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Frustrated, Han Zhijin attempted to say, “Uncle, you…” 

After uttering just two words, Han Zhijin suddenly felt a cold chill running down his back, causing him to shiver involuntarily. He turned to look at Han Jingnian with a hint of fear in his eyes, his voice caught in his throat. 

Unaware of what Han Jingnian had done with his back turned, Xia Wan’an noticed that Han Zhijin had fallen silent after four words and couldn’t help but ask, “Han Zhijin, what did you say?” 

Hearing her voice, Han Jingnian also turned his attention to Han Zhijin. He spoke with a gentle and innocent tone, appearing curious about what Han Zhijin was going to say next. However, behind closed doors, his gaze towards Han Zhijin was icy and sharp. “What’s the matter?” 

Han Zhijin opened his eyes wide and thought as if he had seen a ghost: “…” Damn, damn, damn, damn, why doesn’t his little uncle become an actor?!

In the face of Han Zhijin’s speechless frustration, Han Jingnian spoke in a leisurely manner, showing no concern. “If you have something to say, go ahead. I have other matters to discuss with your… mother later.” 

He intentionally paused for a second when he mentioned “your mother.” 

Han Zhijin was completely disheartened. He looked as if he had grown two extra ears on his head, drooping down in defeat, feeling utterly wronged but unable to resist. “Uncle, I’m fine. I just wanted to tell you that you were right. I should have listened to you and had dinner first before working on the project.” 

Han Jingnian ignored his nephew and turned his head towards the door. 

When Xia Wan’an could finally see his face, his eyelids drooped slightly, and he appeared casually harmless. 

Han Zhijin,who saw Han Jingnian’s instantaneous transformation from a terrifying overbearing flower to a fragile innocent flower left him completely baffled. Even her mouth hung open wide in disbelief. 

Who could have known that this was the same uncle he knew? How had he managed to switch roles so effortlessly? 

“Let’s go, it’s time for dinner,” Han Jingnian said lightly, addressing the girl standing at the door with five simple words. 

Is he talking to her again? 

Xia Wan’an gave Han Jingnian a surprised look as she noticed him standing still in the doorway. Realizing that she was blocking the way, she quickly said, “Oh,” and stepped aside, making way for him. 

Seeing Xia Wan’an move aside, he still didn’t move immediately. She thought he was waiting for Han Zhijin, so she turned around and headed for the dining room on her own. 

Unbeknownst to her, as she left, Han Jingnian, who had been standing at the study door, also took a step forward. 

Once Xia Wan’an entered the dining room, Grandma Gang immediately called her over to sit beside her. 

Just as Xia Wan’an sat down, Han Jingnian appeared at the dining room door. Following closely behind him was Han Zhijin, his head hanging low, looking gloomy. 

With everyone present, Lu Yangui instructed Aunt Zhang to serve the meal. 

From a very young age, Xia Wan’an knew that Han Zhijin’s mother, Lu Yangui, was a very smart person. Regardless of the occasion, location, or people involved, she could always manage the situation well. Therefore, with her presence, there was never an awkward atmosphere, and the dinner atmosphere remained pleasant. 

However, there was a minor incident during dinner. 

While Xia Wan’an was having dinner, she accidentally knocked the spoon placed at the edge of her plate onto the table. 

The utensils for the soup were on the half of the table where Han Zhijin and Han Jingnian sat. 

Xia Wan’an couldn’t possibly command Han Jingnian, so when she wanted some soup, she naturally called Han Zhijin, saying, “Han Zhijin, could you please get me a spoon? Thank you.” 

Han Zhijin replied with an “Oh” and reached out to get the spoon. 

However, before he could even touch it, Han Jingnian had already grabbed a spoon and handed it to Xia Wan’an. 

Seeing that her uncle had helped Xia Wan’an get a spoon, Han Zhijin lowered his head and continued eating. 

Xia Wan’an stared at the spoon in front of her, as if in a daze, and didn’t take it. 

Han Jingnian noticed that Xia Wan’an hadn’t taken the spoon and turned to look at her. 

The girl held her chopsticks in one hand and placed the other hand on the table, staring at the spoon without reacting. 

Han Jingnian furrowed his brows slightly and focused on the spoon. After two seconds, he reached forward, placing the spoon directly into her soup bowl. 

The spoon collided with the bowl, making a crisp sound. 

Xia Wan’an came to her senses but didn’t look at Han Jingnian beside her. She politely said, “Thank you,” and continued eating, picking up some vegetables from her plate. 

Throughout the dinner, Xia Wan’an didn’t look at the soup bowl beside her or take another sip of soup. 

As soon as dinner ended, Han Zhijin obediently went to the study to work on his project. 

Grandma invited Xia Wan’an and Han Jingnian to take a walk in the courtyard. 

Lu Yangui, who took care of the flowers and plants in the courtyard, had created a beautiful garden. It was summer, and the flowers were in full bloom. The garden was filled with a variety of colors, and a gentle breeze carried the fragrance of the flowers. 

During the walk, Grandma did most of the talking, while Xia Wan’an occasionally added a few words. Han Jingnian, on the other hand, remained silent throughout. 

After a stroll around the large courtyard, Grandma stopped and said, “You young people should take a walk. My old bones can’t handle it anymore, so I’ll go rest for a while.” 

“Grandmother, I’ll accompany you,” Xia Wan’an offered, thinking she would go inside with her. 

“You don’t need to accompany me. I’d like to take a bath. You and Jingnian can take another walk together…” Grandma seemed afraid that Xia Wan’an might say something more and immediately called for Aunt Zhang. 

Soon, Grandma left Han Jingnian and Xia Wan’an alone with Aunt Zhang’s assistance as she entered the house. 

Without Grandma, there was suddenly a lot of silence between Han Jingnian and Xia Wan’an. 

Of course, Xia Wan’an knew that Grandma intended to give them a chance to be alone together. Grandma had done this before, but the outcome was always the same: either Han Jingnian made an excuse to leave, or he acted as if she didn’t exist and busied himself with his phone. 

At first, she was delighted to have some brief moments to spend with him, and she mustered the courage to initiate conversations with him. However, he never responded to her. Later on, she stopped initiating conversations with him, and eventually, she would leave without waiting for him to speak, and then Grandma’s carefully arranged alone time for them would end before it even began.