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Completely unaware of any issues with her words, Xia Wan’an looked at the content of the message with a serious expression. The first thing she noticed was a picture… 

In a dimly lit environment, she was leaning on a man’s shoulder, fast asleep. The clothes she was wearing in the picture were the same as what she had on right now. Around her and the man were many unfamiliar faces. 

From this, it seemed that someone had taken a photo of her while she was sleeping at the cinema in the afternoon… 

But the person sitting next to her was clearly Song Youman, so how had she become an unfamiliar man? 

Xia Wan’an enlarged the photo and carefully examined it, noticing the traces of Photoshop. 

It had to be said that the person who had edited this picture was truly skilled. If the person involved hadn’t known the truth and meticulously searched for flaws, others might have been deceived by this convincingly manipulated image. 

The sender had not only sent one picture but two others as well. One showed the man turning his head towards her, appearing to be kissing her from the angle of the photo. The other depicted them leaving the cinema together, with her clinging to the man’s arm. Of course, both of these photos had been meticulously edited. 

There were several text messages below the pictures: 

“Is the person in the photos you?” 

“Don’t pretend to be dead. Even if you don’t reply, I know it’s you in the photos.” 

“If you see this message, please reply. I need to talk to you.” 

“You don’t plan to respond to my messages, huh? Well, don’t regret it!” 

After reading the text messages, Xia Wan’an calmly spoke to the person on the other end of the phone, “I’ve seen them. Now what?” 

The person on the other end of the line fell silent again. This wasn’t going as expected. Normally, seeing such pictures should make her nervous, right? Why was she so composed? 

Xia Wan’an continued, “Speak up. What do you want me to regret?” 

Pausing for a moment, as if realizing something, Xia Wan’an added, “Wait a moment. I’ll turn on the call recording feature. If you’re trying to extort money from me, I’ll report it to the police.” 

The person on the other end of the line was undoubtedly rendered speechless once again. 

After Xia Wan’an turned on the call recording, she calmly said into her phone, “Alright, you can talk now.” 

“Who’s trying to extort your money? Do you think you’re rich? Let me tell you, I’m much wealthier than you!” The woman on the phone was furious. “Don’t worry, I have no interest in your petty money! The reason I contacted you is to give you face. If you’re sensible, you’ll recognize your place and stay away from Jingnian gege! Jingnian gege… As these four words entered her ears, Xia Wan’an finally realized who the person on the other end of the line was. 

No wonder the voice sounded familiar; it turned out to be the famous actress, Qin Shujian… 

“Don’t think you can keep Jingnian gege just because you have some looks. Someone of his status could never truly like you! The only reason I reached out to you is to give you a chance. If you’re sensible, you’ll voluntarily leave Jingnian gege’s world. If you refuse, I’ll send these photos to Jingnian gege. When he finds out how intimate you were with another man, you’ll regret it!” 

Xia Wan’an responded with an “Oh,” indicating that she understood. 

On the other end of the phone, Qin Shujian felt like she had just punched a cotton ball, unable to exert any force. She fell silent for a moment and then awkwardly asked, “Do you have anything else to say?” 

“Well…” Xia Wan’an replied lightly, “I’m not just a bit attractive, I’m very attractive!” 

Qin Shujian: “…” 

Qin Shujian: “Who wants to hear you say that? I’m talking about the second half of what I said. Letting you leave Jingnian gege. Let me tell you, I’m a person who keeps my word. Whether you believe it or not, I’ll really send those photos to Jingnian gege!” 

Xia Wan’an rolled her eyes and replied in a tone that suggested, “Your IQ is really low”: “Then why don’t you just send them to him directly? Why bother sending them to me? Don’t you think it’s unnecessary?” 

Qin Shujian was left speechless. She took a deep breath and reluctantly continued, “You stop being arrogant here. You wait and see. Not only will I send them to Jingnian gege, but I’ll also post them online. I want everyone to know that you’re playing both sides, that you’re fooling around, and…” 

“You can do whatever you want. You don’t need to tell me. I have zero interest in what you want to do!” Xia Wan’an interrupted Qin Shujian before she could finish her sentence. 

After that, Xia Wan’an didn’t bother with Qin Shujian any longer and hung up the phone. 

“Who was it?” Song Youman, who had been eavesdropping on Xia Wan’an’s phone call, asked as soon as Xia Wan’an hung up. 

Xia Wan’an poured herself a glass of orange juice and continued to eat grilled fish. “It’s that female celebrity, the one you met at the Karaoke night organized by Han Zhijin. You know her.” 

“That Qin Shujian? What did she call you for?” 

Xia Wan’an couldn’t be bothered to explain the whole story and simply showed Song Youman the text message. Then she added, “She made some fake photos to make me stay away from Han Jingnian.” 

“Damn, how can this little b**** play so dirty? She even photoshopped me into an old man? Why didn’t she photoshop me into a handsome guy? I swear, when I get home tonight, I’m taking my computer to the forum to expose her…” 

Song Youman complained while examining the text message carefully. Then she looked up at Xia Wan’an and asked, “By the way, aren’t you afraid she’ll send those photos to that hairless pig?” 

“Of course, I’m afraid…” Xia Wan’an honestly admitted, “But being afraid won’t solve the problem. So, I’ll just let things take their course and see what happens. However…” 

Xia Wan’an paused, and her tone suddenly became less relaxed. “Maybe he won’t care at all…”