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“Wow, Wan’an, did I hear you correctly? You actually refused Han Zhijin’s proposal and didn’t let him call that heartless pretty boy to join us for dinner?” 

Upon seeing Xia Wan’an hang up Han Zhijin’s call, Song Youman immediately reached out and grabbed her shoulder. She had a look of satisfaction on her face, like a farmer who had finally sung a triumphant song. She was so moved that tears welled up in her eyes as she said, “Wan’an, I can’t believe I’ve lived my whole life just to see you finally stand up to that heartless pretty boy! Do you know how handsome he is when you coldly told him over the phone that he’s not needed?” 

“Is that what you call standing up to him?” Xia Wan’an took a sip of her juice through a straw. “Do you know that I did something even more defiant at home?” 

“Tell me, I love anything that makes that hairy pig sit on the cold bench!” Song Youman exclaimed. 

“He came home during the day today…” Xia Wan’an paused for a moment and continued in a more relaxed tone, “…and in the two years we’ve been married, it’s the first time he’s come home during the day. But here I am, out and about with you…” 

As she spoke, Xia Wan’an glanced at Song Youman and added with a touch of self-mockery, “Yaoman, do you think I’m super cool?” 

Other people might not understand Xia Wan’an well, but Song Youman was different. It wasn’t bragging when she said that she could tell whether Xia Wan’an was in a good mood or not by the way she farted praises. 

Song Youman looked at Xia Wan’an’s face, which was pretending to be smiling, and the excitement that had appeared in her eyes because Xia Wan’an had refused to have dinner with Han Jingnian faded away completely. “Wan’an… Did he upset you again?” 

“No…” Xia Wan’an lowered her eyes and smiled. After a while, she whispered, “He has never made me happy.” 

“I must have been too foolish. I insisted on liking him on my own. I thought that by marrying him, I could get closer to him, change him, and things would get better over time. But now I realize that I was wrong from the beginning. He has never seen me. You see, he doesn’t even know when I entered the Han Corporation. We’ve been married for two years, and he hasn’t given me a single cent…” 

“He never really saw me as his wife… In these two years, I’ve only just realized today that I’ve been a complete outsider to him.” 

As Song Youman listened, she felt like tearing Han Jingnian apart limb by limb and tearing out his guts, but she maintained a gentle expression on her face as she gently stroked Xia Wan’an’s hair. “Alright, Wan’an, let’s not think about him. No matter what you want to do, I’ll support you. Just like when you said you wanted to marry him, that you wanted to take a chance for love, I told you to go for it. No matter how it ends, I’m your retreat, and I still am. No matter what you want to do, I’m right behind you.” 

With Song Youman’s comforting words, Xia Wan’an felt much better. She leaned her head on Song Youman’s shoulder. “Why hasn’t Han Zhijin or Ai Jiang arrived yet? I’m so tired…” 

As she spoke, she yawned and closed her eyes, looking like she wanted to take a nap. 

“It should be soon, but there might be some traffic at this hour…” Song Youman said, but she couldn’t help thinking about Xia Wan’an’s earlier statement, “In the two years we’ve been married, he hasn’t given me a single cent.” In her heart, she mentally dismembered Han Jingnian again, tearing him apart limb by limb and tearing out his guts. 

Then she asked, “Wan’an, in these two years, that heartless pretty boy hasn’t given you any money to spend. Where did you get the money for your expenses? Did your parents provide it?” 

Xia Wan’an shook her head. “No, I’m married now, and it’s not appropriate to ask my parents for money. I earned some money myself, and I saved quite a bit from my college days.” 

Curious, Song Youman asked, “How much money did you save?” 

Almost falling asleep, Xia Wan’an mumbled, “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you.” 

Song Youman was exasperated. “Why not?” 

“I’m afraid you’ll lend me money,” Xia Wan’an replied as she reached out to protect her small bag. Then she continued to drift off to sleep. 

Song Youman fumed, “Xia Wan’an, don’t sleep. Wake up and explain to me. Am I the kind of person you think I am?” 

Xia Wan’an was shaken awake by the shaking and looked at Song Youman with a serious expression. “You are.” 

Song Youman said, “…” 

Xia Wan’an added, “And you not only borrow money but never pay it back, and if you’re not lended it, you steal it!” 

Song Youman exclaimed, “…” 

Xia Wan’an continued, “And you’ve been like this since you were little. In first grade, you borrowed five yuan from me and still haven’t paid it back. In third grade, you took away ten yuan from me, saying we’d buy candied haws together after school. But during PE class, you pretended to have a stomachache and secretly bought candied haws, eating them all by yourself…” 

Song Youman said, “…” 

Song Youman shouted, “Xia… Wan… An!” 

“What’s wrong?” Before Song Youman could continue her rant, a soft voice interrupted her. 

Song Youman shut her mouth, and Xia Wan’an, who had just been woken up, turned her head. Both of them looked behind them in perfect harmony. 

It was Ai Jiang. She was wearing a light yellow dress and a pair of white shoes, looking much more stylish than before. 

“Ai Jiang, you finally made it. Take a seat…” After the three of them exchanged greetings, Song Youman summoned a waiter to order food. While pretending to be very angry, she started complaining to Ai Jiang about how Xia Wan’an had been bullied. 

Xia Wan’an rested her arm on the dining table and, listening to Song Youman’s voice, once again lazily closed her eyes. 

“Should we order now? Shouldn’t we wait for Han Zhijin? Shouldn’t we order together when he arrives?” Ai Jiang asked in a gentle tone. 

“No need to wait. He’s just here to pay the bill. There’s no reason to wait for him,” Song Youman replied, pointing to the menu and ordering a series of dishes. “This, this, and this… Remember, no green onions, because our Wan’an doesn’t eat them.” 

After the waiter left, Song Youman and Ai Jiang chatted about Ai Jiang’s new job for a while. Then, as if she had suddenly remembered something, Ai Jiang turned to the already-sleeping Xia Wan’an and asked, “Wan Wan, where were you last night and this morning?”