 

“I didn’t tell him that I got hurt.” 

“Oh, I see. He doesn’t know. Then let me take back what I said earlier…” Song Youman’s anger subsided instantly. Three seconds later, she glared at Xia Wan’an. “Why didn’t you tell him? You got hurt. Why can’t you tell him? Damn it, he just tucks his pants in and pretends nothing happened. Who does he think his wife is? A decoration? If he remembers, he’ll come home for a quickie. If he forgets, he’ll give you the cold shoulder? He’s no different from a john…” 

She rambled on and on. Xia Wan’an interjected, “Miss Song!” 

“Alright, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Maybe it’s like this: You’re just like a prostitute to him. Once he’s done with you, he’ll leave you. You could think of him as a gigolo. When he’s tired of him, we’ll dump him. Hahaha…” 

As Xia Wan’an listened to Song Youman’s words, she was both amused and exasperated. 

In her mind, she imagined herself hiring Han Jingnian, her own husband. The thought of him being her kept man made her burst into laughter. 

Seeing her laugh, Song Youman also started laughing. “Okay, it’s good that you’re laughing. I’ll go wash my hair and face first. Wait for me, okay?” 

Saying that, Song Youman floated into the hospital room’s restroom. 

Listening to the sound of rushing water from inside, Xia Wan’an’s heart warmed even more. Song Youman was always like this, finding ways to ease her sadness when she was feeling down.


Five days later, in the afternoon, Xia Wan’an was discharged from the hospital. 

Song Youman, who had been by Xia Wan’an’s side in the hospital for a full five days, was eager to go out and have fun that night. She insisted on dragging Xia Wan’an along. 

Xia Wan’an didn’t refuse, and she couldn’t refuse either. 

Xia Wan’an and Song Youman went to the bar they often visited. Xia Wan’an’s back injury hadn’t fully healed yet, so she couldn’t drink alcohol. When Song Youman ordered drinks, she also made sure to get Xia Wan’an a glass of freshly squeezed juice. 

The two of them arrived early, chatting to pass the time. Before long, Ai Jiang arrived, and Han Zhijin arrived as well. At the same time, many other unfamiliar faces started pouring into the bar, making the atmosphere more lively and noisy. 

After someone kept Song Youman company, Xia Wan’an, just like before, found a comfortable position and rested her head on Song Youman’s shoulder. She held onto Song Youman’s arm like she was hugging a doll and fell asleep. 

Xia Wan’an wasn’t sure how long she had slept. She only remembered Song Youman saying to her, “An’an, I’m going to dance now. Stay here and don’t wander around…” 

She absentmindedly responded with a soft “Mhm,” let go of Song Youman’s arm, and laid her head on the table again. 

Someone approached her at one point and draped a coat over her. When she opened her eyes slightly, she saw it was Han Zhijin. She closed her eyes and fell back asleep contentedly. 

Not long after, someone approached her again, “Miss, would you like a drink?” 

The voice was unfamiliar. She thought it might be someone from the bar trying to strike up a conversation. Without opening her eyes, she shifted her position, leaving the back of her head exposed to the source of the sound. 

The person didn’t leave and persisted, “Miss, have you had too much to drink?” 

Xia Wan’an pretended to be asleep. 

“Miss, don’t you have any other friends?” 

Xia Wan’an covered her ears. 

“Miss…” The person called out to her a couple more times, probably thinking she was too drunk to respond. He wanted to take advantage of the situation and stretched out his hand, grabbing her arm, trying to take her away. 

The touch of the stranger made Xia Wan’an instinctively pull her arm back and sit up straight. 

She glanced at the person, who appeared to be in his thirties and quite drunk. 

The persistent stranger didn’t give up. He extended his hand again, this time trying to touch her face. “Miss, come with me…” 

Before his hand could touch Xia Wan’an’s face, she grabbed her bag and swatted his hand away. 

Drunk people were the most annoying to deal with. Xia Wan’an couldn’t be bothered to waste time with him. She got up to look for Han Zhijin and the others. However, before she could move away, the drunk man audaciously grabbed her wrist and tried to pull her into an embrace. Xia Wan’an naturally resisted and managed to break free from his grasp. She then heard the man curse “you little slut.” Without hesitation, she grabbed a glass from the table and splashed it onto his face. 

The man instantly flew into a rage, cursing and threatening to hit her. This scene was witnessed by Han Zhijin, who had returned to the bar after getting drinks. Without a second thought, he charged forward, using one hand to intercept the man’s fist and the other to land a blow on the man’s face. 

Han Zhijin and the man were immediately locked in a struggle, causing a commotion around them and even disrupting the people on the dance floor. Both Song Youman and Ai Jiang rushed over—Ai Jiang screaming in panic, while Song Youman grabbed her bag and joined Han Zhijin’s side, furiously yanking the man’s collar and attacking him.