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Xia Wan’an didn’t say anything as she joined the others in looking towards the elevator. 

When the elevator doors opened, out walked Han Zhijin. However, today’s Han Zhijin seemed unusually well-behaved. Upon seeing everyone, he greeted them politely. He wasn’t like his usual self, who would enter the room, kick off his shoes carelessly, and sprawl on the sofa, completely engrossed in his phone, ignoring everyone. He greeted, “Grandmother, Mom, Aunt…” 

Seeing this side of Han Zhijin, including his grandmother, Lu Yangui, and even Xia Wan’an, all had expressions of astonishment on their faces. 

Before anyone could fully recover from the sudden shock of Han Zhijin’s maturity, another figure walked out of the elevator behind him. The expressions on the faces of his grandmother, Lu Yangui, and Xia Wan’an became even more bewildered. 

Could it be that they weren’t mistaken? 

Han Jingnian, who almost never appeared at family gatherings, was actually here for dinner? 

Seeing everyone’s reaction and remembering the unexpected encounter with his uncle in the underground parking lot just now, Han Zhijin’s mood became slightly more balanced. He said, “You didn’t see wrong. It’s really Uncle. I’ve already confirmed it in the elevator.” 

Lu Yangui, amused by her son’s words, couldn’t help but chuckle. “You’re quite mischievous. Look at you. Now look at your uncle. Can you even compare?” 

Han Zhijin had grown up hearing such remarks from his mother. In other people’s families, their shadows might be someone else’s children, but in his family, his shadow was his uncle. After all these years, he had long become immune to it. “Mom, your words are just empty. Who would be silly enough to compare themselves to my uncle? That’s just asking for trouble.” 

Lu Yangui couldn’t be bothered to argue with her son and turned her gaze to Han Jingnian instead. Her tone became much gentler as she asked, “Jingnian, how come you have time to come over today? Are you here to see Grandma?” 

Han Jingnian glanced at Xia Wan’an, who was standing beside his grandmother, and then politely nodded to Lu Yangui. He replied with a simple “Hmm.” 

“That’s great. Grandma has been missing you and An’an. You two can chat with Grandma for a while. I’ll go brew some tea,” Lu Yangui said, then headed to the dining room. 

Grandma saw that Han Jingnian was back and was overjoyed. She immediately beckoned for him to come and sit next to her. 

Grandma and Han Jingnian talked about some trivial matters. Han Jingnian wasn’t as taciturn as usual, and although he didn’t say much, he would respond with a simple “Hmm” when Grandma talked to him. 

In this way, he exuded a bit more warmth than the Han Jingnian that Xia Wan’an usually saw. 

While the two of them were chatting, Xia Wan’an didn’t interrupt. She noticed that Han Zhijin was playing the game Honor of Kings on his phone and couldn’t start preparing dinner anytime soon, so she took out her phone and asked Han Zhijin to play together. 

Xia Wan’an and Han Zhijin had known each other since they were kids, and after so many years, they had no reservations when chatting with each other. 

“Han Zhijin, were you doing it on purpose? We were clearly in the middle of a fight, so why did you leave me behind?” 

“Han Zhijin, give me the blue buff!!!” 

“Han Zhijin, you did it on purpose, return my blue buff!” 

As Xia Wan’an chatted nearby, Han Jingnian, who had been talking to Grandma, couldn’t help but turn his head to look in their direction. 

The girl held her phone, staring at the screen intently, her fingertips constantly tapping and swiping on the screen. 

It wasn’t clear what she had experienced, but she suddenly spoke with extreme nervousness, “Han Zhijin, you have to save me, quickly, quickly! Lanling Wang is right next to me… I’m about to die! Han Zhijin, I’ll tell you, if I die, I’ll… Phew, that was close! I narrowly escaped death and even managed to push back the enemy’s crystal. I’m really amazing!” 

“Heh, it was me, using Li Bai, who used my ultimate skill to save you and incidentally destroy the crystal, alright?” 

“I don’t acknowledge it!” 

Han Zhijin tugged at the corner of his lips, tapped the screen, and then asked, “Which hero are you going to use this round?” 

“Hmm…” Xia Wan’an nibbled on her thumb, stared at the screen for a while, and then turned to Han Zhijin, blinking her eyes twice. “Let’s both use the heroes Yu Ji and Xiang Yu. I heard that using couple heroes together will display a heart symbol… Oh, and remember to use Xiang Yu’s ‘King of Daji’ skin.” 

“Sure thing,” Han Zhijin readily agreed. 

Then the two of them sat side by side on the sofa, holding their phones and talking in low voices. 

“Jingnian?” Grandma, seeing that Han Jingnian hadn’t reacted for a long time, couldn’t help but call him. 

Han Jingnian snapped back to reality and glanced at Grandma. He spoke in a calm tone, “Aren’t we having dinner yet?” 

“It might be a while longer. Are you hungry? If you are, let your sister-in-law bring you some cake she just made this afternoon. It tastes good…” 

Seeing that Grandma was speaking while heading to call her sister-in-law, Han Jingnian quickly intervened, “No need.” 

Saying that, Han Jingnian turned his head slightly and glanced not far away at the sofa. 

Not knowing what the two of them had done in the game, Han Zhijin leaned closer to Xia Wan’an’s phone screen and asked proudly, “Are you moved that I saved you from death?!” 

“Moved? I was so moved that I, Yu Ji, decided to die for love…” 

“Heh, you died because you’re bad!” 

“Han Zhijin, please take back what you just said. We can still be friends!” 

“Okay, I take it back…” 

Xia Wan’an seemed quite satisfied with Han Zhijin’s response, her eyes curved with a smile. 

Han Jingnian, however, frowned as he stared at her smiling face, deeply lost in thought. 

Unaware of any unusual occurrences around her, Xia Wan’an continued to play actively while nervously coordinating with Han Zhijin in the game. She said to him, “Xiang Yu, where are you? Come protect your wife!” 

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” Han Zhijin responded, and Xia Wan’an’s phone even played an official female voice saying, “Wait for me, I’m on my way!” 

Han Jingnian’s frown deepened as he continued to watch the two people absorbed in their game on their phones. 

After a while, he couldn’t help but speak up, “Han Zhijin, how is the progress going on the project you’re in charge of recently?” 

“Hmm? Uncle, which project are you talking about?” Han Zhijin’s gaze remained glued to the screen. “Quick, Wan’an, hurry and attack. That’s right, just like that, well done!” 

After rapidly swiping on the screen for a few moments, Han Zhijin finally responded to Han Jingnian’s question. “Uncle, I remember now. Isn’t that the project scheduled for next week?”