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The words Ai Jiang wanted to say next got stuck in her throat, neither coming out nor going down. Her heart, once filled with excitement and joy, plummeted, leaving her utterly disappointed. 

However, she managed to maintain her gentle and timid appearance, forcing a faint smile. She portrayed the image of a delicate and innocent girl, saying, “I understand, but I plan to take the subway back to the office.” 

She had said this much already. Would these two grown men really let her, a soft-spoken girl, take the subway alone? 

Without another word, Han Jingnian bent down and got into the car. 

After closing the car door, Assistant Zhang turned to Ai Jiang and said, “Goodbye, Secretary Ai,” then headed toward the driver’s seat. 

Ai Jiang glanced at Han Jingnian, who was already engrossed in reading documents on his laptop inside the car, and at Assistant Zhang, who was about to get into the driver’s seat. She blinked in disbelief. 

Could it be? Were these two grown men really going to let her take the subway? 

Seeing that Assistant Zhang had already opened the car door, not willing to give up, spoke again. However, this time, she directed her words toward the doorman standing nearby, intentionally raising her voice a bit, “Excuse me, could you please tell me how to get to the subway station from here? I’m not very familiar with this area…” 

While speaking, Ai Jiang stole a glance at Assistant Zhang. 

She had put it out there, and surely Assistant Zhang would offer her a ride, right?  

But to her surprise, Assistant Zhang glanced at her and then pointed to the left ahead of him. “Secretary Ai, the subway station is right over there, less than fifty meters away. You can walk there.” 

Having said that, Assistant Zhang got into the car, started the engine, and drove away, leaving Ai Jiang in a state of shock. 

Watching the luxury car gradually disappear into the distance, Ai Jiang’s face, which had appeared gentle and timid, now revealed a trace of frustration. 

They just left her like that… just like that?! 

However, it didn’t matter. There would be plenty of time in the future for Han Jingnian to fall in love with her and marry her!  

Moreover, she had only been at the company for a few days, and Han Jingnian had already noticed her. He had spent the entire day with her today… In the General Manager’s Office, there were only men or married women. As a young and attractive woman like her, she still had hope! 

With these thoughts in mind, Ai Jiang calmed herself and walked toward the subway station in her high heels. 

While waiting in line to enter the subway station, Ai Jiang thought of Han Jingnian’s luxury car once again. One day, she would cry inside that car. 

Once inside the subway, Ai Jiang looked around at the other girls and then down at her own branded outfit. Her determination to rise like a phoenix from the ashes only grew stronger. 

But before she could take flight, it seemed she should cut some ties… 

Thinking this, Ai Jiang took out her phone and opened WeChat to find He Che’s profile. 

He Che’s WeChat profile picture showed his handsome face. He was indeed good-looking, but unfortunately, he was too poor. Good looks alone couldn’t put food on the table nowadays… 

Feeling a chill, Ai Jiang raised her phone and typed a few words before sending the message: “He Che, let’s break up.” 


After the car had driven some distance away from the BJ Grand Hotel, Assistant Zhang suddenly remembered something and turned to Han Jingnian, saying, “By the way, Mr. Han, you have a flight to Shanghai at 11:30 tonight for your business trip. You should leave by 9:30 at the latest.” 

Han Jingnian responded with a simple “Okay” and remained silent. 

“This business trip was scheduled last week, and Secretary Sun is going with me. Would you like to change it to Secretary Ai temporarily?” Assistant Zhang asked. 

Han Jingnian paused his finger on the laptop touchpad and, after a while, replied, “No need.” 

Huh? No need? Wasn’t Mr. Han planning to let his wife’s friend, through this, get to know more of his strengths? Why did he suddenly decide not to use her just after one day? 

Assistant Zhang unexpectedly looked up and glanced at Han Jingnian through the rearview mirror. 

Han Jingnian seemed to know that he was being observed and said in a calm tone, “Let Secretary Sun continue to accompany me.” 

“Why?” Assistant Zhang blurted out the words he had in mind but realized he was overstepping. He was about to remedy it by saying, “Alright, Mr. Han, I understand.” However, Han Jingnian unexpectedly continued his statement. 

“For peace of mind.” 

“Peace of mind…” Assistant Zhang didn’t quite understand. “What do you mean by peace of mind?” 

“Her friend is single and not well-acquainted… To avoid unnecessary trouble. Most importantly, I don’t want to jeopardize her friendship because of me.” 

Upon hearing this, Assistant Zhang finally understood. 

Secretary Sun was a married woman, not to mention she had two children. In terms of age, she could almost be Han Jingnian’s mother. On the other hand, Secretary Ai was young and beautiful. Although she was a close friend of Mrs. Han, the relationship between the CEO and his secretary was inherently ambiguous. If they interacted too frequently, it might indeed lead to rumors and gossip. This could potentially worsen Mrs. Han’s impression of him. 

Assistant Zhang, upon realizing all this, nearly slammed on the brakes. 

Wasn’t Mr. Han known for his high intelligence but low emotional intelligence? How was he thinking more comprehensively than Assistant Zhang, a seasoned player in the world of romance? 

Seeing that Assistant Zhang remained silent for a while, Han Jingnian, who didn’t pay much attention to what Assistant Zhang was thinking, continued, “By the way, we won’t be going to the office. I’m heading home.” 

Assistant Zhang responded with an “Oh” and quickly changed the route at the next intersection. 

Upon arriving at the underground parking lot of the residential building, Han Jingnian said to Assistant Zhang, “Wait for me in the car,” before exiting the car and taking the elevator home. 

He entered the password, pushed open the door, and was met with darkness in the room. 

Furrowing his brows, he quickly turned on the lights, changed his shoes, and headed into the house. 

It was already 8:50 PM. She hadn’t returned home yet? 

Han Jingnian opened the refrigerator and grabbed another bottle of Yelaowan’s Yakult. Then, he went to the storage room, fetched a suitcase, and brought it into the master bedroom. 

He casually selected a few pieces of clothing, threw them into the suitcase, and sat on the edge of the bed. He checked the time and waited patiently. 

At 9:30 PM, Assistant Zhang called again, but Han Jingnian continued to ignore his urging, remaining motionless. 

At 9:40 PM, Assistant Zhang’s voice on the phone sounded somewhat tearful. 

At 9:45 PM, there was finally movement at the living room door. 

Han Jingnian, who had been paying close attention, stood up and, pretending to be surprised, turned to look. Then, three seconds later, he spoke, “I’m going on a business trip to Shanghai.” 

He had been sitting calmly, zipping up his suitcase when Xia Wan’an finally appeared at the entrance of the dressing room. 

He looked up, feigned surprise upon seeing her, and then, three seconds later, he said, “I’m going on a business trip to Shanghai.” 

T/N ramble:
Although the plot is quite exasperating, both leads’ attitudes are giving me a peace of mind.