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The sun hadn’t set yet when Grandma Gu returned. 

Not seeing Qing Shu as she entered, she asked Hua Mama, “Where is Qing Shu?” 

Hua Mama smiled and replied, “Miss said she missed her lessons in the morning, so she asked Madame Zhong to make them up for her. Right now, she’s still in her room practicing calligraphy!” 

Grandma Gu chuckled and said, “If Qing Shu were a boy, with this dedication, she might just become the top scholar.” 

It was all in jest. Grandma Gu preferred Qing Shu as a granddaughter; boys wouldn’t be as close to her. 

During dinner, Grandma Gu asked, “How was your time at the Yue residence today? Did Xiangxiang bully you?” 

Qing Shu placed a piece of fish belly in Grandma Gu’s bowl and smiled, saying, “Xiang Xiang invited me over as a guest today, so how could she bully me? Grandmother, today Xiang Xiang taught me how to play chess and we even played hide and seek together.” 

Grandma Gu happily said, “Then let’s invite Xiang Xiang over to our house tomorrow.” 

In recent years, Gu Xian had spent most of her time in the capital city, so she interacted more with Wei Lan. Unfortunately, Qing Shu and Yue Xiang Xiang hadn’t gotten along well in the past, which meant that Qing Shu didn’t have any close friends of the same age. Now that she was getting along with Yue Xiang Xiang, Grandma Gu naturally felt pleased. 

Qing Shu shook her head and said, “No need, Grandmother. I’ll invite Xiang Xiang over to our house when I return.” 

Inviting Xiang Xiang here and having Yuan Shanniang see it would lead to a lot of unpleasantness. Grandma Gu understood, and it would only distress her further. 

Grandma Gu’s heart froze. 

After finishing their meal, Qing Shu said to Grandma Gu, “Grandmother, Xiang Xiang has her own courtyard. Grandmother, I also want to have a separate courtyard.” 

Initially, she had admired Yue Xiang Xiang but didn’t consider moving out. After all, there weren’t many rooms in the Lin family. Even though Grandma Gu loved her dearly, this place wasn’t truly her home. However, the resentful look on Yuan Shanniang’s face just now, along with Hua Mama’s words, had changed her mind. 

Grandma Gu was taken aback but then smiled, “Qing Shu doesn’t want to sleep with Grandmother?” 

Qing Shu shook her head and said, “No, I just want a courtyard of my own, like Xiang Xiang’s.” 

Previously, Qing Shu had always followed Grandma Gu’s wishes and never asked for anything herself. Now, she simply wanted a separate courtyard, and Grandma Gu couldn’t bear to refuse, saying, “I can have someone prepare a separate courtyard for you. But at night, you must come and sleep with Grandmother.” 

As one grew older, the fear of loneliness grew. Having Qing Shu by her side made Grandma Gu feel more secure. 

Qing Shu smiled and agreed, “Okay.” 

Grandma Gu was a woman of action. The next day, she had Madame Zhong prepare a courtyard near the garden. 

When Qing Shu found out, she had Xingyu take her to see it. 

The courtyard wasn’t very large, with only three rooms. Although no one lived there, it was cleaned daily, both inside and out. 

As Qing Shu entered, she wrinkled her nose and asked, “What’s in this room? Why does it smell funny?” 

Xing Yu was puzzled, “Why don’t I smell anything?” She could only smell the sweet fragrance of the wisteria flowers. 

Apart from Qing Shu, no one else could detect any odor in the room. Finally, Hua Mama said, “It’s the rainy season right now, and since the room has been empty for a while, it might have developed a strange smell.” 

Afterward, Hua Mama smiled and added, “Don’t worry, Miss, I’ll have the room aired out thoroughly.” She hadn’t expected Qing Shu to have such a sensitive nose. 

As they were talking, they heard a maidservant outside calling for the madam loudly. 

Qing Shu’s eyes flickered briefly upon hearing this news. However, it vanished in an instant, so quickly that even the people around her didn’t notice. 

Yuan Shanniang swayed her waist as she entered, and upon seeing Qing Shu, she frowned, saying, “Why is Miss Qing Shu here?” 

Qing Shu innocently replied, “Grandmother said she wanted me to stay in this courtyard, so I came to take a look.” 

Yuan Shanniang had gone to pick flowers in the garden and had come over to see what was going on. She hadn’t expected to receive such a piece of news. 

“You want to stay here? Does your mother know?” Her son would start school next year when he turned six, and the old lady hadn’t even arranged for an independent courtyard for him. Instead, she arranged a courtyard for this brat. This old lady was clearly biased. 

She didn’t stop to consider that Gu Fugui’s food, clothing, shelter, and transportation were all managed by her. She never allowed Grandma Gu to interfere. If Grandma Gu had arranged for Gu Fugui to have an independent courtyard, she would undoubtedly think that Grandma Gu was trying to separate them. 

Qing Shu shook her head and said, “My mother doesn’t know, but my mother always says that children should be filial to their parents. This is Grandmother’s arrangement, and my mother won’t object when she finds out.” 

Yuan Shanniang coldly snorted and sneered, “Filial to their parents? Your mother’s words sound even better than singing.” 

Talking about not wanting the Gu family’s assets, but readily accepting the valuable gold and silver jewelry and luxurious supplements that Grandma Gu gave her. Those were the visible things, and who knew what was happening behind the scenes. Now, she was even more shameless, directly making the Gu family raise her child. 

Qing Shu remained silent, only lowering her head. No matter how unbearable Yuan Shanniang was, she was still her elder. If Qing Shu clashed with Yuan Shanniang, not only would Grandma Gu scold her, but others would also criticize her for being disrespectful. 

Saying such things in front of Qing Shu was truly despicable. Hua Mama’s face turned cold as she said, “Madam, please choose your words carefully.” 

Yuan Shanniang raised an eyebrow when she looked at Hua Mama and said, “Am I wrong? She’s a Miss from the Gu family, yet now she’s just the wife of a minor official. She even dislikes visiting the Gu family because they’re merchants.” 

Hua Mama was seething with anger. 

Qing Shu shouted loudly, “You’re talking nonsense! You clearly said that my mother always visits the Gu family and wants to empty the Gu family’s assets. My mother avoided visiting too often just to avoid suspicion.” 

Yuan Shanniang looked at Qing Shu with a scornful expression and said, “I never said such things.” 

She had no shame, and that was exactly the kind of person Yuan Shanniang was. 

Qing Shu’s face flushed as she said, “You clearly said those things, and I heard them with my own ears. Why are you denying it now?” 

Yuan Shanniang naturally wouldn’t admit it and retorted, “Shameless, disrespectful of your elders. Is that how your mother taught you?” 

Fine, she was trying to turn the tables. 

Qing Shu pinched herself hard, and tears instantly welled up in her eyes. 

Hua Mama sternly said, “Madam, there’s no need for you to be here. Please leave!” 

Yuan Shanniang’s eyes flashed with anger. This old hag was acting tough because she had others supporting her. However, she didn’t dare to do anything to Hua Mama now, or Grandma Gu wouldn’t spare her.