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In the courtyard covered with emerald green grass, there was a nine-ring broadsword inserted.

The snow-like cold blade, wrapped in black python skin, with a blood-Hongchou tied around it, fluttered in the wind.

That rustling Hongchou seemed to be waving at her, provocatively saying “come over here”.

Wang Xi’s cheeks swelled with anger.

But she didn’t dare to go over.

She thought of what her eldest brother often told her, “Do not do unto others what you do not want done to yourself.”

She didn’t like others prying into her whereabouts, but she had been secretly watching Chen Luo practice swordplay, which was unreasonable of her. How could she have the audacity to argue with Chen Luo?

Wang Xi came angrily and left dejectedly.

Moreover, when she thought of Chen Luo and the neighboring Deer Cry Pavilion, she felt that things were not as pleasant as before.

Especially when Chang Ke asked her, “Did Chen Luo cause any trouble later?”  

After she hesitated and replied with a few “probably not”, Chang Ke guessed that Wang Xi might have encountered some trouble with Chen Luo. She kindly stopped mentioning Chen Luo and instead asked her to help decorate the house.  

Wang Xi’s heart gradually calmed down, and she even copied several pages of Buddhist scriptures for her grandmother in Shu.

Soon, the Bathing Buddha Festival was approaching.

Madam Dowager and the Marchioness discussed that they would not go to Lingguang Temple or Dajue Temple this year, but instead go to Yunju Temple in the outskirts of the city. “Lingguang Temple and Dajue Temple are always crowded.The Marchioness of Xiangyang has invited us to bring all the women of our family and stay at Yunju Temple for two nights. Everyone will feel more relaxed there.”

The Marchioness also wanted to go out for a walk, so she naturally agreed with a smile and went downstairs to prepare for the trip.

Wang Xi was emotionally down after the blow from Chen Luo, and she had not fully recovered yet. The thought of staying in a strange temple for two nights made her feel uncomfortable all over.  

She planned to find an excuse to stay at Marquis Yongcheng’s Mansion. So she asked Chang Ke, “Do you want to go?”

Chang Ke also didn’t want to go. She said, “The Marchioness of Xiangyang has a good relationship with my grandmother, but their young ladies have their noses in the air. I don’t want to endure their arrogance. If you can find a way not to go, I will stay in the mansion too.”

Wang Xi thought it wasn’t a difficult task. She curiously asked, “Marquis Yongcheng’s Mansion is not the same as Duke Zhen Guo’s Mansion, so it should be fine, right? Why do the young ladies of Marquis Xiangyang’s Mansion still act so arrogantly?”

Chang Ke angrily said, “The eldest lady of their family married to the Qingyun Marquis Mansion and became the Eldest Prince’s wife, and the Eldest Prince married the third young lady of Duke Weiguo Mansion. Chang Ning likes to nitpick and can’t argue with others. In addition, our grandfather married many concubines and had many illegitimate children. Except for the Marchioness of Xiangyang, the younger generation in their mansion doesn’t think highly of our family.”

Marquis Qingyun Residence was the maternal family of the Empress, and Duke Weiguo Mansion, like Duke Zhen Guo’s Mansion, was one of the only three remaining Duke Mansions in the current dynasty.

Wang Xi raised an eyebrow and said, “So it’s not entirely Marquis Xiangyang’s Mansion’s fault?”

“Yes!” Chang Ke said painfully, “That’s why I feel even more uncomfortable!”

“Then just follow my lead!” Wang Xi thought it wasn’t a difficult task and was ready to persuade Madam Dowager and the Marchioness, but her 8,000 taels of silver caused a problem.

Madam Dowager held her hand and said, “Your filial piety, your uncle can see it! We are not going to Dajue Temple this time and are going to Yunju Temple instead, all because of you! Master Jingxian of Yunju Temple is highly regarded by the noblewomen in the palace. If we can get his approval, you won’t have to worry about your marriage in the future. Our family doesn’t usually interact with these monks and Taoists, but this time we are going to Yunju Temple because of Marquis Xiangyang’s Mansion’s Madam Dowager. How can you not go?”

Isn’t this a bit too much pressure?

Wang Xi still tried to change Madam Dowager’s mind.

The Marchioness stepped forward and embraced her shoulder, persuading her gently, “Your uncle has put in a lot of effort this time. Don’t disappoint him. Besides, your three cousins also want to borrow your light and show their faces in front of Master Jingxian!”

Wang Xi gave in and reluctantly prepared her luggage for the trip to Yunju Temple.

Chang Ke looked at her with widened eyes and said, “Are you even bringing your own water for cooking in the kitchen?”

Wang Xi nodded.

Although she was born in the capital, she hadn’t been everywhere.

Wang Xi said, “I haven’t been there either! Who knows what it’s like there. Of course, it’s better to be prepared! Don’t forget to say that you didn’t prepare and come to mooch off my snacks.”

Chang Ke chuckled and sighed, “I finally understand why you don’t want to go out.”

But she still had to go along with the turmoil.

Wang Xi sighed.

Unexpectedly, on the day before they were ready to set off, the Pan siblings arrived in the capital.

The Marchioness was dumbfounded.

But the accompanying old lady from the Pan family, unaware of the situation, smiled proudly, “We came specially because tomorrow is the Bathing Buddha Festival. The eldest son and eldest daughter also wanted to celebrate the festival with their uncle and aunt.” 

Nephew and niece are also well-intentioned. 

The Marchioness could only hold back her words in her heart and took the Pan siblings to pay respects to the Madam Dowager. 

Wang Xi, Chang Ke, and Chang Yan all made their respectful gestures, so they didn’t get a good look at what Miss Pan Sai looked like. 

Miss Pan’s personal name is a good character, and her childhood name is Wanniang. She has fair skin, a slender figure, and almond-shaped eyes that are watery and bright. When she speaks, her voice is soft and gentle, giving her a quiet and gentle demeanor, a typical appearance of a noble Jiangnan lady. 

The gift she presented to Wang Xi and others was an embroidery piece she had embroidered herself. 

Wang Xi noticed that she was wearing this year’s most popular plain cloud patterned jacket from Suzhou and Hangzhou. The hairpin on her head was adorned with a blood-red ruby the size of a lotus seed, showing it was of top-notch quality.  

Wang Xi knew her family was well-off, and not only did her family spare no expense in her appearance, but she was also probably a much-favored girl. The embroidered gift she gave was not like Chang Ke’s, who probably couldn’t afford to spend extra money.  

Most likely, it was to demonstrate her virtuous and gentle character. 

Moreover, when the Marchioness asked her what she usually did at home, if she wasn’t studying, she was embroidering flowers and plants. It could be seen that she lived a very disciplined life, preferring peace over excitement. 

Wang Xi felt a bit disappointed. 

She herself was lively and active, afraid she wouldn’t be able to get along with Miss Pan. 

Unexpectedly, Chang Ning also seemed to dislike her cousin. When The Marchioness led Miss Pan to pay respects to the Madam Dowager, Chang Ning stood beside her with a stern face, not moving a muscle. 

Seeing this, Chang Ke quietly nudged Wang Xi with her elbow and whispered, “What’s wrong with her? Did Miss Pan offend her as soon as she entered the mansion?” 

Wang Xi replied in a low voice, “When is she not angry?” 

Chang Ke endured her laughter upon hearing this. 

Miss Pan was settled in the south courtyard of Spring Shade Garden. It seems she hasn’t finished unpacking yet. A Mama named Hu, claiming to be from the Hu family, brought some gifts from Jiangnan to visit Wang Xi. She asked Wang Xi to take good care of their young miss. 

After receiving the Hu Mama, Wang Xi asked her, “Is there any news from the Marchioness? The Marquis of Yongcheng has already started his vacation for the Buddhist Festival. We need to plan tomorrow’s trip to Yunju Temple, and tonight we must obtain the instructions from the Marchioness.” 

But until now, there was still no word from them. Wang Xi felt anxious. 

She said, “We’re relying on her. If we wait for her, things will surely get chaotic. Let’s take the initiative and talk. That way, everyone can rest early.” 

Wang Mama also felt that the two leading ladies of the Hou Mansion’s inner courtyard weren’t reliable. She went to the Marchioness’s place in response. 

Who knew that the Marchioness wasn’t in the main hall but was in Spring Shade Garden, chatting with Miss Pan while accompanied by Chang Ning. 

Wang Mama shook her head and went to see the Madam Dowager. 

However, the Madam Dowager said, “The Marchioness has her own arrangements. Let’s all rest for today!” 

This attitude annoyed Wang Xi. She gave orders to Baiguo and the others, “Everyone, disperse. We’ll discuss it tomorrow.” 

Baiguo and the others all nodded in agreement and dispersed. 

As a result, the next day before dawn,the Marchioness’s nanny personally came to convey a message. It was said that Miss Pan would accompany Wang Xi today and asked if Chang Ning could sit in the same carriage with her. 

The original arrangement was for Chang Ning and Chang Yan to share a carriage, and Chang Ke and Shi Mama, who accompanied the Madam Dowager, to share another carriage. 

Wang Xi felt that they were trying to provoke her. She immediately said, “Chang Ning and I don’t get along. Ifthe Marchioness finds it difficult, let Chang Ke and I share a carriage!” 

As for whether Chang Ning wanted to switch seats with Chang Ke, that was the Marquise’s affair. 

If in the past, Pan Mama didn’t dare offend Wang Xi; now, even the 8,000 taels of silver had robbed her of the courage to say “no” in front of Wang Xi. 

She knew that this sudden decision would change the seats of Chang Ning and Chang Yan. Because it was impromptu, it might cause unnecessary trouble.  

The Marchioness, knowing this, was definitely not pleased. She didn’t dare advise Wang Xi. Instead, she forced a smile and hurriedly reported tothe Marchioness. 

The Marchioness was indeed furious, but she didn’t want a direct conflict with Wang Xi over such a trivial matter. She could only reluctantly make Chang Ning and Chang Ke switch seats. 

Naturally, Chang Ning was unwilling and caused a fuss. Fearing that it might get even later, and they wouldn’t reach Yunju Temple before nightfall,the Marchioness had no choice but to let Chang Ning and Chang Yan continue sharing a carriage while making room by squeezing Shi Mama and other influential maids, providing a separate carriage for Miss Pan. 

Wang Xi didn’t know if Miss Pan was aware of this. If she were, she would surely find it unpleasant and wouldn’t do something to offend others like this. 

Miss Pan seemed rather pleased as she boarded the carriage, following behind Wang Xi and ahead of Chang Yan and Chang Ning. 

Chang Ke also found this behavior inappropriate. When Wang Xi and Chang Yan were peering out the window at the street scenes, Chang Ke whispered to her, “Do you think Miss Pan genuinely doesn’t know, or is she pretending?” 

“Regardless of whether she knows or not,” Wang Xi said casually, “with an aunt likethe Marchioness, it’s not easy for her either.” 

The two of them couldn’t help but burst into laughter. 

Wang Xi’s mood grew even gloomier. She murmured to Chang Ke, “Any progress on your marriage? I plan to return to Shu in early winter. If I can catch a glimpse of your wedding, that would be ideal. Otherwise, we’ll have to rely on letters.” 

Chang Ke was startled. “Are you leaving so soon?” 

Didn’t Wang Xi come to the capital for her own marriage?