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Over the years, Yuan Shanniang had caused trouble repeatedly, and although she had been disciplined, it was mostly a case of making a lot of noise but achieving little. As a result, Yuan Shanniang had become increasingly arrogant and unruly.

Lady Gu could have suppressed her if she wanted to, but she couldn’t be bothered1. After all, Yuan Shanniang’s transformation didn’t affect her much. However, now she regretted her decision.

Outside the window, the crescent moon hung like a hook, with countless stars twinkling. The night was peaceful and beautiful.

Qing Shu opened her eyes and saw Lady Gu sitting by her bed. There was a hint of guilt in her eyes as she said, “Grandmother, Grandmother.”

Lady Gu woke up quickly upon hearing her call. “My dear, is your head still hurting?”

“It still hurts a little.” This time, she wasn’t pretending. Her head still felt heavy even now.

Compared to her, the slap from Gu Xian seemed gentle.

A hint of fierceness flashed in Lady Gu’s eyes. “Don’t worry, my dear. I will make sure she pays for what she did.”

Qing Shu asked, puzzled, “Grandmother, why does Aunt-in-law hate me so much? To the point of wanting to kill me?”

In order to raise Lady Gu’s vigilance, Qing Shu couldn’t afford to say too much.

Lady Gu, upon hearing this question, was momentarily stunned, but she soon reached out and touched Qing Shu’s head. “My dear, don’t be afraid. I won’t let her near you again.”

Qing Shu didn’t say anything more upon hearing this.

After having a bowl of red date and glutinous rice porridge, Qing Shu went back to sleep. However, Lady Gu couldn’t sleep and got up, putting on her clothes.

That night, Xinghua and Hua Mama took turns keeping watch. When they saw Lady Gu get up, they also got up and followed her.

Lady Gu instructed Xinghua to watch over Qing Shu and then took Hua Mama to the adjacent room.

Sitting in a chair, Lady Gu stared at the triangular tung oil lamp on the table, lost in thought.

Hua Mama asked, “Madam, what’s wrong? Is it because of what happened during the day?”

Lady Gu looked up and said, “Ah Zhi, just now Qing Shu asked me why Yuan Shanniang hates her so much, to the point of wanting to kill her.”

Hua Mama lowered her head and said, “Madam, when Miss was unconscious, Madam even wanted to hurt her. If I hadn’t arrived in time, Miss would have been seriously injured or even killed.”

This statement indirectly served as evidence for Qing Shu’s claim.

After a moment of silence, Lady Gu said, “Qing Shu only received some clothes and jewelry, and Yuan Shanniang wanted to kill her for it. Then what about me? With all the money I’ve spent, does Yuan Shanniang hate me to the bone?”

Hua Mama added, “Madam, Young Master must have heard Yuan Shanniang’s insults. When you and Madam sleep in the same bed, how could he not hear those words?”

Onlookers see clearly, and Hua Mama had long recognized that Yuan Shanniang was not a good person. As for Gu Heping, he was no better. Hua Mama had advised Lady Gu many times and even sought the help of Madam Qi, but unfortunately, Lady Gu didn’t listen.

This was partly due to Lady Gu’s personality. Even if she disliked Yuan Shanniang, she would simply keep her distance and pretend she didn’t exist. She would never do anything as extreme as separating her from her own son or allowing him to take a concubine.

Upon hearing these words, Lady Gu’s entire body seemed to freeze, and her heartbeat slowed down.

Although she was disappointed in Gu Heping, he was still raised by her own hands. How could she not have some feelings for him? It was because of this that she turned a blind eye to many things.

Lady Gu covered her chest and, after a long silence, asked, “Ah Zhi, are you saying that Gu Heping also wishes for my death?”

After keeping the family estate intact by her own efforts after the death of Old Master Gu, Lady Gu was by no means a naive person. It’s just that there were some things she didn’t want to believe, and she was afraid to believe.

Hua Mama replied, “Madam, Young Master is truly untrustworthy; he can’t be relied upon at all. Madam, I’ve been worried for years, worried that when you’re old and unable to move, Yuan Shanniang will mistreat you when she’s in charge.”

Now that Madam Qi was backing her, but Madam Qi was older than her own mistress and not in the best health. It was highly likely that she would pass away before her mistress. When that happened, there would be no one to stand up for Lady Gu if Yuan Shanniang mistreated her.

It was precisely because of this concern that Hua Mama had not tried to smooth things over and instead had fanned the flames. Her goal was to make Lady Gu completely lose hope in Gu Heping and secure a safe path for herself.

After a long pause, Lady Gu said, “You can leave, let me think this over.”

Hua Mama left and stood at the door, waiting.

It was only until dawn that Lady Gu came out of the room. Seeing Hua Mama dozing off in the chair, Lady Gu said, “Why aren’t you sleeping?”

Hua Mama looked at Lady Gu’s calm expression and said, “You didn’t come out, so I couldn’t sleep.”

Although Lady Gu had a heavy heart originally, hearing this made her feel much better. “Has Qing Shu woken up?”

“She has, and she even had a bowl of porridge.” Hua Mama smiled and added, “Miss also said she wanted to eat dumplings for lunch.”

It was strange; ever since she recovered from her illness, Miss seemed to have a particular liking for dumplings. Even her favorite braised pig’s trotters had taken a back seat.

Lady Gu, upon hearing this, smiled as well. “If she wants to eat, then we’ll make her some. She likes shrimp, so we’ll make shrimp dumplings.”

After a pause, Lady Gu said, “Send someone to tell Xiaoxian about this.”

Hua Mama, worried, said, “If Madam Qi hears about this, she might come and take Miss away.”

Lady Gu said, “This can’t be kept a secret. If we don’t say anything, someone else will tell her. It’s better to tell her the cause of the matter directly.”

As for the idea that Gu Xian would take Qing Shu back, as long as Qing Shu was unwilling, Gu Xian couldn’t take her back.

As Lady Gu had anticipated, Gu Xian heard about the situation and wanted to take Qing Shu home. However, Qing Shu refused.

Qing Shu said, “Mother, I’m doing well here with Grandma.”

“What’s so good about it? Look at what you’ve been turned into!” Gu Xian was furious when she saw the marks on Qing Shu’s face that hadn’t completely faded.

Qing Shu touched her face and said, “It’s not hurting much anymore.” Yuan Shanniang had been brutal, and even after a day, her face still burned. Fortunately, she hadn’t been scratched by Yuan Shanniang’s nails; otherwise, her face would have been disfigured.

Gu Xian said, “Xia Yue, go pack up Miss’s things.”

Qing Shu saw Gu Xian’s firm attitude and said, “Mother, Uncle has been absent all day, and Cousin and Cousin-in-law never come here. If I go back, Grandma will be left alone at home.” She felt sorry for Lady Gu and wanted to spend time with her while she was still young. Once she started her studies later, she wouldn’t have as much time.

Seeing Gu Xian hesitate, Qing Shu added, “Mother, Hua Mama said that Grandma has been eating more since I came, and she sleeps better at night.”

With these words, if Gu Xian insisted on taking her back, it would be very disrespectful.

Gu Xian said, “You can stay, but you must promise not to fight anymore and listen to your Grandma.”

Qing Shu agreed readily. She had been willing to fight with Gu Fugui to let her Grandma know how ruthless Yuan Shanniang was. Now that her goal had been achieved, she had no intention of fighting again.

After seeing off Gu Xian, Qing Shu touched the slightly painful back of her head and muttered to herself, “I hope there won’t be any lasting effects.”

  1. You reap what you sow. You couldn’t be bothered? That’s what parents did to their spoiled children.