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Lying in bed for five days, Qing Shu was unwilling to continue lying down and clamored to get out of bed. 

Gu Xian couldn’t resist her and had to agree, “You can’t go out, but you can stay in the yard.” 

After taking a couple of turns, they would reach the bustling street of Sanyuan Street, the most prosperous street in Taifeng County. It was always Gu Xian who accompanied her outside, or else she would never let Qing Shu go out. 

Qing Shu stepped out of the house and went under the grape arbor. She sat directly on the swing. 

Chen Mama gave the swing a gentle push, and Qing Shu swung out and then swung back. 

After playing for a while, Qing Shu felt a bit thirsty. 

Chen Mama gave her a few instructions and brought a plate of green jujubes from the kitchen. 

After placing the plate of jujubes down, Chen Mama reminded her, “Young lady, don’t eat too many. Three or four are enough.” 

Qing Shu smiled and said, “Okay.” 

After eating two jujubes, Qing Shu leaned on the table, resting her chin on her hands, and asked, “Chen Mama, didn’t you say that my grandmother would be back in two or three days? It’s been five days now. Has something happened to her?” Since she could remember, her maternal grandparents had passed away, so she was very worried that something might have happened to her maternal grandmother. 

Chen Mama saw Qing Shu’s concern and felt relieved, “Don’t worry, the Old Madam probably has some matters to attend to in the capital city, so she’ll be back in a few days.” 

Qing Shu felt anxious and asked, “When will she really be back?” Although she hadn’t seen her, from Chen Mama’s words, Qing Shu understood that the Old Madam cared for her deeply. She was afraid that something might have happened to the Old Madam. 

Chen Mama said, “It might take some time.” She wasn’t sure when exactly she would be back. 

“Did she bring anyone with her?” 

Chen Mama smiled and said, “Yes, she brought more than ten people with her. These people are all skilled. Even if they encounter any ill-intentioned individuals, they won’t be afraid.” 

Qing Shu felt relieved at this news. 

Excitedly, Chen Mama continued, “Young lady, every time the Old Madam returns from the capital city, she brings you beautiful jewelry and clothes. This time, she will definitely bring them too.” 

Qing Shu hesitated for a moment before asking the question in her heart, “I heard mother say that I’m not allowed to accept things sent by my grandmother. Chen Mama, why doesn’t my mother want things from my grandmother?” 

For the past few days, Qing Shu hadn’t heard Gu Xian mention the Old Madam. She suspected that there might have been some conflict between the mother and daughter. 

Seeing the furrowed brows on Qing Shu’s face, Chen Mama sighed and said, “This matter is not easy to explain in just a few words. You’ll understand in the future.” As far as Chen Mama was concerned, the problem lay with Gu Xian. However, since Gu Xian was Qing Shu’s biological mother, Chen Mama couldn’t badmouth her in front of Qing Shu. 

It seemed that the Old Madam and her mother were really having a serious conflict, and it wasn’t a small one. 

While they were talking, someone knocked on the door from outside. Soon, Xia Yue led someone inside. 

Chen Mama’s expression soured when she saw who had entered. These people from the Lin family dared to come even after they had caused their own young lady’s condition to worsen. 

Qing Shu saw Wei Shi and Lin Ru Tong and her expression turned cold, “What are you doing here?” 

Now that Qing Shu knew this house was part of her mother’s dowry, in her previous life, her second uncle’s family lived here. What was even more disgusting was that Lin Ru Tong had mocked her for being a country bumpkin and called her a pitiable parasite who was unwanted. As for Wei Shi, she just chuckled when she heard such things. 

This family was so hypocritical and hateful. 

Gu Xian happened to walk out of the house at this moment and heard the conversation. She scolded Qing Shu, “How can you speak to your aunt and older sister like that? Apologize quickly.” 

Lin Ru Tong was a year older than Qing Shu and was currently five years old. 

Qing Shu sneered, making it clear that she had no intention of apologizing to Wei Shi and Lin Ru Tong. She wouldn’t dream of it. 

Gu Xian’s face turned red with anger, but she refrained from violence. If not for that, Qing Shu’s attitude would have earned her a punishment. 

Wei Shi felt uncomfortable, but she tried to smooth things over, “Sister-in-law, don’t be angry. Hongdou is probably not feeling well, which is why she’s acting this way.” 

Lin Ru Tong took a grasshopper made of woven grass from her sleeve and handed it to Qing Shu with a smile, “Hongdou, you wanted a grasshopper last time, right? I asked Little Grass Sister to weave this for you.” 

Qing Shu didn’t reach out to take it; she just stared at Lin Ru Tong. She really couldn’t believe her eyes – Lin Ru Tong was actually trying to please her. Truly, time had changed things. 

Gu Xian’s anger intensified as she saw Qing Shu’s expression. This child used to be so well-behaved and obedient; how could she have become so obstinate after falling ill? 

Qing Shu saw Gu Xian’s face turn dark and immediately touched her head, pretending to be in pain: “Ah, my head hurts so much.” 

Chen Mama rushed forward to hold Qing Shu and called out, “It must be because she caught a cold. Jianmu, Jianmu, hurry and go get Doctor He.” 

Doctor He took Qing Shu’s pulse and, seeing Wei Shi and Lin Ru Tong were still there, refrained from speaking. 

Although Gu Xian thought it wasn’t necessary to be secretive in front of Wei Shi, Doctor He obviously didn’t want them to know. All she could do was say, “Younger sister, please take Ru Tong downstairs to rest.” 

Wei Shi wanted to know what was wrong with Qing Shu so she could tell the Old Madam, but she had no choice but to take Lin Ru Tong and leave. Though she felt uneasy, Chen Mama was watching her closely, so she could only leave with Lin Ru Tong. 

Doctor He gave the same diagnosis as before, “The young lady’s headache is caused by excessive worries.” 

Gu Xian was stunned, “Excessive worries? Uncle He, are you sure you’re not mistaken?” Her Hongdou was only four years old and didn’t understand much, so how could she have excessive worries? 

Fortunately, Gu Xian had known Doctor He for over ten years and knew he was a capable doctor. Otherwise, she would have suspected him of being a quack. 

Doctor He also didn’t understand; generally, four-year-old children only thought about having pretty clothes and jewelry, as well as good food and fun. This situation with Qing Shu was something he had never encountered before. 

Gu Xian hesitated for a moment and asked, “Uncle He, please make sure to cure Hongdou.” 

Doctor He shook his head and said, “As long as this child can relax, it won’t be a problem. Otherwise, it will affect her lifespan. A’Nian, there’s nothing I can do about this. You all have to take care of it.” 

Qing Shu’s eyes nearly popped out. She had just been thinking about her past life; how could it affect her lifespan? 

Gu Xian was extremely worried. 

After prescribing another remedy for Qing Shu, Doctor He said, “Jianmu, come with me to get the medicine!” 

Gu Xian touched Qing Shu’s head gently and said in a soft voice, “Hongdou, if there’s anything bothering you, tell your mother, and I’ll take care of it.” 

Qing Shu didn’t believe Gu Xian. She had been tormented by Old Madam Lin until she was practically half-dead, and Gu Xian hadn’t cared at all. What could she expect now? 

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