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She blinked and immediately opened her eyes, “You’re back?” 

As Xia Wan’an’s words fell, Han Jingnian silenced her with his lips.


A long time passed. With her eyes closed, Xia Wan’an lay still for quite a while. When the fatigue subsided, she finally opened her eyes and turned her head towards the man beside her. 

Han Jingnian lay on the bed, breathing gently, seemingly already asleep. 

It was quite late, yet Xia Wan’an gazed at Han Jingnian and felt no trace of sleepiness. 

Come to think of it, it had been almost three months since she last saw him. She remembered the last time he had come home, the welcome flowers downstairs were just blossoming, and now the lotus flowers in the pond were blooming.

To be honest, if he didn’t occasionally return home, there were times when she couldn’t help but wonder if she really had a husband.

Two years ago, he said he could marry her. There was no wedding ceremony, no wedding ring, no blessings from family and friends. He had taken her to the civil affairs office and registered their marriage. 

Their first meeting after marriage happened six months after they got their marriage certificate. It was a deep winter night, just like today. She had fallen asleep, and he suddenly came back. He hadn’t said a word; he had just gone to bed. She had been so nervous and uneasy that she hadn’t slept most of the night. She didn’t know if her tossing and turning had disturbed him, but he had suddenly grabbed her. 

Later on, he sometimes returned home once a month, sometimes once every two months, and at times even once every three months or more. He always came home at night, and by the time she woke up the next day, he was already gone. So, in these two years, she could count on her fingers the number of words he had said to her. 

In fact, Xia Wan’an had thought more than once that when he came home, she shouldn’t sleep and wait for him to wake up, then she could possibly exchange a few words with him. But every time, it was just like tonight. Lost in her thoughts, she fell asleep. 

The next day was Saturday, no work, and the alarm didn’t go off. Xia Wan’an slept until she woke naturally. When she opened her eyes, the sun was shining outside, and it was nearly eleven o’clock in the morning. 

Thinking about him coming back last night, Xia Wan’an’s first reaction was to look beside her. 

Half of the bed was empty, just like before. He had already left without her knowing. 


Time flowed like water, slowly passing by, and in the blink of an eye, summer was almost over. 

In their over 300-square-meter house, the emptiness felt particularly pronounced at night. 

After dinner, Xia Wan’an read a book for an hour, and as she went to the dining room to pour some water, she accidentally noticed that the house was so quiet that she could hear the echo of her footsteps. 

Such a sound made her feel inexplicably lonely. So, when she returned to her bedroom, she intentionally turned on the TV and raised the volume a bit. 

Her intention wasn’t to watch TV but to create a bit of liveliness in the house. So, whichever channel it was, she turned it on. 

Listening to the occasionally absurd lines coming from the television, Xia Wan’an did forty minutes of pre-sleep yoga before heading for a shower. 

When she emerged, half an hour had passed. She wrapped her damp hair in a towel and started applying skincare products layer by layer in front of the vanity mirror. She wasn’t even sure which step she was on when she heard a familiar name from the TV. 

“The General Manager of Han Corporation, Mr. Han Jingnian, has agreed to our interview…” 

Xia Wan’an’s fingers, which had been pressing against her skin, suddenly stopped. She gazed at her reflection in the mirror, slowed down for a few seconds, and then turned her head to look at the TV. 

On the screen, Han Jingnian was sitting elegantly on a sofa in a black suit and white shirt, engaged in a conversation with the host. 

He was truly handsome, so handsome that the word “handsome” felt dull when applied to him. No matter how long you stared at him, you wouldn’t grow tired; instead, you’d find him even more attractive and might want to keep looking. 

The interview wasn’t too long, and as it approached its conclusion, the host asked a gossip-like question with a smile, “Mr. Han, there have been numerous reports recently about your frequent interactions with Miss Qin Shujian. Can you reveal whether you and Miss Qin are truly as close to getting together as the rumors suggest?” 

Qin Shujian… The lead actress of that Chinese New Year’s blockbuster movie with the highest box office.

Xia Wan’an’s fingertip, with eye cream on it, trembled slightly. She nearly dropped the bottle to the ground. 

Han Jingnian on the TV showed little change in his expression throughout the interview. His voice was calm, and no traces of any emotions could be captured, not even in his answers, which were flawlessly executed, “I’m sorry, I never waste words on rumors.” 

The interview ended, and an advertisement appeared on the screen. At a glance, the spokesperson caught Xia Wan’an’s attention; her first thought was that the person looked quite handsome. Then she noticed a small caption next to the screen: Spokesperson: Qin Shujian. Xia Wan’an gently pursed her lips and redirected her gaze to the mirror. 

After carelessly completing her skincare routine, Xia Wan’an climbed into bed. She picked up her phone and searched for Han Jingnian and Qin Shujian. It was indeed as the host had said, numerous reports about their imminent relationship. 

—”According to an insider, Han Corporation’s General Manager, Han Jingnian, and Qin Shujian had dinner together.” 

—”Qin Shujian and Han Jingnian were seen entering and leaving Han Corporation’s Starlight Jewelry store, suspected to be selecting an engagement ring.” 

—”On the night of the 18th of this month, Han Jingnian and Qin Shujian separately entered the Four Seasons Hotel, suspected to be a secret date.” 


As Xia Wan’an looked at the news on her phone, she became increasingly absorbed. 

After a while, she opened her calendar and started counting down the days. 

1, 2, 3… 47, 48… 52… It had been 52 days since he had last come home. She hadn’t seen him.

She wasn’t quite sure when she fell asleep. She had forgotten to dry her hair before going to bed. Despite it being summer, she woke up with a slight cold.