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The pain traveled along her bloodstream and entered her brain, instantly making her fully awake. 

Although Xia Wan’an hadn’t interacted with Han Jingnian much, she was already a married woman and quickly understood what was happening. 

It was Han Jingnian… Didn’t he leave? Could it be that he hadn’t left all along? But didn’t he say he had only come back to retrieve some documents? 

Doubts flooded Xia Wan’an’s mind like a tide, instantly overwhelming her thoughts. 

However, before she could fully process it, the pain from her waist once again interrupted her train of thought. 

Today, he was very different from before. In the past, although he had this aloof appearance and didn’t say a word to her, during those times, while he might not have been overly sympathetic, aside from the first time, he hadn’t hurt her to the point where it was unbearable. But today, she didn’t know what was wrong with him. His grip was much stronger, and even his movements were rough, like a beast ready to devour. He made her genuinely hurt, more so than the first time.

She remembered the first time; she had been close to tears from the pain. After she reminded him, he had eased up on his strength. When Xia Wan’an couldn’t bear the pain any longer, she spoke up with a trembling voice, using the exact same words as the first time, “Um… it hurts…” 

These three words were the only words they had exchanged in the six months since their marriage. 

Somehow, Xia Wan’an suddenly felt a pang of bitterness. She had thought that, just like the first time, if she said these words, he would be gentler. However, she was wrong. Not only was he not gentle, but he was also even more ruthless. She felt he was angry, punishing her. However, she couldn’t comprehend why he was angry when she hadn’t provoked him. 

He didn’t show any sign of easing up. When she couldn’t bear it anymore and started to struggle, it was probably the first time she had resisted since marrying him. He paused visibly for a moment, and then firmly pressed her down again. Her strength was no match for his; the inherent difference in physical strength between men and women made her feel like a fish on a chopping board, helpless. 

How it ended, she didn’t know. She only knew that when she woke up the next day, she instinctively looked over and saw that the other half of the bed was neatly arranged. 

He had left again, and it was after last night. He hadn’t even stayed the night; he had left directly. 

Xia Wan’an stared blankly at the empty half of the bed for a moment before sitting up and trying to get out of bed. 

As she moved, she realized her body felt like it had been dismantled. Every part was sore, but fortunately, it was the weekend. She didn’t have any other busy matters to attend to. She prepared something simple to eat, filled her stomach, and went back to sleep. 

When she woke up in the afternoon, Xia Wan’an felt much more comfortable. Since it was her time to go grocery shopping for the week, she tidied up a bit and then headed out. 

She couldn’t possibly eat much by herself, but she bought a few things and ended up carrying two big bags back home. 

There was a middle-aged woman with her in the elevator. She saw that Xia Wan’an was struggling with both hands full and asked kindly, “Miss, which floor do you live on?” 

After Xia Wan’an thanked her, she told her the floor number. 

This was a high-end apartment building with one household per floor, ensuring privacy. However, when the middle-aged woman heard Xia Wan’an’s floor number, she looked at her in surprise and pressed the button for her, all the while asking, “You’re going to the 27th floor?” 

Xia Wan’an didn’t think there was anything wrong, and she smiled lightly, replying, “Yeah.” 

“Uh, I remember the 27th floor is where a handsome gentleman lives…” The middle-aged woman said while explaining, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not prying into people’s privacy. I work for the residential committee in this area…” 

As she spoke, the middle-aged woman asked curiously, “I haven’t seen that gentleman for a long time. Are you his girlfriend, coming to visit him?” 

The middle-aged woman paused, looking at the vegetables and daily necessities Xia Wan’an was holding, “You live in his place, are you his wife? That’s wonderful, you two are a perfect match…” 

The middle-aged woman wasn’t wrong; legally, she was his wife. However, he didn’t like her flaunting her status as his wife everywhere. This middle-aged woman lived in the same building as him, and she might encounter him unexpectedly. The middle-aged woman seemed friendly and not shy at all. If she really started chatting with him, it might make him misunderstand that she was spreading their relationship behind his back… 

Thinking quickly, Xia Wan’an hurriedly interjected, interrupting the middle-aged woman, “Um, it’s not… I’m not his wife…” 

“What? You’re not his wife?” The middle-aged woman was surprised for a moment. Then, as if she understood something, she continued, “Oh, I see. You’re not his wife yet. Miss, how long have you been living with him? If it’s been a while, you should get married soon, have children, and recover early…” 

“No, no…” Xia Wan’an spoke again, fearing the middle-aged woman’s speculations. Before the woman could speak, she hastily continued, “I’m not his girlfriend either. I have no relationship with him… I just live in his house, that’s all0.” 

Xia Wan’an found this explanation even more awkward. Stumbling over her words a couple of times, she finally managed to phrase it reasonably, “I’m… a tenant in his house.” 

The middle-aged woman suddenly realized, “Oh, so that gentleman rented out his house. I was wondering why I haven’t seen him in the past two years. Two years ago, I used to see him going to work almost every morning when I took my kids to school.” 

“However, that gentleman doesn’t seem short on money. Why would he rent out such a nice house? Speaking of which, the rent here isn’t cheap, right? Miss, you must have a good job. Do you not have a boyfriend? Let me help you keep an eye out.” 

The elevator stopped at the middle-aged woman’s floor. The doors opened, and as she continued talking to Xia Wan’an, she walked out. 

“Miss, don’t worry. If I come across someone suitable, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for you.” 

Xia Wan’an neither declined nor accepted, just maintained a smile on her face and bid the middle-aged woman goodbye. 

Once the elevator doors closed, leaving Xia Wan’an alone inside, the entire space fell into silence. Slowly, the smile on Xia Wan’an’s face faded away. 

That middle-aged woman just now mentioned why she hadn’t encountered him for the past two years. Those two years, weren’t those the years she had married him and moved in here? Wasn’t it because she had married him and moved in that he rarely came back to this place in the last two years?