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“No, it’s not allowed,” Han Jingnian responded without hesitation, rejecting Assistant Zhang’s suggestion. 

Not allowed? Why not? 

Assistant Zhang, with a persistent tone, continued, “Mr. Han, it’s a female doctor, a female doctor, and she’s the best female doctor under Dr. Xie. She won’t be any less capable than Dr. Xie, right? Dr. Xie?” 

Dr. Xie reluctantly nodded as he watched Assistant Zhang desperately winking at him. 

Assistant Zhang continued, “You see, Mr. Han, Dr. Xie agrees with this. So, Mr. Han, can we have Dr. Xie call her immediately?” 

“Not allowed, it’s too slow.” 

Not allowed, it’s too slow? Was this saying that it was too slow to call another doctor to examine Madam’s injury? You didn’t let the available doctor examine her, and now you’re complaining that it’s too slow to call another one. What exactly do you want? Assistant Zhang was frustrated to the point where he didn’t want to eat melon seeds anymore. 

Feeling sorry for putting Assistant Zhang and Dr. Xie in such a difficult situation, Xia Wan’an spoke up, “The injury on my back isn’t serious anymore, and there’s really no need to go to the trouble of calling another doctor. Besides, in obstetrics and gynecology, there are male doctors as well. Doctors are responsible for saving lives and providing care without discrimination based on gender. So, I think it’s fine for Dr. Xie to take a look. Otherwise, I won’t have the examination, and I feel that your previous actions were not very respectful to Dr. Xie…” 

As Xia Wan’an continued to speak, she began to feel that something was off in the room’s atmosphere, especially since Assistant Zhang had been pursing his lips while looking at her. It wasn’t until the very end of her statement that she realized that Assistant Zhang was signaling her to stop talking. 

Had she said something wrong? 

Xia Wan’an swallowed her last word and turned her gaze to Han Jingnian. 

Before she could fully discern Han Jingnian’s expression, she heard him say, “I’m sorry.” 


Both Dr. Xie and Zhang widened their eyes, staring at Han Jingnian as if he were a stranger. 

Was this world turning upside down? Did the sun rise from the west today? Han Jingnian actually said he was sorry? 

Xia Wan’an was also surprised. She had simply expressed her opinion after seeing the situation become so awkward and uncontrollable. She hadn’t expected Han Jingnian to apologize to Dr. Xie… 

Since he had apologized, did that mean he was compromising? 

Thinking this, Xia Wan’an tried again, “Shall I go change my clothes and then let Dr. Xie take a look?” 

Han Jingnian didn’t say anything, but after a few seconds of hesitation, he nodded slightly. 

Seeing that the situation had been easily resolved by Madam, Assistant Zhang, who had returned to her side like nothing had happened, continued to fish out melon seeds and enjoy the spectacle. 

Xia Wan’an quickly changed her clothes, and Dr. Xie hastily took a glance at her back before turning to Han Jingnian. “Madam’s previous injury was quite serious, and now she has sustained another injury. By looking at her back alone, I can’t determine whether it has affected her bones. So, Madam needs to go to the hospital for an examination.” 

The downstairs party was still ongoing, and as the host, Han Jingnian couldn’t leave. Assistant Zhang volunteered, “Mr. Han, I’ll accompany Madam.” 

Han Jingnian responded with a simple “Okay” and then left without saying anything more. 


When Assistant Zhang returned to the Four Seasons Hotel, the party had already ended. 

He used his room key to unlock the door of the top-floor suite. When he entered, the room was surprisingly quiet, with dim lighting. Only the light above the entrance was on. Thinking that Han Jingnian might have gone to rest, he was about to silently leave and come back to find him the next day. However, as he approached the floor-to-ceiling window with less light, he saw Han Jingnian standing there, motionless, like a statue. 

“Mr. Han,” Assistant Zhang said, stepping forward after putting aside his thoughts of leaving. 

Han Jingnian didn’t respond. 

“Mr. Han, I’m back.” 

When Assistant Zhang stopped behind Han Jingnian and spoke again, Han Jingnian turned to look at him briefly. However, his gaze quickly fell behind Assistant Zhang, as if he were looking for something. 

Seeing Han Jingnian’s reaction, Assistant Zhang had a vague understanding of what he meant. “Mr. Han, Madam has gone home.” 

Han Jingnian withdrew his gaze from the doorway he had been circling and remained silent. 

Assistant Zhang, noticing that there was nothing unusual about his expression, knew that he had guessed correctly. He continued, “Dr. Xie examined Madam very seriously, and luckily, nothing was injured further last night. However, the old injuries combined with the new ones made it look quite frightening.” 

“But…” Assistant Zhang paused here. He wasn’t sure if he was saying too much, but after some hesitation, he decided to continue, “Dr. Xie mentioned that the old injury on Madam’s back seemed to have been very serious at the time. According to the severity of the injury, she should have recuperated in the hospital for some time… Dr. Xie also said that the severe injury didn’t cost her life and didn’t leave any lasting consequences, which is really fortunate…” 

“On the other hand, it’s quite strange. When Madam got injured, why was there no news at all? Moreover… a few days ago, Madam called and said she was on a business trip, right? We’ve seen her brother during this time, and judging by his appearance, it doesn’t seem like he knew anything. Could it be that Madam was injured, and no one told anyone?” 

Han Jingnian’s fingertips trembled slightly, and he turned to look at Assistant Zhang. 

Assistant Zhang sensed that he might have said too much, so he hurriedly closed his mouth and excused himself, “Mr. Han, if there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now. It’s getting late, and you should rest early.” 

Han Jingnian didn’t respond. 

Assistant Zhang slipped away. 

However, he hadn’t reached the door when Han Jingnian stopped him. “You go investigate.” 


“The matter you mentioned yesterday regarding her injury. Investigate it.” 

“Oh, okay, okay.” 

In the car on the way back, even after a day of continuous work since early morning, Han Jingnian kept answering phone calls. Finally, when the car became quiet, Assistant Zhang was able to speak, “Mr. Han, I have the results of the investigation you asked for yesterday.”