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The elderly lady woke up early, and as the sky was just starting to brighten, Old Madam Gu was already awake. Qing Shu noticed her getting up and followed suit. 

Old Madam Gu gently held Qing Shu down and smiled, saying, “It’s still early; you can go back to sleep.” 

Qing Shu shook her head and replied, “No, I want to get up and study and practice writing.”  

She wasn’t particularly gifted, so she believed in the principle that slow and steady wins the race. Otherwise, she feared she might not be able to pass the examinations at the women’s school in the capital. 

Being a studious child was a good thing, and Old Madam Gu, as an elder, didn’t want to discourage her. She had even instructed the kitchen to prepare some of Qing Shu’s favorite dishes. 

Shortly after the grandmother and granddaughter had breakfast, Gu Xian arrived. 

Upon hearing the maid’s report, Qing Shu lowered her head. 

After getting up, Old Madam Gu sent Hua Mama to meet Gu Xian and relayed the message from Venerable Wuchen. Gu Xian came over after hearing the message. 

Seeing Qing Shu in this state, Old Madam Gu touched her head and called Gu Xian out. 

After conversing outside for a while, the mother and daughter returned. 

Gu Xian saw Qing Shu with her head down, avoiding eye contact. Her heart sank, and recalling Old Madam Gu’s words earlier, she walked over, took Qing Shu’s hand, and said, “The other day, Mother got too angry, which is why she hit you. Qing Shu, can you forgive Mother? Don’t be angry anymore, alright?” 

Qing Shu remained silent, keeping her head down. 

Old Madam Gu chimed in to mediate, “Qing Shu, your mother’s temper became very irritable during her pregnancy. Can you forgive her for the sake of your unborn little brother?” 

Qing Shu looked up at Gu Xian and said, “You must never lay a hand on me again. Otherwise, I won’t acknowledge you.” 

Although her words sounded childish, they inexplicably put Gu Xian’s heart at ease. Her daughter wasn’t possessed by a demon; she was just becoming more intelligent. 

Gu Xian nodded and said, “Rest assured, Mother will never harm you physically again. But you must also be careful with your words and actions in the future.” She had resorted to physical discipline out of anger, something she had never done to Qing Shu before. 

Qing Shu nodded in agreement. 

Gu Xian gently touched her face and asked, “Is your face still hurting?” 

Qing Shu shook her head and replied, “It doesn’t hurt now.”  

She had applied some medicine yesterday, and the redness and swelling on her face had mostly subsided. 

Thinking about it, the slap was not unjustified. After all, she had gone too far by openly addressing Lin Chengyue by name and saying he would sell women in the future. So, it was better to let it go. However, she would need to be more cautious in her words and actions in the future. 

Seeing that mother and daughter had reconciled, Old Madam Gu was very pleased. “Xiao Xian, Zhong Mama told me that Qing Shu learns quickly. I’m thinking of hiring a tutor for her in the capital.” 

Gu Xian immediately rejected the idea without thinking, “Mother, Qing Shu is still young. We can hire a tutor for her in a couple of years.” 

Old Madam Gu shook her head and said, “If we wait a couple of years, she’ll fall behind others. It might be too late to apply for the women’s school in the capital.” 

Gu Xian suggested, “Mother, I plan to take Qing Shu to the capital next year. When the time comes, she can apply to a school in the capital.” 

Old Madam Gu was puzzled for a moment and then asked, “You’re going to the capital next year? Why haven’t I heard you mention such a major decision?” 

Gu Xian smiled and replied, “I received a letter from my husband yesterday. He mentioned in the letter that he wants me to bring our child to the capital next year.” 

Qing Shu glanced at Gu Xian and then lowered her head. 

Old Madam Gu furrowed her brow and said, “Even a sip of water costs money in the capital. You don’t have a house or property there. How will you make a living?” 

“Mother, it’s not a long-term solution for our family to be separated. Besides, I plan to sell the shop and land I have here to raise money. I just haven’t mentioned it to you yet. Otherwise, you would scold me for sure.” 

It was true that being separated for an extended period could lead to problems in a marriage. So, Old Madam Gu didn’t argue further. However, she believed it was essential to hire a tutor: “While there are many schools in the capital, they have high standards. Since you intend for Qing Shu to study, it’s even more crucial to hire a tutor for her.” 

“Mother, I can teach her some basic reading and writing for now. When we get to the capital, we can hire a tutor for her.” 

Old Madam Gu asked one more question, “Do you think you’ll have the time to teach Qing Shu after your baby is born?” 

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>>Biao Xiaoji (Miss Cousin)<<

In order to arrange a respectable marriage for her, Wang Xi’s mother sent her to the golden-plated mansion of the Duke of Yongcheng in the capital city. However, Wang Xi, who came from a wealthy family in Shu, found nothing appealing in the capital and only wished to return home as soon as possible.

One day, she accidentally discovered that she could use a telescope on the artificial mountain in her backyard to see the residence of the neighboring Eldest Princess… Her eyes lit up instantly—Eldest Princess’s son, Chen Luo, was truly handsome!

The cousins in the Duke of Yongcheng’s mansion were really interesting! The capital city was so much fun!