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This sudden change immediately made Song Qingxiao’s whole body stand up, and she broke out in a cold sweat.   In this crisis, she instinctively formed a hand seal in an attempt to use her “Lin” character decision to hold the person with the gun for a moment and avoid this fatal blow.

But in the blink of an eye, a message quickly flashed through her mind. She remembered the scene when she exchanged points after completing her last trial task.

At that time, among her exchange options, there were also firearms and ammunition, but they were not cheap.

The exchange price for firearms was 100 points, and the exchange price for each bullet was 50 points. She believed that someone would exchange for such a powerful weapon, but unless the points were enough to squander, the remaining points for exchanging bullets would definitely be limited.

Based on Song Qingxiao’s experience in the last trial she participated in, the maximum Number of people in each trial was nine. Assuming that one bullet would definitely kill one person, in the case of nine people in the trial, he would need at least eight bullets. This was not a small Number.

Furthermore, Song Qingxiao was participating in the trial for the second time, and based on the situation of someone holding a gun in the space, everyone should have at least one trial experience.

Those who were able to survive the last trial and exchange items should have their own self-defense skills. Those who held guns should at least consider the possibility of saving bullets for self-defense.

So, in the case of precious bullets, he might not easily shoot. One shot couldn’t kill someone, not to mention wasting bullets, it would also create enemies.

After entering the trial space and encountering this person threatening her with a gun, the reason might be intimidation or something else, and he might not really want to kill.

The most likely possibility was that the person with the gun wanted to take this opportunity to test everyone’s instinctive reactions and make them reveal their trump cards, in order to gain more information and strive for more opportunities to survive in this trial.

At the first moment of encountering danger, a person would instinctively try to save themselves, and this was the most vulnerable time.

In the last trial, Song Qingxiao was able to win in the fight because she kept her biggest trump card and caught the doctor off guard.

She knew the importance of trump cards, so at this moment, the Nine-character Secret Command was undoubtedly one of her biggest trump cards.

Song Qingxiao’s thoughts turned in her mind, and she forcefully released the hand seal she had formed, enduring the fear. She grabbed the gun barrel with one hand, trying to grab it away, while the other hand reached for her waist.

Before entering the trial space, she bought two daggers and sewed a belt to hide them close to her body. At the same time, another dagger was tied to her wrist and covered by her sleeve.

This was just in case, to leave a backup plan.

She made these movements purely out of instinct.

If Song Qingxiao’s previous speculation was wrong, she would still need to counterattack to save herself.

But before her fingers touched her clothes, a hand had already reached out and roughly grabbed her abdomen. It was empty there, and the dagger she had prepared was missing.

In a panic, her killing intent towards the big man dissipated, and the gun pointed at her face was moved away.   A tall and strong man grinned at her, but his gaze was very cold: “Hands up.”

The attitude of the tall and strong man was obviously as Song Qingxiao expected, he would not easily shoot.

She took a deep breath and looked into the man’s eyes, hesitatingly raised her arms. There, a curved dagger was firmly pressed against her flesh, secured by a bandage.

For some reason, the dagger she had hidden in her abdomen was missing when she entered the space, but the dagger she had used to kill someone in the last trial did not disappear.

After raising her arms, her sleeves slowly slid down, revealing her slender wrists.

Song Qingxiao’s heart was in her throat. The dagger hidden on her forearm would be exposed if her sleeves fell down and was discovered by someone.

She clenched her lips, sweat beads forming on her forehead, and dared not raise her hands any higher. She tried to shrink her shoulders and forced herself to look fearful.

The big man with the gun did not doubt her performance. While speaking,he hit Song Qingxiao’s body with the gun in one hand, not sparing her chest, back and legs.  Perhaps her subconscious action of touching her abdomen earlier misled him.   After doing all this, he lifted his eyelids to take a look at Song Qingxiao’s raised arms. Her sleeves slid up due to the motion, revealing a section of her arms. Therefore, the big man did not check her raised arms again to confirm that she did not hide any weapons.   After that, he tilted his head, pointed his chin in a direction, and spoke with a somewhat disdainful attitude: “Go over there, Number Three.”

Song Qingxiao lowered her eyelids, her heart still unsettled.   It was not until the man aimed the gun at her again that Song Qingxiao forced herself to calm down and decided to follow the big man’s instructions and go to the corner.

From the big man’s address to her, she noticed that two people had already entered the space before she did.

She saw a thin and weak young man sitting in the corner to the west, wearing glasses, appearing quite refined and restrained.

He should have also been taken hostage by the big man, so he looked slightly wary.   When Song Qingxiao’s gaze fell on him, he pushed his glasses on his face, and the reflective lenses blocked his gaze. But Song Qingxiao could feel that he was also observing her at the same time.

Although there were only three people in the space, the atmosphere was quite subtle. The killing intent, crisis, and vigilance turned into a strange pressure that made people feel suffocated.

She found a spot about two meters away from the glasses  guy and sat down, keenly aware that when she sat down, the glasses’ body tensed up. It seemed that if she made any unnecessary movements, this person would counterattack.

The environment in the trial space was similar to the first time she entered, still an open space surrounded by dense fog. Song Qingxiao glanced at the two men in the space and speculated on the order in which they entered.

From their appearances, the big man with the gun was very strong, probably close to two meters tall, wearing a tight vest that revealed his well-built arm muscles. He looked extremely dangerous, not to mention the gun he held.

But Song Qingxiao didn’t dare to underestimate the glasses either. The first time she participated in the trial, the strong Number Seven died at the hands of the doctor.

If all the participants in this trial were able to survive the first elimination round, then each person would be extremely dangerous.

The incident where the dagger she had prepared before entering the trial space disappeared still made her fearful, and the places where the big man hit her with the gun were painful.

This person was not gentle, but he also knew his limits. He didn’t push people to the extreme to avoid making them desperate. However, he did cause some damage to her, trying to affect her performance after the formal start of the trial.

Before she could figure out why the dagger she bought was missing, a woman appeared in the space again.  Just like the treatment she had received earlier, the woman who entered later was already being held at gunpoint before she could react. The voice of the big man also sounded: “Welcome.”

This woman was obviously frightened. She twisted her body and instinctively took a step back. With a flick of her right hand, a red whip slid out from her wrist like a snake and swung towards the big man.

After the big man put away his gun and stepped back, he used the gun barrel to block the whip, making a crisp sound.   Song Qingxiao, who was watching, could tell that the woman’s strike was powerful, perhaps she had strengthened her physique or raised her bloodline level!

The woman’s attack missed, and after retracting her whip, she wanted to strike again.   The big man with the gun took two steps back, and the barrel of his gun had been struck by the woman’s whip, leaving a faint mark.

He made a surrender gesture: “Beauty, just joking.”

He smiled, different from his attitude towards Song Qingxiao earlier. This person appeared rough on the outside but was actually careful.

He exchanged for a powerful gun and ammunition with points, which had great deterrent power.   But while this thing had great killing power, it also attracted a lot of attention. It was difficult for him to hide it after entering the trial, so this big man, knowing that he would become the target of others, used the gun to force out the trump cards and strength of other participants before the trial officially started.