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Upon hearing these words, Hongchou’s eyes widened. She said, “I’ll continue to watch here tomorrow. Once that person appears, I’ll come and inform you. As for the appearance of that person, I saw the telescope used by the Master is gilded, thicker than the one you have, and it can be folded. He said it’s used when sailing at sea, probably capable of seeing even farther than this one.  

“How about sending someone to inform the capital’s shopkeeper, asking him to bring a letter to Master, and have him send a magnifying glass like the Master’s here for you?” 

Wang Xi couldn’t help but be interested.  

The Master mentioned by Hongchou was her half-brother, Wang Chen. He was seventeen years older than her.  

Even before she was born, Wang Chen had started doing business with their father. He was astute and capable, the acknowledged heir of the family business.  

Her mother was beautiful and much younger than her father, after marrying her father, she was greatly loved. Later, she gave birth to a son, yet neither her father nor her mother had any intention of challenging Wang Chen’s inheritance rights.  

Consequently, their sibling relationship was very good. Because she was only two years older than Wang Chen’s eldest son, Wang Chen almost treated her like a daughter. Sometimes, he even spoiled her more than her father did.  

She didn’t dare to ask her father for things but dared to ask Wang Chen. 

Wang Xi instructed Hongchou, “Go and tell Wang Xixi1 to see the shopkeeper.” 

Wang Xi has a foster brother, the son of Wang Mama2.  

During this trip to the capital, apart from her personal maids and Wang Xi, her wet nurse Wang Mama and two manservants also came to the mansion. 

Naturally, Baiguo couldn’t let Hongchou act so recklessly. She advised Wang Xi gently, “We’ve been in the capital for almost two months since we came from Shu. If we wait for the Master’s reply and then have the items sent to us, half a year would have passed. Miss, you might even be ready to return home by then. Instead of having the shopkeeper deliver a letter to the Master, why not let him help us find a magnifying glass similar to the Master’s in the capital?” 

Wang Xi thought Baiguo made sense and praised her for being meticulous, deciding to let her pass the message to Wang Xi.  

Baiguo smiled and agreed, then went out.  

On her way, she pulled Hongchou along and said in a low voice, “Miss is just a child, and you’re following her bad example! Do you know where this is? If there’s even a hint of Miss’s wrongdoing spread in the mansion, I’ll skin you alive!” 

When they arrived, the head wife entrusted them with a few maids, all under Baiguo’s management. If they didn’t behave, Baiguo had the authority to punish them.  

Hongchou shrunk her shoulders, not daring to resist, and begged softly, “Baiguo, I just noticed that Miss has been unhappy these past few days and wanted to cheer her up. Isn’t it harmless? I was just…” 

Baiguo was shocked.  

The Wang family was wealthy and influential. The Master was the family’s decision-maker, and Miss was his only daughter. People from Shu considered Miss like a gilded figurine inlaid with countless treasures. Countless individuals harbored thoughts of harming Miss. 

Eldest Wang Mama was exhausted and overwhelmed by the endless marriage proposals.  

She thought in the bustling city of the capital, where dragons and tigers lay hidden, the Wang family’s daughter’s origins might not stand out. Perhaps she could find a good family for her daughter.  

So, she decided to seek the help of the Marquis’s elderly lady and ask her to arrange a favorable match for her daughter. 

However, the Eldest Master disagreed. He believed that the Wang family couldn’t possibly fail to protect a young miss, could they?  

Eldest Madam was furious and brought up Fifth Aunt: “If you didn’t help with the three thousand taels of gold, Fifth Aunt might not be able to divorce her husband smoothly, right?” 

Eldest Master argued, “That’s because my second uncle was stingy; he gave Fifth Aunt too little dowry!” 

Eldest Madam was so angry she trembled. “If it weren’t for your words, would those malicious people be staring at our daughter?”  

Eldest Master didn’t dare to argue further and reluctantly agreed to bring their daughter to the capital. 

Baiguo thought they would stay at the Marquis’s residence until Miss got married.  

What she didn’t expect was for her Miss, who usually sided with Eldest Madam against the Eldest Master, was now on the Eldest Master’s side.  

Baiguo believed it was urgent to talk to Miss and understand her thoughts about this matter as soon as possible. 

Baiguo let Hongchou go after a stern warning. “I’ll trust you this time, but if you make another mistake, there will be no mercy!”  

Hongchou, relieved to have escaped punishment, nodded eagerly, trying to please Baiguo. 

Baiguo, feeling both exasperated and amused, cautioned her, “Since you’re tasked with this, you must handle it well. Keep an eye on the neighboring house and don’t upset Miss.” 

Hongchou agreed repeatedly.  

Baiguo let her accompany Wang Xi to the backyard to play and went to find Wang Xixi to pass on the message.  

Just as she stepped out of the garden’s hanging flower gate, she bumped into Wang Mama and the most trusted servant of the Marchioness, Pan Mama. 

They both smiled warmly, and behind them was a maid carrying a bronze basin. The maid gestured toward Baiguo. “Isn’t this biao xiaojie’s companion, Baiguo? It’s been a few days, and you look even more beautiful!” 

Baiguo felt perplexed. This Pan Mama was never this warm toward them before.  

She maintained her composure, smiling back at Pan Mama, greeting her, and inquiring, “Why do you have the time to come over today?”  

She simultaneously shot a quick glance at Wang Mama, signaling her to be cautious. 

Wang Mama smiled and winked at her, indicating there was no need to worry.  

Meanwhile, Pan Mama had already taken Baiguo’s hand and said, “Isn’t it the season for shad fish? Someone sent over two shad fish. Our lady thought Miss might not be accustomed to the local cuisine here, so she specially had me bring them to add to Miss’s meal. How Miss wants them prepared, just let me know. I’ll oversee the kitchen and have them sent over.” 

Wasn’t this a form of compensation for what had happened? The maids in the Marquis’s mansion’s kitchen, having received their tips, didn’t put much effort into preparing their meals. So, they had decided to hire two skilled cooks from a Sichuan cuisine restaurant in the capital to serve at the mansion. 

Did the Marchioness feel embarrassed after hearing the rumors?  

Baiguo pondered this internally while politely saying, “The Marchioness have gone through so much trouble. Later, when you meet our young lady, you should let her express her gratitude as well. Our young lady truly appreciates the Marchioness’s care. It’s just these past few days, she’s been busy accompanying Madam Dowager and didn’t have the opportunity to thank you in person. Please don’t blame her.” 

The leading ladies of the Marquis family were generally kind to their young lady, especially Madam Dowager and the Eldest Madam in Jinling.  

They treated her as if she were their own granddaughter, showing concern and taking her to temples to pray for her safety. They even sent many gifts from afar. However, among the servants of the Hou family, there were always those who were sycophantic to those above and harsh to those below.  

But in a large household, there were all sorts of people. It wasn’t a particularly serious matter. 

After exchanging a few more pleasantries, Baiguo and Pan Mama bid farewell to each other. 


In the backyard of Clear Snow Courtyard, pear trees were laden with blossoms resembling early snow, creating a vast expanse of white.  

Wang Xi, dressed in a dark green narrow-sleeved jacket with intricate embroidery, was playing shuttlecock under the pear trees with Hongchou. 

Golden morning light filtered through the tree shadows, casting a radiant glow on Wang Xi’s rosy face, making her look even more radiant than in spring.  

Pan Mama, who had come along with Wang Mama, watched for a moment before snapping back to reality.  

She recalled the first time she saw Wang Xi. At that time, Wang Xi was wearing a magnificent Shu embroidery gown and draped in a black sable stole, surrounded by a group of maidservants as she walked past. In the midst of her dazzling jewelry was a ruby pendant the size of a goose egg, radiant and eye-catching. Pan Mama couldn’t even clearly see her face. 

She hadn’t expected Wang Xi, without the ornate clothing, to be so beautiful, like a delicate flower. On closer inspection, she even bore some resemblance to their mansion’s elder aunt.  

Pan Mama smiled and quickly went forward to greet her. 

Wang Xi executed a graceful move, kicking the shuttlecock back to Hongchou before standing under the pear tree. She stretched out her hand towards the maidservant holding hot water and a handkerchief, smiled, and nodded in greeting. The nearby maidservant respectfully offered the hot handkerchief to Wang Xi. 

Wang Xi took the handkerchief, wiped her hands, and then asked Pan Mama, “Why have you come? Do you have something important to discuss with me?” 

This demeanor was more like that of a young master than a young lady.  

Pan Mama, feeling a mysterious tension in the air, involuntarily adopted a more solemn expression. She smiled and repeated her message.  

Wang Xi didn’t think too much about it. Her father had told her from a young age that a strong arm could dominate ten. When levels were different, it was unnecessary to use one’s brain. Whatever Pan Mama said was how she would interpret it. 

She tossed the handkerchief to the maidservant beside her and beckoned for the maidservant holding the bronze basin to come forward.  

In the basin swam two shad fish, each no longer than half a foot, their scales shimmering brightly, full of vitality.  

Wang Xi extended her delicate fingers into the water, stirring it gently. The two fish swayed, nearly leaping out of the basin.  

Wang Xi suppressed a laugh, took the hot handkerchief from the maidservant, wiped her hands again, and then smiled at Pan Mama, asking her to convey her thanks to the Marchioness. She added, “There’s no need to keep watching. The cooks in my kitchen can handle it. Let them handle it.” 

Was she criticizing the skills of their mansion’s kitchen servants, or did she feel slighted?  

Pan Mama’s face burned hot as she explained, “It’s all my oversight. the Marchioness just found out, and she’s already discussing how to handle it with Madam Dowager.”  

The kitchen servant was originally Madam Dowager’s personal maid, so she wouldn’t have dared to be so audacious otherwise. 

  1. Wang Xixi is actually Wang Xi (王喜). And our main character is Wang Xi (王晞).
    Wang Xi (王晞) and Wang Xi (王喜) are called Wang Xi in english, so in order to differentiate the two Wang Xi i’ll call Wang Xi (王喜) Wang Xixi in this translation.
  2. Elder maids were called 嬷嬷(mómo) or 妈妈 (māma)