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After signing his name, Han Jingnian stared at the calendar on his desk, lost in thought once again. 

After about ten seconds, he noticed that Assistant Zhang was still standing in front of his desk and couldn’t help but furrow his brow. “Why are you standing here?” 

Assistant Zhang pointed to the file that Han Jingnian’s arm had pressed down. “Sir, you haven’t given me the file yet.” 

Han Jingnian responded with a simple “Oh” and tossed the file to Assistant Zhang. 

After fumbling to catch the file, Assistant Zhang didn’t immediately leave. Instead, he continued to stare at Han Jingnian for a moment before mustering the courage to ask, “Sir… about Miss Qin, did you resolve the issue with her?” 

He thought and thought, and the only reason that could make Han Jingnian so absent-minded must be related to this… 

Han Jingnian furrowed his brow and looked at Assistant Zhang, as if he wanted to skin him alive. “What do you think?” 

“Well… I’m sure you’ve resolved it. Who the hell is she? Just a Miss Qin. How could you not resolve it?” Assistant Zhang praised him without hesitation, elevating the art of flattery. 

Facing Assistant Zhang’s flowery words and flattery, Han Jingnian remained unfazed. 

Given the situation, it seemed that he hadn’t resolved the issue with Miss Qin… So where did things go wrong? 

While Assistant Zhang continued to smile and flatter, he also pondered the matter. 

But before he could figure it out, Han Jingnian, sitting at his desk, suddenly spoke, “Do you think… she’s fine now?” 

So… Han Jingnian’s frequent absent-mindedness this morning wasn’t because of Miss Qin but because of his wife? After dealing with Miss Qin’s issue, he was worried about whether his wife’s mood had improved… 

“Well…” Assistant Zhang didn’t know how to answer this question, as he wasn’t the wife. He couldn’t provide an accurate answer. 

Assistant Zhang churned his thoughts for a moment and then had a sudden idea. “Sir, do you have your wife’s WeChat?” 

Based on what he knew, Han Jingnian probably didn’t have it… 

WeChat… Han Jingnian was lost in thought for a moment and then shook his head. 

“Sir, considering you’ve been married to your wife for two years, it’s really not appropriate that you don’t even have her WeChat. I think you should take the initiative to add your wife on WeChat. Once she accepts your request, you can chat with her and find out if she’s in a good mood or not.” 

Han Jingnian fell silent for a moment, apparently thinking that Assistant Zhang’s suggestion was quite good. His expression even softened a bit. 

He took out his phone, opened WeChat, and was about to add a friend when he suddenly stopped. 

Although he didn’t say anything, Assistant Zhang understood what was on his mind and quickly said, “Sir, most people’s WeChat accounts are linked to their phone numbers. So, try entering your wife’s phone number…” 

Assistant Zhang was afraid that Han Jingnian didn’t know Xia Wan’an’s phone number, so he hurriedly continued, “Sir, please wait. Let me check your wife’s phone number for you…” 

As he spoke, he opened his phone’s contacts. He had just found Xia Wan’an’s phone number and hadn’t had a chance to read it when he saw that Han Jingnian had already pressed the screen and entered eleven digits, then tapped the search button. 

Assistant Zhang was left in shock for a moment, his mouth agape. 

But soon, his curiosity overcame him, clouding his mind with gossip. 

When did Mr. Han memorize his wife’s phone number? Over the past two years, Mr. Han had never initiated a phone call to his wife! 

What had happened over the weekend? Why had the world changed so drastically in just two days of separation? 

While Assistant Zhang was filled with curiosity, Mr. Han had already sent a friend request. 

He stared at the chat box for adding friends for a moment and then raised his hand to type three words: “Han Jingnian.” 

After sending the friend request, Mr. Han waited for a while. When he saw that it hadn’t been accepted yet, he furrowed his brow slightly. 

Seeing this, Assistant Zhang quickly reassured him, “Mr. Han, your wife might be busy with something else and hasn’t checked her phone. When she sees your friend request, she’ll definitely accept it. Your phone will receive a notification then.” 

Mr. Han made a knowing expression that seemed to say, ‘I know without you telling me’. He responded with a simple “Hmm” and continued to gaze at WeChat for a while before finally putting down his phone. 

“Mr. Han, you have a meeting in ten minutes, and there’s a client meeting at 3 PM this afternoon,” Assistant Zhang reported. 

Han Jingnian remained silent, and after listening to Assistant Zhang’s words, he organized the materials he would need for the upcoming meeting. When he saw that the time was almost right, both him and his assistant went to the meeting room. 

Before entering the meeting room, Mr. Han took out his phone to set it on silent. He glanced at WeChat one more time. 

During the two-hour meeting, Mr. Han checked his phone five times. He didn’t receive any notifications from Xia Wan’an regarding her acceptance of his friend request. 

After the meeting, he had a client meeting. On the way, he still checked WeChat twice, and each time, the result was the same—no response from Xia Wan’an. 

After the client meeting, it was already around 4 PM. When he returned to his office, the first thing Mr. Han did was take out his phone and check WeChat. However, he still hadn’t received any response to his friend request. 

Frustrated, he wondered if there was a problem with the company’s network, so he disconnected from the office Wi-Fi and waited for a while using 4G. Still, there was no response. Suddenly, he angrily slammed his phone onto the desk. 

Seeing this scene, Assistant Zhang silently wiped his sweat. 

This had been his suggestion, and if Mr. Han’s wife didn’t accept the request, wouldn’t he be in trouble? 

Thinking of this, Assistant Zhang quickly said, “Mr. Han, perhaps your wife is still busy. Please wait a little longer. There’s only one hour left until the end of work, and when it’s around 5 PM, your wife will probably check her phone and accept your request.” 

Seeing that Mr. Han’s expression hadn’t improved, Assistant Zhang felt a pang of anxiety. He continued, “Mr. Han, if you don’t trust me, I can show you right now that I’m adding your wife on WeChat…” 

As he spoke, Assistant Zhang took out his phone, copied Xia Wan’an’s phone number, entered WeChat, and sent a friend request. 

After sending the message, Assistant Zhang noticed that there was no response. He immediately held up his phone in front of Mr. Han and said, “Mr. Han, look, even my request hasn’t been acknowledged. She must be genuinely busy…” 

Mr. Han’s expression showed a slight improvement. 

Assistant Zhang let out a sigh of relief and was about to retrieve his phone when suddenly, his phone made a “ding” sound. A message popped up on the screen: “I’ve accepted your friend verification request. Now we can start chatting.”