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Here, there are the most dangerous missions, and there are the most generous rewards. The next moment could be the end of life, a point of no return into the abyss, or perhaps the ultimate ascent to divinity, standing at the pinnacle of all beings!

Schedule as of right now is: Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

If ever there will be changes of posting schedule, the most current ones will be on here: >>Not A Pessimist Release Schedules<<

T/N Ramble:

Zhup, everyone. This is >>Not A Pessimist<<, the translator of this novel and all the apocalyptic and doomsday novels in this website, I bet.
I like apocalyptic novels and I will most likely work more with such novels.

I might like end-of-the-world webnovels, but I am surely Not A Pessimist. I just like reading the worst and best possible kinds of people in the face all ends and supernatural. Of course, it is only to the extent of the author’s imagination.

Although, I like reading suck books, I hate sad endings hence I can only delve into the realm of fantasy as of right now, while The Gulag Archipelago is still just in my Want To Read list.


Anyway, I hope everyone enjoy this novel because I have been enjoying it so far.