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Old Madam Gu was now very annoyed with Gu Heping , but he was the heir to the main branch and couldn’t be driven away. Except for the first and fifteenth of every month, she didn’t allow them to come over. Out of sight, out of mind. 

Waving her hand, Old Madam Gu said, “I don’t need you here either. Go busy yourselves with your own affairs!” 

Yuan Shanniang pulled Gu Heping’s sleeve, and seeing no response, she spoke up, “Mother, my husband has been resting at home for more than two months. We can’t just let him rest at home all the time!” 

Old Madam Gu looked at Gu Heping and asked, “What’s your opinion?” 

Gu Heping finally spoke, “Mother, it was my negligence that led to this situation. I will be more careful in the future.” 

Gu Xian also knew about Gu Heping being deceived, and she said, “Mother, in business, you are bound to encounter cunning and deceitful people. Heping is still young; you should teach him more.” 

Old Madam Gu didn’t respond to Gu Xian’s words and simply said, “Go find Shopkeeper Luo and have him hand over the grain shop’s affairs to you.” 

Shopkeeper Luo was clever and competent, and he was also loyal to the Gu family. That’s why he managed the tea and silk shops, which were the most profitable. 

Gu Heping said respectfully, “Mother, you can trust me. This time, it was my carelessness. I won’t let it happen again.” 

Old Madam Gu casually nodded and said, “Then go on!” 

Before leaving, Yuan Shanniang couldn’t help but glance at the jade ruyi in Qing Shu’s hand. This girl never left empty-handed. 

In Yuan Shanniang’s heart, everything in the Gu family, no matter the plants and trees, was meant for her son’s prosperity. Yet every time Qing Shu came, it seemed like she came to take and eat everything, not much different from robbing her. 

Qing Shu noticed the disdainful look in Yuan Shanniang’s eyes. 

Thinking about it, Qing Shu was quite impressed with this couple. With such a vast family fortune, they managed to squander it all within five or six years. They were truly exceptionally talented. 

Gu Xian waited until they left before speaking again, “Mother, have you ever talked to Heping about these matters? ” 

Old Madam Gu said, “You think I didn’t try? But he only listens to what Yuan Shi and her nephew say. He ignores everything I say. So, I don’t bother wasting my breath.” 

Gu Xian sighed, “Auntie Yuan is still his biological mother, and he should be filial to her.” 

Old Madam Gu’s face darkened instantly. 

Gu Heping had been adopted into the main branch at the age of two, treated just like her own child by Old Madam Gu. At that time, he was very filial to her. But then, Old Master Gu suddenly fell seriously ill and passed away. Business competitors tried to take over her family’s business and also schemed to take her fortune. She fought hard to keep her family’s wealth, but Yuan Shi seized the opportunity to win over Gu Heping. By the time Old Madam Gu realized what had happened, they had already grown close as mother and son. 

Later, a series of events happened that made her even more convinced of her decision. So, she gradually let go of her businesses. She didn’t want to work so hard and end up benefiting others in the end. 

At this point, she had completely given up on Gu Heping. She’d rather rely on her granddaughter in her old age! 

Seeing the tense atmosphere, Qing Shu quickly changed the subject, “Grandmother, where are the clothes and jewelry you bought for me?” 

As Chen Mama said, Old Madam Gu did bring many beautiful clothes and jewelry to Qingshu from Fucheng. It’s just that she was in a hurry to visit Qing Shu yesterday, so she didn’t bring anything with her. 

Old Madam Gu smiled and said, “Hua Mama, bring the clothes and jewelry I brought from the capital.” 

There were six sets of brightly colored clothes, all beautifully embroidered with various patterns. The jewelry included pearl flowers, golden hairpins, bracelets, and bangles, among other items, with various designs. 

Gu Xian furrowed her brows and said, “She’s just a child; does she really need all these extravagant things?” 

Old Madam Gu continued, “The Qi family’s legitimate daughter receives twelve sets of clothes every quarter, along with two sets of jewelry. She has eight maidservants attending to her and an experienced nursemaid.” In comparison, her granddaughter was quite pitiful, with only a rough and unsophisticated maidservant by her side. 

Gu Xian said, “Mother, we can’t compare ourselves to the Qi family. They are an aristocratic family, and the Lin family is just a common farming and scholarly family.” If her younger siblings found out about this, they would surely make sarcastic remarks. 

Old Madam Gu said, “It doesn’t matter if the son is poor; the daughter must be well provided for.” 

When Gu Xian was about to say something, Old Madam Gu interrupted her with a stern look. “I bought these for Hongdou, not for you.” 

Then, Old Madam Gu patted Qing Shu on the head and asked, “Dear, do you like the gifts your grandmother got for you?” 

Qing Shu pretended not to notice Gu Xian’s gaze and replied, “I love them, Grandma. Thank you.” 

Old Madam Gu beamed, “If you like them, Grandma will buy you more clothes and jewelry in a while.” 

Gu Xian felt somewhat helpless. Her daughter used to listen to her completely. But since falling ill, she had become more and more independent, and she wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not.